Get Paid To Listen To Music: Yes! You Paid For Listening Music (2023)

Do you want to get paid for listening to music using mobile? Today, I have one of the most exciting ways to make money online. And I know you will like this excellent idea to make some extra cash. 


Yes, you are predicting the right way as many websites pay for listening to music. And if you have ever wished to know how to make money listening to music on Spotify. Then also, today’s article will be critical to read. After discovering most pages on the internet, I have found some excellent sites and apps. And if you work there, you can make money listening to music. 


Hence, let’s start discussing these exciting websites and apps that pay for listening to music. 

get paid to listen to music

11 Best Websites Where You Get Paid To Listen To Music 

#1. Music Xray

Music Xray is also an excellent platform that pays for listening to music online. It pays you for listening to new artists’ songs and gives them ratings and reviews. You get to task on the website from the in-box. You get paid to listen to music for $0.5 for each completed review through PayPal. 

Make money to listening to music

After signing up, you complete some reviews, and after matches, you get tasks via email. Also, all these tasks you need to complete within a day. But the best thing is it is available for everyone around the globe. Hence, you can make money online by listening to songs on Music Xray, whichever is your country.  

#2. Cash4minutes

Here also you get paid to listen to music online on the radio stations. You can join it by signing up, and after that, you will get all the details sent to your email address. You get tasks from your email and earn $0.08 for completing the 1-minute task. 

It works internationally for everyone, and you can redeem your amount via amazon or bitcoin. Hence, you can also use this platform to make money by listening to music.    

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Do you want to know another great site that pays for listening to music? Here is your next platform to work and earn money by listening to music. The application is available on the google play store or Apple app store, and both android and iOS users can use this application. 

But if you want to work with them, you will need an invitation from someone who is using and working on the platform. It is available for international people, and you get paid to listen to music and rate them. Payment varies from song to song, and you can make decent money for some songs. You can get paid through direct Wire transfer as well as via PayPal.  

#4. Unique Rewards

Last but not least on my list is Unique Rewards, with availability worldwide. You listen to music on the radio station through it and get paid instantly. To let them know that you are active while listening to music, you need to enter a captcha every 30 minutes. Also, you make money listening to music at around $0.06 for an hour ($0.03/30 minutes). 

Make money to listening to music

Some other tasks you can do are reading emails and participating in surveys. However, the earning can seem significantly less, but there are other microtasks that you can complete and earn some extra money.  

#5. Playlist Push

Here at the Playlist Push, the User can monetize the playlist on Spotify. Also, it helps users to connect new artists to playlist makers on different platforms. New Artists pay playlist creators for listening to their songs and want to add them to the playlist. After listening, it is your decision whether you allow them or not. 

For making money on the platform, you will need a minimum of 400 followers on Spotify as it is a requirement from playlist Push. They pay you $1 to $12 based on the number of your followers. 

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#6. Slice The Pie

At Slice The Pie, more than 2 million reviewers get paid to listen to music just after completing tasks. It is available for those people who are from Canada or the US. Here you have to listen to new songs and provide honest ratings and reviews. Also, you write a short and legit text or review about the music. 

Make money to listening to music

You can make money to listen to music at $0.2 for every completed task (at least). The payment method is PayPal, and the minimum should be $10. You can earn money twice a week, and that’s awesome to start making money by listening to music. 

#7. RadioEarn

If you want to start working on RadioEarn, you need to sign up first. The work you get paid for is listening to your favorite online radio stations. On the platform, you get some points if you spend more than 15 minutes on any radio station. It is also a great site to get paid to listen to music in dollars. 

Also, you can work here from any country, but the pay is varied based on your spent time. You can withdraw your earnings once a month via PayPal or Amazon. The US citizens can have the option for direct wire transfer.  

#8. Hit Predictor

As its name is Hit Predictor, you have to predict the chances of songs becoming hit or popular in the future. You must be at least 13 years old to work on this website. You can make money by listening to music, and you can earn around $5 for completing reviews of every 15 tracks.

It works worldwide; hence anyone can register here and make money online. You have to review the new songs available on your profile. You will be paid through an Amazon gift card, that great as you can purchase ideal products using these gift cards.   

#9. Earnably

At Earnably, you collect points by taking surveys and watching ad videos. Also, they provide you with 10% of every referral’s earnings for a lifetime. But the payment amount is varied from one to another music videos. 

get paid to listen to music

Here, the minimum pay-out of your earning is $2, and you can withdraw via either PayPal, bitcoin, or amazon gift card. However, compared to other sites where your earnings can be less. But still, it is one of the trusted sites where you get paid for listening to music online.   

#10. FusionCash

FushionCash is also available to worldwide users willing to work here. You get a $5 welcome bonus when you create your account here. After that, listen to your favorite music and also keep them informed that you are active while listening by entering a captcha. Also, you can do some extra tasks and earn money such as watching videos and taking surveys. 

You redeem your earnings on the 20th of every month, and the minimum amount you should have to redeem is $25. However, it is no big deal; if you stay consistent on this platform, you can easily make $25. Thus, you can select FusionCash to get paid to listen to music and redeem money instantly. 

#11. Radioloyalty

You can make money by listening to music on Radio Loyalty as well. For a show that you are there actively, they ask to enter a captcha every 3 to 6 minutes. Anyone can work here from around the globe and make money online by listening to music. 

You get paid via visa gift vouchers that you can redeem anytime. I can not tell you how much you can earn here, but it depends on the ads you watch while listening to music on the radio station. 


So, now you have the top 11 best sites and apps that pay to listen to music online. And I know now you may have decided on your favorite platform to work. So, you can also get paid to listen to music online and redeem using Amazon gift cards, PayPal, and other ways. 


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