How To Become An App Developer? [2024]

Do you also want to be an app developer? Do you want to know how to become an android app developer? Do you want to understand how to become an iOS app developer? Every day mobile developers add thousands of mobile applications on play and app stores.


And every day, millions of people install and use these applications to get the desired experience. Hence, the demand for mobile developers is rising, and these professionals are becoming demanding.


Thus, if you are interested in hard coding and are willing to learn how to become an app developer, this article will describe all the answers to your questions. Read it with an analytical mind. So, let’s start understanding how to become a mobile app developer and more about app developers. 

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Who Is An App Developer?

The app developer belongs to the IT industry and develops various applications for their clients and employers. They are the developers who are responsible for developing music, sport, company, game, news, and plenty of mobile and desktop apps.


They know how to use code and coding languages along with graphics and data science work. So, these are the developers who develop, update and maintain the Android, iOS, and desktop applications.


But many of you would be assuming how to become a mobile app developer. Thus, below there is a detailed and systematic guide that you can consider and stop asking the same question repeatedly. 

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What Are The Types Of App Developers? 

#1. Android App Developers

Android App developers are the app developers who develop, update and maintain Android-based applications. These applications can be games, music, multimedia, fun cameras, and other types of mobile applications.  


Thus, if you want to be an Android app developer, you need to learn about Java, Kotlin, C#, and Python. There are other programming languages that android app developers use to develop the android app. Below we will also understand how to become an android developer with steps.  

#2. iOS App Developers

iOS app developers are the mobile applications developer who mainly develops the mobile applications for the Apple smartphones and other devices. They use mainly Swift programming languages and Xcode as the development environment.


Many iOS developers also use the VS Code as the IDE to develop iOS applications. They also have good knowledge of Objective-C, a programming language used to develop iOS apps. 

#3. Desktop App Developers

Desktop app developers mainly develop compatible desktop applications. These applications are highly optimized and developed to give high-level output. There are no mobile applications developers, but some developers can work as both. You can see there are many graphic related desktop-based applications that offer many features.


And all these features are added by desktop app developers. The desktop app developers can develop applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Ubuntu-based operating systems. 

#4. App Maintenance And Support Expert

Some mobile app development experts also provide app maintenance and support services. So, whenever the application owner needs to have some suggestions, they consult with these professionals.  And because of it, they become well-paid and demanding mobile developers. 


Also, these experts help large businesses to expand their office-based applications and scale as per modern requirements. Thus, app maintenance and supper experts are also categorized in the type of app developer.  

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What Is The Career Path Available For App Developers?

App developers are one of the demanding professionals, and their demand across the industries is increasing. Also, nowadays they are getting attractive salary packages for their hard and soft skills.


Below are the positions they can hire, so look at that to understand the career path for the app developer. 

#1. Junior App Developer:

When you complete your app development course or join a company, you will probably be hired as a junior app developer. These mobile applications developers know to write basic codes, understand codes, and understand the lifecycle of a development project.


These mobile developers also have an essential intelligence of the databases and the other requisite terms. 

#2. Software Or Senior Software (App) Developer:

Once you get some experience, then you can become a software or senior software developer. This professional has gained significant years of experience and understands complex codes as well.


They also have an understanding of the database and app development lifecycle. 

#3. Lead Developer

At this level, the developer has developed capabilities to handle more challenging development tasks. They can even manage the team to complete the entire project effectively and with a high level of codes.


These developers have many years of practice in writing codes, developing apps, updating, and debugging. Lead developers possess an advanced level of experience and can deal with complex code issues efficiently. 

#4. App Development Or Software Development Manager

Software development managers have both the job roles, such as handling managerial tasks and development tasks. They can handle large development projects with the help of their team. Also, they have the power to hire and fire the lower-level mobile applications developer whenever they understand suitable. 

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#5. Chief Of Technology, Director, Or Vice President

This position is considered the top-level job position in software development. They decide the corporate direction and build strategies to implement within the company. These professionals handle the complete department and are responsible for the measurable job roles.


As they are head of the department hence has more power and responsibility to maintain quality in the development projects. 

How To Be An App Developer For Android Or iOS?

So, if you love to understand how to become an app developer for Android or iOS, then go through the below-mentioned steps. 

#1. Start Covering Free Resources.

Before looking for any online or offline mobile applications developer course, you need to build some foundational understanding. Thus, start exploring online resources such as video and article content. Nowadays, thousands of high-quality and simplified resources are available.


And if you check them out, those resources will give you an immense level of knowledge about mobile app development and desktop app development. So, whether you want a lucrative salary or high-paying freelance opportunities, take these free resources. 

#2. Read Industry-Related Blogs And News.

It also requires having a solid grip on industry-related news and blogs. There are several updates, modifications, and new launches that happen every day. By using news content, you can stay up to date with industry standards.


Moreover, you can check out the blog contents, where you can find step-by-step guides to specific terminology of App Developer. You can find thousands of written tutorials, and by reading those, you do not need any other material. 

#3. Conduct a General Research

Before you take a certification, try to research and understand what app development skills are demanding. You want to establish a skill that helps you to generate maximum value.


Hence it is better to understand some basic skills that you need to become an app developer. You can explore the relevant information on YouTube and Google or refer to the latest news of the same industry. 

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#4. Start Mastering Industry-Leading Technical Skills.

Now you know what skills you need to master; hence start mastering all these programming skills. These programming languages can be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, C++, Java, Kotlin, iOS, Objective-C, and more. However, if you want to know how to become an app developer for iOS.


Then you should know that you need to learn Swift or Objective-C programming languages. But most of the developers for iOS use Swift programming languages. If you want to become an Android app developer, you should learn C#, C++, Java, and Kotlin. 


The iOS app developers also use the Xcode and UIKit; Xcode is the application where developers can write the code for their iOS app development. And UIKit is the framework, and it helps developers to design the excellent UI of the application. 

#5. Build Up Soft Skills

Learning programming languages is counted in the hard skills as you need to type the code a lot during app development. But to become a versatile and efficient app developer for Android and iOS, you should also understand some soft skills.


These soft skills can be comfortable while working in a team and using the standard coding framework. Also, problem-solving and focus for your development project. As the app for business fills the gap between them and their customer. 

#6. Look For Bootcamps, Internships, And Entry-Level Jobs.

Once you complete your app development certification, or if you have not taken certification but learned by your strenuous efforts, start finding the internship opportunities. You can also look for Bootcamps to polish your app development skills.


However, taking an internship in a stable company is a wise choice. After your internship program, you can either get hired in the same company or get an entry-level job. So, this is how you can become an app developer for Android and iOS.  

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#1). How To Become An iOS Developer? 

When you aspire to be an iOS developer, then you should learn the below-mentioned tools and skills. 

#1.1) Swift Programming:

Apple developed it to develop iOS-based applications. 

#1.2) UIkit:

You will be using this framework to design the excellent UI of your iOS app. 

#1.3) Xcode:

It is the application used to write the codes for the iOS app development.


So, these are the three basic requirements that you have to learn and understand to work effectively to become an iOS developer. 

#2) How To Be An App Developer For Android?

If you want to become an app developer for Android, you must learn the below-mentioned skills. 

#2.1) Learn Java:

It is the programming language that you will primarily use to develop the Android-based application. 

#2.2) Other Applications:

You also need to learn C#, C++, Python, and Kotlin programming languages along with Java. Most versatile and experienced android app developers use these languages to develop such applications. 

#2.3) IDE:

Whether you are iOS or Android app developer, you would be using VS Code to write the codes for the application. It is becoming an industry-standing IDE that most mobile developers use for their development projects.


So, after learning these, you can start your entry-level job and gain quality experience to become a versatile android app developer. 


So, have you understood how to become an app developer for Android and iOS? You have understood and also learned the types of the app developer. Here, we discussed the career path for app developers that will help you decide whether you should become an app developer.

Hence, if you understand this article helped you and understood how to become a mobile app developer, share it and write your precious words below.

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