How To Write An Ebook And Publish Like A Pro? [2024]

Today, I will teach you how to write your ebook in less time, less cost, and less strength. With that, I will tell you how you can get reviews. It's not enough; hence I will explain how you can sell your ebook.

If you are a fresher, student, or any candidate willing to earn money by learning how to write an ebook, then you should know this write-up is for you. It will help you to work as a professional writer from the start of your career. So, please don't waste time and move to our main contents. 

How To Write An Ebook To Sell? 

Here are the super-fast track for writing an ebook:

1. Plan The Book: 

If you want to write an ebook, you should first divide your book into different chapters or sections. It is essential to clear the structure of the book like a map. And then, create a targeted sheet where you have to fix the deadline based on the number of headings or chapters. It will be your time management.

2. Create The Draft: 

It is just a kind of series or outline of your whole book. In these steps, most writers prefer to choose a word for a particular part of the book. It means that you have to create a word-to-word blueprint of your book's topic.

3. Get Some Feedbacks: 

Feedback is the thing that has the power to show negative aspects of your book. It means. You have to provide the book to your family. And you can look for a famous personality who is knowledgeable in a relevant field. After that, you don't have any problems improving your book's content.

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4. Edit It:

Now find the feedback (not advice) to derive that part that needs improvement. Just feedback makes the balance of your capstone in your book. It will let the reader go more inside your story.

5. Mindful Proofreading: 

Stupendous typos and inaccurate aspects can affect your book sales too much. So, don't lose your patience and don't act carelessly. If you can't reach a professional editor. So, at the least, you must find two mates and ensure that they will be dire. But don't find any person who should be knowledgeable and professional about your book and its theme.

If you also assume to learn how to write an ebook for Amazon with some easy steps. Then it would be good if you continue reading below mentioned steps as it will help you a lot in publishing your first ebook.   

Tips to Make Ebook Ready for Publishing [2023]

1. Format The Book: 

Always start with a clean format with those styles you want to use. Style such as font style, size, color, and alignment, etc. But it would help if you used your predestined custom forms. One more thing is that you can get the conditions and some guidance on your publishing platform. One significant element is the expansion of your ebook. Most of the publishers use two extensions commonly, and those are gradually .doc and .docx.  

There is one thing that you don't have to use Microsoft. Hence you can use any other platform which allows you to save your ebook in these extensions, such as google docs, OpenOffice, etc. 

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2. Make a Cover For The Book: 

You can use cover size & layouts according to your publishing platform guideline.

The book title must be Big, bold, and easy to read. The new thing is the Image, and it should be eye-catching and define the topic.

You should use free editing software. Before investing money in it, plan how to use it because you will have to credit the photographer or illustrator. 

As the last step, you can share your cover with your mates and family members and ask them to be honest with their opinions.  

3. Book Details: 

(i) Title:

You must be ensured that your book title is the same as in your EPUB and on your ebook cover.

(ii) Author:

Your name will be written here or whoever has written this book.

(iii) Publisher:

The publisher name can be optional. It's decided by the ISBN which you have chosen, free one or paid one.

(iv) Rights:

All the rights will be yours or whoever has written this book. The author can sell their book anywhere in the whole world.

(v) Languages:

It defines the medium language used in the ebook.

(vi) Disclaimer For Adult Content: 

Some systems can ask you to inform them if your ebook contains any violence, graphic sex or drug use, etc.

(vii) Book Description:

It is lettering that will be seen by your readers when they will search on a browser about your book.

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The category defines the theme of your book. It can be fiction or science fiction. This is a very famous category but ponders using less famous and appropriately for your book. So, it will increase the chances of competition for your book in the market.

(ix) Book Keywords:

Always use those words or phrases as keywords that address your ebook perfectly. When a reader searches for a book, there is a higher chance to provide your ebook.

(x) Book Pricing:

Most of the time, You can set the price of your book. Companies allow you to set prices for each country separately. If you get confused, then you can keep yourself at the same price. 

4. Choose The Date For Publishing The Book:

 Nowadays, the author can set a date for publishing. Some platforms allow you to set the date and month of publication. On the advanced publication date, readers will be able to get it in the store. But only on the day when it will go live will readers be allowed to download and read it.

5. Publish:  

Now, the question is how to publish an ebook? Your book won't be available to purchase by readers until you have not made it live. For it, you have to press the publish button. If your mind gets changed after being published, you can easily do it not live. As a result, your ebook will not be available on online bookshelves. An important thing is how much time it will take to start appearing on virtual bookshelves. 

What Are The Ways To Sell Your Ebook? 

1. By The Website:

You can make a website for your ebook, and with it, you can show off your ebook on other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. These can be used to make your followers interested in your ebook, and your ebook will get more reviews.

2. By Competition:

Put your ebook to some competitions. But don't pay for any entry fees. For it, you can get a look on Google or a similar platform.

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3. By Library Or School:

If your ebook is written for children. So, you can contact the school. Or you can ask about some libraries relative to your ebook.

4. By Book Clubs:

You should contact book clubs and online groups. It can be online or in your local areas.

5. By Author Profile:

You must get an author profile on Goodreads. You can use it to list your ebooks, and you can get advised by some other writers. And it's free. 

How To Get Reviews For The Published Ebook Or Book: 

1. Inform Reviewers:

The first step is to be known by reviewers and reads their other reviews' instructions.

2. Book Notice:

Don't forget to create a book notice for your ebook. It lists the main details of the ebook such as Title, Author Name, Price of book, etc. It goes on the A4 size paper. Put your contact as well on its notice.

3. Online Platform:

To get free reviews on your book, you can use online platforms such as 

4. Press Media:

If you have something creative, write a press release and send it to press media or TV & Radio stations. It's like a trailer for your ebook.

5. Keep A Copy With You:

You should keep a copy with you. If any reviewer wants to read your book and share it, you can send a copy. You must ensure that you should add a disclaimer that tells the reviewer its review copy. 


So, I have explained how to write an ebook and work as a professional writer. Here you got to know how to write a book in the fastest way and publish an ebook. After that, I explained how you can sell your ebook. At last, you got some advice regarding reviews. I hope it will be helpful for you and you like it.

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