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Hey, is your dream also to become a doctor and build a reputed career? Today's article will give you proper detail on how to become a doctor in India. If you were also searching for the same query, you must stay here and check out the article till the end. 

How To Become a Doctor In India

What Is A Doctor?

The doctor is a profession in which they are trained in the medical field to check up the ill people and provide medical treatment to them. Also, they handle surgeries and mental health-related issues. If you also become a doctor, you will have to treat the patients in relevant domains. 

Types Of Doctors [You Must Know]

Before we discuss how to become a doctor in India step by step, It's important to discuss the most common types of doctors. So, let's discuss some most common and in-demand types of doctors in India. 

#1. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are the doctors who are responsible for the treatment of mental health. It is an essential type of doctor because many people are getting problems with mental disorders in today's error.

#2. Pediatrics

These doctors are working on those cases related to child development issues, pre-teen and teen abuses, etc. They are primarily responsible for handling child abuse cases. 

#3. Surgeon

Surgeons are another type of doctor who does the surgery-related treatment of the patients. Most teenagers prefer becoming surgeons as it's a renowned and growth-oriented career. 

#4. Family Medicine Physicians 

Family medicine physicians are responsible for the whole family treatment and are specially trained to treat various diseases. They are also medical doctors with family medicine specialization. 

#5. Endocrinologist 

These doctors are called endocrinologists who study the diseases related to the endocrine system. They are medical doctors who are specialized in internal medicine.

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#6. Neurologist

Those patients suffering from any kind of nervous system problems went to direct neurologists. Those doctors are specialized in handling these kinds of cases related to the nervous system. 

#7. General Practitioner

General practitioners are responsible for handling intense and long-standing medical cases. These doctors guide parents about health education and defensive care tips.

#8. Chiropodist 

Those doctors responsible for solving cases related to the foot are called podiatrists or chiropodists. If patients face foot disorders, their case will be handled by a podiatrist for providing medical and surgical treatments. 

#9. Dermatologist

Those doctors who hold the duties for skin, hair, and nail-related diseases, are called a dermatologist. 

#10. Cardiologist

These types of doctors are responsible for solving heart complications. These doctors specialize in cardiology and handle cases of kids with heart disorders.


#11. Anaesthesiologist 

These doctors specialize in anesthesiology and are responsible for treating patients before, during, and after surgery. It is also their responsibility to focus on the patent's chronic pain and numbing it during surgery. 

#12. Radiologist 

These doctors use x-ray, ultrasounds, radioactive substances, etc. they are physicians responsible for solving cases using imaging tests. 

#13. Ophthalmology

Ophthalmologists are responsible for eye regarded issues. They guide patients about lenses and glasses and also handle eye surgeries. These types of doctors are also called eye doctors. 

#14. Urologist

These types of doctors help adults with their issues in urinary. They are specialized in urology and are trained to provide proper treatment of human urinary. 

#15. Dentist

Dentists are case holders with issues of teeth and gums. Most of you may know about them as they are trained to remove teeth and provide medical and surgical treatments. 

#16. Oncologist

Oncologists are the types of doctors who provide treatments for cancer. They are also responsible for working with imaging tests and surgeons. Also, these types of doctors do chemotherapy treatments. 

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Roles & Duties Of A doctor 

It is also important to learn about the roles and duties of doctors. So, read this sector of this article, so you understand how to become a doctor and succeed in this industry.

How To Become a Doctor In India - Paisekiyukti |Roles & Duties of doctor

#1. Maintain Medical Records

There are many roles and duties of doctors, but the first thing they are responsible for is managing medical reports and their data. It helps them understand patients' progress, and it is easy to identify the problem of new doctors. It is one of the essential roles and duties of a doctor.

#2. Monitor Physical Health Improvement

Of course, it is one of the first roles and duties of doctors that they have to measure the physical health improvement of the patient. Most of the cases in India are physical issues, not mental problems. There are a few more roles and duties of a doctor. Let's discuss them also.

#3. Maintain The Medical Treatment Reports.

Only making the reports and testing the samples is not enough. If you are a doctor, your patient should have the proper medical treatment. So, it is also one of the roles and duties of doctors that they have to check up on their patients daily. It helps them to understand the situation and manage their medical status.

#4. Providing Name List Of Essential Drugs

If you are a doctor in a clinic or your patient has a prevalent disease like fever, cough, etc. In that case, it is the role of a doctor to provide a list of drugs that can help the patient get relief. So, providing a name list of essential drugs is also one of the roles and duties of a doctor.

#5. Measure The Health

Many people in our society are getting aware of their physical health. They always go for a regular check-up at least once a year. So, it is also one of the roles and duties of doctors that they have to measure the health of the patient. If they have any problem, it is the responsibility of a doctor that they provide the proper treatment to the patient.

#6. Surgery

Several diseases like cancer, stone, and other causes can be diagnosed only by surgery. It is also the role and duty of doctors that they have to handle surgery in critical cases. It is common in the defense and sports industry to get surgical treatment. 

#7. Train The Students

When you are in the last year of MBBS, you will have a 1-year internship at your college. So, it is also the role and duty of a doctor to train you how to handle medical treatments, physical exercises, and surgery.

#8. Ensure The Mental Wellness Of Patience

If you are a healthy person, your physical treatment will work well. So, it is one of the essential roles and duties of a doctor that they have to ensure the patient's mental status and let them feel relieved.

How To Become A Doctor In India? [Step By Step]

Now, here you will get the proper steps to become a doctor in India, so check out this section of this article. Below is a pathway to becoming a doctor in India, and it will help you a lot to get clear views on the same. 

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#1. Complete Senior Secondary Education With Science Stream (PCB)

To become a doctor in India, you will need to qualify for 10+2 with a science stream. The compulsory subjects are chemistry, biology, and physics. If you have a qualified senior secondary examination, you are eligible to get admission to any medical college in India. You are allowed to apply for MBBS from 17 to 26. 

#2. Clear NEET For MBBS

A few common entrance exams are needed to get admission to your dream college. NEET is the best way to get to your dream college. Also, if you are willing to become a doctor, I want to tell you that some institutions never prefer NEET as they organize their entrance test. So, it is dependent on you which college you like and prefer. Now your path to becoming a doctor starts.

#3. Get MBBS College Admission

After your entrance exam, you will be free to get admission to your MBBS college. Once you have done your entrance exam, CBSE or the college that conducted your entrance will announce the cut-offs, and according to that, you will be free to choose your college and get admission into that. The program will be for five years and six months, and you will be able to get admission into it if you are at least 17-year-old and a maximum 26-year-old.

#4. Complete Graduation With a Specific Program 

When pursuing your graduation, you must choose a specific program according to your interest. It can be MBBS, BDS, or veterinary science as you prefer you choose your degree program. It helps you to become a doctor in India in your interested field.

#5. Specialization With Master's Degree (MD vs. MS)

It was the process of how you can become a doctor in India and kick out your career in this industry. But if you want to be in demand, you should become a specialized doctor. You should pursue your master's degree with the specialization of MD or Ms. If you pursue MS, you will be a specialized doctor for surgery. After pursuing MD, you will be able to become a physician. It is in your hand which kind of specialization you want as there are many categories.

#6. Get Job

Now, you are eligible to apply for the relevant job position in private or government hospitals. You just have to crack the entrance exams for government jobs. If you don't want to waste your time, you can work in the private sector as there are many opportunities.

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How To Become A Doctor In The Army (India)?

To become a doctor in the armed forces of India is almost the same process. You have to pass the NEET exam and have to get admission to the armed forces medical college to pursue MBBS there.

Salary Of Doctor In India 

A doctor's salary in India is excellent because you can get about ₹ 60,000 per month starting. We have made a list of highest paid jobs in India; you can also read that. The doctor is also one of those highly paid jobs in India. 

Salary Of Doctor In the USA

A doctor's salary in the USA is around $20 to $25 per hour and even more if you are a highly specialized doctor. 

Is It Hard To Become A Doctor?

A doctor is one of the most reputed professions in India and worldwide. You have to study hard and score well to get admission in the science stream for 10+2 studies. Once you complete your science stream studies, you have to crack the NEET exam and get admission to top medical colleges. Because if you get admission to top medical colleges there, you will get a more practical learning experience. 

You will have a high chance of getting a good job opportunity during campus recruitment. Hence, if you want to become a doctor in India and get more chances to achieve this goal successfully. You will have to put significant efforts from your side, and therefore, most people say it is hard to become a doctor. 

How To Become a Doctor In India - Paisekiyukti Roles & Duties of doctor

How To Become A Doctor In India: Conclusion

Now you have understood how to become a doctor in India; I hope you have learned what you were looking for. If you still have any queries, you can comment down below with your query. We will reply and give you more insight on the same thing; also, you can share this article so more candidates can take advantage of it. 

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