Why Do Most YouTubers Fail? [Must Read For YouTubers]

Hello friends! As you have seen in the title, we will discuss why most YouTube channels fail in the beginning and why only a few YouTubers succeed. In this article, I will inform you about some basic things that affect your YouTube channel performance a lot. 

If you apply these tips and hacks to your YouTube channel, there are many chances to succeed as a YouTuber. So, let's start the discussion on why most YouTubers fail.

Why Do Most YouTubers Fail [Must Read For YouTubers]

Top Reasons Why Most YouTubers Fails

#1. Titles, Keywords, And Thumbnail Of Yt Videos

The first thing I have noticed is that people don't use proper and informative elements. First, they give irrelevant titles for their videos. So, viewers don't like it when they come to know something, and you tell them something else. 

Also, you miss your target audience if you don't give the proper title to your videos. The same happens with thumbnails; they should be informed of what you will tell the audience through your videos. 

Keep it simple and make the YT thumbnails catchy and straightforward.

The more important thing is the proper and optimized use of keywords. Don't do it if you use a small keyword containing 1 or 2 words. Always use phrasal or long-tail keywords such as "how to make paintings" instead of only "painting." 

#2. Video Does Not Provide Proper Value To Audience

Another mistake that most failed YouTubers have never worked on is the content. Their content either is outdated or does not provide useful information to viewers. If somebody is spending time watching your videos, it should be informative and helpful for them.

If you do not do this, it can make you one of those failed YouTubers who never work on quality and focus on the number of posted videos. 

For example, if you have cleared UPSC, then it would be better to tell them how you used to study. If you understand this, then move to the following reason why most YouTubers' channels fail.

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#3. Poor On-Camera Personality

It also matters how much you practice to make your video effective—only being good at video editing or making great slides is not enough. I have evaluated lots of failed YouTubers and found one aspect. They are not suitable when talking about content or in on-camera personality. 

The solution is simple; you can start working on a presentation. You will have a compelling video for your audience, and the audience will love it. 

#4. Knowledge Of Other Needed Skills

As I told you, only having video-making skills is not enough to succeed on YouTube, you also need a few needed skills. The first point is which keywords you should use, but you should also know how to do keyword research. 

Else, you must know about the tools provided by YouTube, like how to make a playlist on YouTube, which picture should be used as a thumbnail, and more. So, it is too simple to use keywords and banners from others and create your own or find them by using online platforms. Many people don't focus on it, and they face challenges to grow their channel. 

#5. Patience Level Vs. Videos On The Channel

Thousands of failed YouTubers have three or four videos on their YouTube channels, and they have given up. The thing is too simple; why do most YouTubers fail? They do not have the patience, or they do not want to put in the effort from their side. 

If you can't wait for views, you should not become a YouTuber. YouTube videos take time to get views and bring the audience to monetize the channel. Your first milestone of 500 subscribers takes around two to 6 months to complete. 

So, work on your YouTube channel and keep uploading the best content from your side. I suggest you don't do the same as those failed YouTubers did. At this point, we talked about one of the most fundamental reasons why YouTubers don't succeed.

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#6. The Strategy Behind Uploaded Content

If you are a YouTuber, then you must have a plan to work on your channel. You should upload your videos according to your schedule. You can upload YouTube videos either regularly, weekly, or even twice a week, and try to do live streaming and tech inform people about the latest content you are planning. 

It will help you to be managed as well as your viewer will be there with you on the day when you upload content. So, in my perspective, you should never try to upload videos when you get free. Give some time to your channel with the same gap. The absence of content planning is the most common reason for failed YouTubers. 

#7. Ease To Access Your Youtube Channel

Now think, everything is okay in your channel setting and with your videos. But when the viewer comes to your channel, how he will find the particular video. So, if you create playlists on your channel, it will be easy to access your various videos for your audience. 

You can use keywords to make your video SEO friendly; it will help YouTube viewers find your videos in search results. One of the important reasons to work is to help your audience reach your videos. Most of the failed YouTubers do not work on it.

#8. Engagement Rate With Viewers 

Keep in mind as a YouTuber; you are finding new things and researching about them, not for you; it is all done for your audience. So keep engaged with your audience and never let them feel ignored. 

What happens is that when people ask you about something in the comment section, then most of the YouTubers ignore them and never answer it. That is why so many YouTube channels fail. 

To keep your audience engaged with you, try live streaming to solve their few doubts. If they have requested to upload a video over a topic, you may work on it. It will help your viewers and motivate them to stay with you. 

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What Percent Of YouTubers Fail?

More than 96% of YouTubers fail, and more than 98% of daily uploaded videos get less than 50% of views.

How Long Does It Take To Be Successful On YouTube?

Generally, you have to put some significant effort and publish top-quality content on your channel. You don't know which video will get viral and bring a massive audience to your channel. However, most YouTube channels take three to one years to give you some positive results if you put in reasonable effort from your side. 

Reasons Why Most YouTubers Fail: Conclusion 

Finally, we have completed our discussion on why so many YouTube channels fail. There is a fundamental thing to do which YouTubers ignore. First of all, they never make any plan about when they have to upload their next video as well, as they don't make good playlists. 

Live streaming helps you keep the audience engaged and improve your on-camera personality. You should upload videos for your audience to have views, as we have posted a separate article to generate traffic on the YouTube channel. 

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