12 Best Online Course Platforms In 2023 For Learners

The demand for online courses is increasing every day among learners. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, most students and marketing professionals have to compromise their knowledge. Hence, if you are looking for the best online course platforms to learn excellent skills. 

You must stick to this post because I will discuss the best online learning platforms with you. And these platforms offer both free and paid online courses with or without certificates. Hence, let’s start today’s post without taking your precious seconds.  

List Of Best Online Course Platforms In 2022 

#1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best online course platforms to pursue online courses. It is also the platform of MOOC’s learning and is available worldwide. MOOCs mean massive open online courses and indicate a professional marketplace for learners. Here you can do many miniature courses for your personality development and professional courses for work in any field.



Many courses are provided from any stream or category, such as humanities, commerce, data science, fine arts, and singing. It is a vast platform that has over 24 million users worldwide. Also, the provided courses have different certifications like diplomas, specialization courses, degree courses, personality development, and short-term course certifications.

International universities and colleges provide a variety of courses here. One of the best online learning platforms has a website and mobile application. You can consider any of both to register and learn your favorite skills.  

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#2. LinkedIn Learning

The old is now called LinkedIn learning and is very popular in professional industries of any field. Here you get course content in video form with tutorials. You get a certificate to show on your LinkedIn account. It is helpful for students from the business, technology, and creative art field. They provide you with over 16k courses, and these all are available in 7 languages.



Also, you get a one-month free trial, and then you need to choose either a monthly or annual subscription plan. They help you to check and polish your skills with quizzes. Not only paid, but there are also lots of free courses for you, and sometimes it gets unlocked as you keep learning honestly.

Keep remembering that its subscription plan includes taxes in it. However, LinkedIn Learning is one of the best online learning platforms because of the quality experience.  

#3. Udemy

It is one of the top online e-learning platforms with millions of users. The most helpful thing you will be attracted by is that its courses are created by over 50 thousand instructors and subject experts. It is easy to understand how large a platform it is. 


Also, it has more than 40 million students who are learning here. Here your learning is practical, too, as they provide you with different content to make you understand the concept of everything. 

These materials include PPTs, PDFs, text/articles, and videos for you. Anyone around the globe can learn new skills on this platform and it is suitable for students and instructors who want to teach online. It is suitable for those who want to start as instructors, teachers, educators, or freelancers. Its application is available on android and iOS, and you can use it easily. 


However, if you are looking for the best online course platforms to launch your courses. You can choose Udemy because many college-going experts launch their quality courses. And they also make decent money from this platform without much effort by themselves.   

#4. YouTube

YouTube is free, but you will need to find valuable channels from your field. Also, you will not get any certification from YouTube as it is a vlog. Here instructors post their content to help you to learn some skills.



If you want to know some channels to learn, we have already written some articles about YouTube channels for learning dance, WordPress, web designing, and more.

We will give you the link below to this paragraph. These e-learning platforms also have their YouTube channel, like great learning. Oh yeah! Great learning is also a perfect e-learning platform for those who want to learn new computer skills. 

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#5. Skillshare

Another e-learning platform provides courses belonging to 4 categories: creative arts, technology, business, and lifestyle. It is free for instructors, but students have to pay $15 a month after a free trial for two weeks. These four categories teach you fine arts, graphics designing, web designing, data science, cooking, project management, accounting, teaching, language skills, e-commerce, and some more things.



Courses include small tutorials and informative videos for around 20 minutes to 1 hour. Also, you get class projects and a student’s community. Another good thing is that you can enroll in many courses available at the same price. Thus, Skillshare is also a great and top online learning platform for ideal students.  

#6. Edx is a course marketplace where learners get lots of free and paid courses to enhance their professional skill set. They provide many courses from various categories such as humanities, business, mathematics, and computer science. They help you get personal skills like interview preparation, public speaking, and more.



It is free for many courses, and it has its website and an app available on iOS and Android devices. It is suitable for both students and professionals to improve their skills. Because of these reasons, Edx has got second place in our list of best online course platforms. 

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#7. Great learning

The next and one of the best online course platforms is a great learning platform or e-learning platform. It is an online learning platform for those interested in the IT sector, such as programming, web development, data science, and graphics design.



It is free for anyone, and you achieve a certificate of completion for each course. Also, they provide you with many projects to practice your learning. That would be great if you have subscribed to its official YouTube channel too.  

#8. Udacity

It provides you with courses called nano-degree programs. You achieve a certificate once you finish your degree course or certification course. Students or professionals belong to IT sectors such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Science, ML (Machine Learning), etc. 


You get a timeline to complete the course according to its duration and size of study materials. It is also one of the best online learning platforms to master such technical skills. 

#9. NSDC eSkill India

The next best online course platform on our list is NSDC eSkill India. This is a platform provided by the national skill development corporation of India. This e-skill India project is an excellent opportunity for everyone. This is wonderful to use on your mobile, and you can learn anything from any field.



They provide you with lots of content by a partnership with knowledge partners. You can learn about IT, management-security, logistics, gem & jewelry, and many more. These are all free to learn, and you get a certificate after completing your courses.  

#10. Google Cloud

What if you get certified from google for in-demand and professional skills? Yes! Google cloud offers courses for students and whoever from web service and cloud computing industry. Popular courses are based on computing, big data, machine learning, networking, storage, etc.



Google also uses these in its platforms such as Gmail, Photos, and YouTube. You never need to have previous experience in your field to learn here, and many courses are free. So, it is a golden opportunity for you all if you want to learn IT skills.  

#11. Khan Academy

It is an organization that aims to provide free education to everyone from anywhere and anytime. They are suitable for kids and adults because they provide your teacher and parents free tools to analyze your progress and the effect of learning on your personality. You can use its app on your smartphone as well. You can get it from the play store and apple app store too.


You can pursue many courses such as economics, mathematics, science, etc. Also, they have created different categories for those from India and a separate section for kids. They provide some courses for educators on its online course platform.


So, you can prepare yourself if you are willing to work in the educational field. Most of the courses at Khan Academy are free if you do not wish to get a certificate. However, to get a certificate, you will require to pay some additional charges.  

#12. Duolingo

We have discussed the many best online course platforms that help you improve your professional skills. These are helpful in your personality development and learning professional skills. Now, let’s know something about this language learning platform called Duolingo.


It is an application available in-app store and play store. It has over 500 million users and was launched in the year 2011. Here they provide you the opportunity to learn more than 30 languages, including some of the most in-demand languages such as French, Japanese, Spanish, English, etc.



They help you learn a new language quickly with a buttery concept. So if you were looking for the best online learning platform to learn the language. It is the ideal and most suitable online course platform you can select for yourself.   


So, in this article, we discussed some best online course platforms with you. You can choose any of the learning platforms you learned. Because all of them are trusted online learning platforms and provide a bunch of information.


However, if you do not wish to spend much money to learn, you can prefer the free online course platforms we discussed here. However, all the platforms have some paid and free courses. For more information, you can visit them and stay tuned with us for similar information. 


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