Fiverr Review 2024: Is Fiverr Legit? How To Earn Money From Fiverr?

Are you a freelancer and want to read a Fiverr review? Fiverr is one of the famous freelancing platforms where you can create gigs to sell your services. However, you can also buy web development, graphic design, copywriting, and data entry services. 

The best thing about Fiverr is the services you can buy or sell as low as $5. Hence, read this Fiverr review whether you want to buy or sell services on Fiverr. Because in this we have covered many things about the Fiverr. 

And mostly, here we will be discussing from the seller or freelancer's point of view. However, it is beneficial for both buyers and sellers on Fiverr.  

fiverr review

What Is Fiverr? 

Your first question about Fiverr would be, "What is Fiverr?" In short, we can say that Fiverr is an international online marketplace. And here, you can provide your services as freelancers, and people contact you using Fiverr to get your services. 


By creating gigs on this platform, you can get hired as freelancers without any third person, making the hiring process transparent. 


You can work the same as you do at an average workplace, and Fiverr allows you to get advance payment for your gigs. It means whenever the buyer places the order to get your services. 

Fiverr gets the advance and holds it until you deliver the task and get approved by the buyer. However, when you deliver the order, the buyer does not reply until the next three days. Your fund will automatically get credited to your account. 


Here you usually provide any digital or IT services to buyers. It can be from any field like logo designing, social media marketing, transcription services, and writing services. Or even you can have services for your websites such as WordPress designing. 

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Fiverr Review: How Does Fiverr Work?

When you think about becoming a Fiverr user, you must know how Fiverr works. There are two types of Fiverr users: freelancers (providers of service) and second buyer (who buys these services). 


Usually, the buyer contacts you to get their needs done using your services. Fiverr is the platform where service providers can get advance payment from the buyers for Gigs or the freelance service buyer needs.


In the beginning, gigs had $5, but you have the freedom to decide your price on your own. And you can even provide your low-cost service package with different offers. The seller takes one or two days, but it can be delayed if they already have some pending orders. And that is why a freelancer always sets the timeline of task delivery.


Four standard terms used on Fiverr are mentioned below:


#1. The gig is a freelance service you offer to the buyer.

#2. Post a request is the service request from the buyer to the seller.

#3. Seller is the registered user or freelancer who sells their gigs.

#4. Buyer is the registered user to buy Gigs offered by Fiverr sellers. 

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Fiverr Review: How To Sign In/Log In To Fiverr As a Seller?  

Now is the time to understand how you can become a seller at Fiverr. The first thing to remember is that when you go to Fiverr, you always get your buyer account. And then, you will need to activate your account as a seller on Fiverr.

So, continue with the steps explained below to create your account on Fiverr: 

fiverr login

#1. Create An Account (Sign In On Fiverr): 

Go to the home page of Fiverr's website and click on "Join" to start the Fiverr sign-up process.


Enter the official email address and click on "continue." You can also join by any other sign-in options from Facebook, Google, or apple.


Now it is time to choose your appropriate username for your Fiverr account. Because it can't be changed once it has been created for you. And it will be your display name or user name on Fiverr. 


After selecting a username, you will need to create your password and click on "Join."


Now you have registered your details to create an account on Fiverr. You will get a link on your registered email address by the Fiverr team to activate your account. The link will work only for 30days, so activate your account by clicking on this link.


You need to press on the activation link you got in your email. And you have your registered account on Fiverr. Now you can activate your Fiverr account as a seller to earn money from Fiverr. 

#2. Activate Seller Account (Login As Seller):

To activate your seller account, you will need to click on your profile picture in the top right corner.


You have a menu on your Fiverr's profile section. Now click on the "become a seller" option and after that, again choose the "become a seller" option.


Here, you will get instructions about using Fiverr as a seller in 3 video contents. These videos are beneficial, and I would say watch them. After watching the videos click on "continue" for further steps to create a seller account on Fiverr.

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Now you will get some more tips about doing things as a seller. Once you go through them, you can click on "continue."


It is time to share important information about your training, education, and working experience. Always ensure that whatever you are filling is truthful and never lie to your prospects. Because the accuracy of the information makes your seller profile better.


After providing professional information, you can also connect your profile to different social media networks. Here, you do not need to feel insecure because your profile has the privacy to secure your personal information.


You will need to authenticate your Fiverr account via phone, so go for this step. 


Here is your seller account created on Fiverr to sell gigs. And now you need to create your first gig, and you will start providing your service after that. 

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Fiverr Review: How To Earn Money On Fiverr?


Now you have your seller account on Fiverr to sell services. After activating the seller account, the first thing is how to earn money on Fiverr and offer your services. 


I have the answer "Create your gigs," SEO optimized and crips. But, now the question is, "what is a gig on Fiverr?" 


The gig is detailed information about the service you want to offer. Don't worry! I am telling you how you can create your gig in simple steps. When you finish your activation of the seller account, you need to proceed with these steps. 


Now the next matter to accomplish is to create a gig as steps are given below: 

How To Create Gigs On Fiverr? 

Fiverr review

Step #1. Overview Of Your Service Or Gig:


The overview includes the gig title, the category, service type related to the category. It includes the metadata or criteria and some words and tags describing your gig best. Once you have done it, save it and click on "continue." 

For example, if I want to sell blog writing services on Fiverr. Here I will have to write a title, and it can look like "I will write a compelling and 100% unique blog post". The category can be writing and translation, and I can also select industry.  

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Step #2. Service Scale And Pricing:

In this part, you need to set a service scale and the price of services. You will need to add the package name and details, timeline, and choose revision number. You also have to set the gig's price, the extra service details, etc., to the next step. 

For example, my service can be up to 500 words for $5, 1000 words for $10, and 1500 words for $15. In the beginning, keep the charges less and get good reviews. But do not go too cheap to make yourself lose; decide with your experience.  

Step #3. Gig Description And FAQ:

Here you have to describe the service or gig clearly and answer some common queries called FAQs. It will be transparent information for your Fiverr buyers. 

Step #4. Required Answers From The Buyer:

Now here you go to set the requirement you want from the buyer to process the order. You can select any answer from your buyer. You want three answers from the buyer: multiple answers, free text, or an attached file. For example, you can ask for keywords, blog topics, and other details for a content writing gig.  

Step #5. Attach Media And Documents:

Here you have the choice to attach media details to describe your gig more effectively. You can put any video, audio, image, even pdf file, etc., by these things. The buyer will get more understanding about your package. Now save it and get ready to publish it for buyers. 

Step #6. Publish The Gig:

Now you have done all the details, and your gig is ready to be published. Click on "publish gig" and choose where you want to promote the offers. Click on "done," you have created your first gig. 

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Step #7. Edit Option:

If you feel like adding some more details to your gig or you want to correct it, edit it. Go to "selling menu" and click on "gig" you created and want to edit. Choose the gig you want to edit, open the right side drop-down menu and click on "edit." After that, make changes and save it but also proofread all texts. 

Fiverr Review: Is Fiverr Legit To Get Freelance Work?


I feel that while discussing the process on Fiverr sign up, it's seller account activation. And learning about creating a Gig, you can have the query about "is Fiverr legit or fake?" 


It is a legit and registered online marketplace; it also has issued its IPOs. Hence there is no doubt it is a legit freelance marketplace. But you can see the difference between freelancers and their work. 

The minimum rate of the service is $5, and it can be the indicator of service quality and satisfaction from the seller. The main thing is that you will need to find a good freelancer. And that can have the skills and ability to offer excellent work, hence identify it by the sellers' pricing.  

How Much Can You Earn On Fiverr? 

As per a report, over 96% of freelancers on Fiverr earn up to $500 per month. And Almost 70% of freelancers selling their gigs on Fiverr earn less than $100. However, only 1% of freelancers earn over $2000 per month because they might have good knowledge about Fiverr SEO. 

They might have excellent skills or be running their freelance agency. There are over 2.3 million sellers on Fiverr selling various services. Most sell services are copywriting, data entry, graphic design, web design, and development.  

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How To Get Reviews On Fiverr? 

Reviews and ratings help your buyers to understand the quality of your work. So, always give your best to complete the tasks, and it will decide to get great reviews on your profile. If you work great, your rating will be excellent, and it will attract many clients to your profile. 


When you complete an order, then you have the opportunity to ask for your work review from your buyer. Of course, if you do not do good work, your review will also be harmful. So, do every order with lots of attention and dedication. 

Should You Work On Fiverr? 

If you ask me, should you work on Fiverr or not? My answer will be yes to start your journey to become a freelancer. You should work here because you can set your timeline, price, and work from home. 

Also, there are many opportunities to get high-paying orders. You can also use the features of the Fiverr app, which is easy to use as well. And you will get much help in your freelancing journey with Fiverr. 

What Is The Fiverr App? 

We know that Fiverr is the platform to work as a freelancer where you offer your services to the buyers. It is the marketplace as well as it is the platform to sell your skillset. Fiverr app is the official application service provided to users of Fiverr. 

Here you work the same as on Fiverr's site but here, you no need to sign in again and again, and also, it is more comfortable than the website. 

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Features Of Fiverr App 

#1. There are multiple features on the Fiverr app, as mentioned below:

#2. You can talk to the buyer privately using this app.

#3. On the app, multi-group work opportunities are available.

#4. You can send custom offers to buyers as well.

#5. The app supports multiple currencies like the Fiverr website.

#6. The seller can get reviews and ratings from buyers.

#7. The payments are secure, and you can get its overview here. 

Fiverr Review: What Are The Fiverr Reviews? 

Fiverr is a well-known platform to work as a freelancer, so many websites give reviews to Fiverr. Some reviews are mentioned below, which show it is a great platform to work.

 You can look at star ratings from famous review sites: 

#1. Fiverr Review On Indeed

If we talk about the Fiverr review on Indeed, it has positive words about Fiverr. Here we can see that Fiverr has a star rating of 4.2-star out of 5 stars. Which is a sign of a great place to work as a seller. 

#2. Fiverr Review On Trustpilot

Trustpilot also gave the 4-star rating out of 5-stars to Fiverr. It also means that Fiverr got an excellent rating from Trustpilot. So, Fiverr is a platform where you can work freely and remotely. 

How To Sell On Fiverr? 

#1. Create An Accurate And Optimized Profile:

The first step to do is optimize your accurate profile on Fiverr. If your profile accuracy were great, your profile would be more effective. Any other freelancer can become better than you if you make a silly mistake. 

As it will give a wrong impression, you are not the only Fiverr selling services. There is good competition; so, be accurate always and add certification details. 

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#2. Visit Professional Profiles: 

To make your profile more professional, visit the professional freelancer's profiles. So, you would be able to identify the difference between both profiles and improve your Fiverr profile. It will help you attract buyers by making your gig description and image compelling. 

#3. Great Offers: 

In starting, always provide some fantastic offers to the buyer. It will attract them and bound to text you to get your services. If the average price from other freelancers is $10, you can provide the same service for $7. 

When the buyer feels he is saving some money or getting some extra, he can give you the chance to satisfy him. The great offers provide you opportunities to show your talent. 

#4. Promote Using A Blog: 

If you are a blogger and have a blog or website, then start promoting Fiverr work through it. The things you should mention on the blog are the service you provide in your gig. 

And here you can mention why you should get ordered, different packages available, and the reviews and ratings from your previous clients. By this, you will have your portfolio to promote your profile and freelance work. 

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#5. Social Networks For Promoting:

Always keep promoting your gigs on social networks and different social channels to respond positively. 

#6. Work To Increase Level: 

Ask your friends and family to have your first order soon and get reviews from them. So, you will be able to get your level up fast. Try to reach level two as soon as possible, because high level refers to high orders.  


So, in this Fiverr review, we discussed a lot about Fiverr, which is a freelance marketplace. And most of us may have tried this freelance platform at once in our life. However, if you are good at any services, you can sell on this platform. However, you may have to pay about 20% of your overall earnings to Fiverr. 

It maintains this platform and brings lots of potential buyers. This article also discussed how you can sign-up on Fiverr, create gigs, and sell on Fiverr. Hence, we hope you now have a clear idea of how Fiverr works and how you can make money online with Fiverr. 

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