How To Become A Pet Sitter With No Experience? (2023)

Becoming a pet sitter is being favored these days to make extra money. Especially among the college students who want to make decent money by doing nothing or little things. Thus, we will discuss how you can become a pet care service provider and the best platform to find pet sitting jobs. Also, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a pet sitter and how much you can earn by giving your clients pet sitting services.

So, let's start gathering all this information in this article. 


What Is The Pet Sitting?

Pet sitting is an occupation where you take care of a pet when its owner is not available to do the same. Becoming a pet sitter includes:

  1. Giving baths to the pet.
  2. Feeding them.
  3. Playing with them.
  4. Going to walk.
  5. Making them comfortable. 

It is a very energetic work as pets always make you feel like any close friend. It is the same profession as babysitting, but we target pet animals in pet sitting. 

You can start a pet sitting service center at your place, provide the same service at their owner's home, or help them go on a walk with a pet on behalf of the pet owner. It is a very profitable job if you do it very well. 

What Are the Requirements To Become a Pet Sitter?

#1. License

To become a pet sitter, a Licence can be needed when you do pet sitting work at your home for other pets. However, it depends upon the platform you work with. 

#2. Insurance

Insurance is not a need everywhere to become a pet sitter, and you can work without it as a pet sitter. Get appreciated if you have insurance for your pet sitting work. Also, it would be helpful in a later situation if it becomes an emergency. 

#3. Qualification

You never need any specific qualification to become a pet sitter. But you can do courses in some basic skills like first aid of pets and some more relevant. You can provide pet sitting services without having particular qualifications. 

#4. Investment

you can get some cost on online platforms for your advertisements and commission from you. Also, if you work from your own home, you need to invest in some essential goods for pets. Sometimes you may need to invest in a personal mode of traveling. As a pet sitting service provider, you will need to invest in only a few things in some situations.

How Much Can You Earn From Pet Sitting?

#1. After becoming a pet sitter, your payment is varied as your way of working. 

#2. It depends on how much duration you consume of your day on their pet. 

#3. The hand, pet sitting, and dog walking can make different costs to clients. 

#4. If you work overnight, you can make much and for working for a few hours can pay less. 

#5. Also, a pet sitting at your home can make more money than you do pet sitting at their home. 

So, if you ask me how much you can earn after becoming a pet sitter. In my opinion, you can make around $10 to $15 per hour with every booking. It is an average payment, and with your experience, you can charge more fees from your clients. 

Best Websites To Find Pet Sitting Jobs

#1. Rover

Rover can be known for you as it is famous for pet sitting jobs finding platforms. People love this because of rover dog sitting and house sitting services. You create a profile and start working with the ideal people. It costs 15% of the commission per successful order or booking you get. It provides you with some tools to get your pet sitting business increased. It is good because it provides insurance at 0 costs and keeps emergency service open to pets. 

#2. Cat In A Flat

It is basically for those who want to become cat sitters and love to play with them. You can offer your service for sitting cats according to how clients require through the site. Pet and pet sitters get insured by a cat in a flat, which is free. It cost you 19% on booking to cover their commission and services given to you. It is very trustworthy for its cat sitting services, and you can check this website too. 

#3. DogVacay

It is also good to get pet sitting jobs, especially dog walking services. Here you can create your profile and browse with clients using zip code. They provide customer service 24x7. When you work as a pet sitter at their home DogVacay will provide insurance as they are known to sit dogs. Also, clients get updates via pictures using this excellent platform. 


This site allows you to offer pet sitting services either in pet sitting, babysitting, or taking care of senior citizens. You can take a subscription to be visible to more clients and provide pet care services. Also, it costs you for your background check and documentation. It provides you with some valuable tools to keep effective while getting bookings. Moreover. You can schedule an interview with clients. 

How To Become A Pet Sitter With No Experience?

#1. Area Selection Or Platform

If you have decided to work online, you will first need to sign up and get your account. After that, the process will be the same whether you are working online or offline. But you will provide your pet sitting services in offline mode. You have to choose the area you can work in and get clients soon.

#2. Research And Prepare

After selecting the platform and your working area, just research which pet animals are common in the area. And you can get clients for your pet sitting services. After that, just research that animal to be an effective pet sitter and prepare for being active and friendly with pets. 

#3. Choose The Service And Pay Rate

Once you know where you are to work and which pet is perfect for your pet sitting service, just set up a pay rate and select the final list of animals for which you can be a pet sitter. After knowing what you have to offer and how much you have to get paid for your pet care services, be ready.

#4. Advertise And Gather Info

Now it is time to be more informative to make your pet care services the best. Ask your social media networks about pet owners and inform your relatives about what pet sitting services you offer. After that, gather information about pets from pet owners. It will help you understand competitors in the same area and who needs your house sitting services. 

#5. Offer Pet Sitting Services And Get Started

After all, you will identify who is not taking care of their pet sitters and your targeted audience. Just offer them your pet sitting services and get started to find clients. 

#6. Provide Pet Care Services And Attend Extra Tasks

Once you have your first order, provide them with your pet sitting services at your best. Don't try to impress them but don't give them a chance to find your mistakes. Also, inform them properly if they need their pet something they don't have. 

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How To Become Pet Sitter: Advantages of Becoming Pet Sitter

#1. Paid For Spending Time With An Pets

By doing the job of a pet sitter, you get paid only for taking care of the pet. Just like a baby boy what you do with your animal. Nothing complicated you have to do; providing pet sitting services is easy to make money online.

#2. Get Entertained

Also, it is stupendous to become a pet sitter as it needs only be with pets and enjoy the moments with them. You will never feel bored if you are with a pet and always be energetic. 

#3. Being Managed

It always makes you habitual of managing any daily life too. You will feel after a few days that you are being punctual and very active as being with animals makes you only positive. So, as a pet sitting service provider, you will become managed and organized.

#4. Some Time To Rest

When you have booked your pet care services, you can take a small rest. When a pet is feeding or sleeping, you may take a rest or break. Also, if the animal is doing nothing as its schedule, you can keep yourself with them by sitting at a place only. Just have to look after your pet.

#5. Decent Pay

The benefit of becoming a pet sitter is that you choose how much you will cost for your services. Also, you will fix what the goods they have to purchase and when for their pet are. 

#6. Good For Professional 

If you go for a job in any profession, it is good to mention your experience as a pet sitter. Becoming a pet care service provider is a bit hard; everyone can't be that friendly with pets, and they can't work for over 1 or 2 months. So, it shows your strengths and skills by only telling them you were a pet sitter.

#7. Get Facilities From The Client

Sometimes, clients pay your traveling fees or provide you with cars. Also, they can be happy with pet care services and give you some extra gifts as many people are very attached to their pets in today's era.

How To Become Pet Sitter: Disadvantages of Becoming Pet Sitter

#1. Chances To Be Defused

There are many chances to be defused as there can be some effective competitors. Your one mistake can reduce your clients as pet sitting services are compassionate work. 

#2. Chances To Be Blamed

When you provide pet care services, there are some changes to be blamed by clients when something goes wrong. It may happen that pets harm you, and you get blamed for that; you can be blamed for not gathering helpful information, and also, you can be blamed for the health issues of pets. Sometimes it can be the client's mistake, and they also never accept it. 

#3. Travel Mode

Sometimes you need a traveling mode to go to the client's house or your pet sitting service center. That would be great if you have a personal bike or another medium as a public bus or metro can be very costly. 

#4. Advertisement Fees 

If you are advertising from a platform for providing pet sitting services, you found advertising from home can cost you. Also, they can take some commission. 

#5. Getting a Non-Suitable Environment

One con of becoming a pet sitter is that sometimes clients' homes can be very noisy of whatever activities are happening there. So, you can get complicated in the situation. 

How To Become Pet Sitter: Conclusion

We discussed how to become a pet sitter with no experience and make money by providing your house sitting or pet sitting services. I explained how much you can earn. Also, we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a pet sitter. Now go and apply for pet sitting jobs using sites to make some extra money. 


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