6 Best Project Management YouTube Channels (2023)

Do you want to know about the best project management youtube channels? Project managers are also one of the highly paid and demanding professionals of today. The responsibility of a project manager is to handle the projects of a company with the management of time, budget, and productivity. This is the profession people want to pursue in project management and become project managers. But many people don’t want to spend a significant amount on learning this career.

If you also want to become a project manager, please read this article because it will explain to you some YouTube channels where you can learn project management. I will provide you with some basic information about YouTube channels which belong to some originations and great platforms to learn and become a project manager. So, let’s learn about these valuable youtube channels for project management videos.

6 Best Project Management YouTube Channels

We have the first channel here, which is The channel was started in March of 2011 and is still running on YouTube. The fascinating icon of this channel has  499 videos on the channel with 29 million views. Do you want to know more about project management, especially its basics? Then you will get excited to visit there on the channel after knowing that it has more than 315k subscribers.

The channel belongs to an online project management software vendor. Here you found a tutor in videos who talk and explain to you about project management principles and their processes and many more. Here you also learn some tricks and tips about a project management career which can be very helpful to succeed at the workplace as a project manager.

#2. Tutor Ali

This is the channel that was started in February of 2013. The registered website for this channel is, and the website belongs to the TapinIT (Teaching and Placement in IT) company. Here are only 88 videos with over 22 lakh views. Most of the videos are based on AutoCAD guidance. However, there are some videos based on project management professional training and project management body of knowledge. The channel has over 14.4k subscribers, but still, it is a great learning platform.

#3. Project management institute

This is the official channel of PMI, the most significant membership association of professionals and started in October of 2009. It is a known good channel that is going to reach 33k subscribers. The channel contains around 674 videos, but it also has more than 63 lakh views on the channel videos. On the channel, you can see a variety of topics such as updates of the institute of PM, some interview videos, and some essential and specific topics.

#4. International institute of learning

The IIL (International Institute of learning) provides coaching, education, training, and counseling for lots of companies. The IIL joined YouTube in November of 2009. It contains 505 videos uploaded for different events such as PM day, expert talks, tips, trick videos, etc. The channel has over 10lakh and over 500K views on its videos.

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#5. Association for project management

This is the channel that belongs to the Association of Project Management ( In Europe, the APM is the most significant association of its category. They started this channel in May of 2010; They uploaded videos about association updates and lectures and training videos about project management principles. And they have 664 uploaded videos on the channel with 1.1 M views. 

#6. Project management tutorials

This is a great learning platform if you want to become a project manager. The channel was started in March of 2008 of providing valuable information. We can say that the channel is not only a channel that contains videos, but it is a kind of collection of videos in which anyone can learn project management. The channel teaches not only about project management but also provides videos based on virtual design and construction. The channel does not contain information about the owner, but then also its 173 videos have received more than 17 lakh views.


I informed you about the best YouTube channels for learning project management. The channels contain good content for you. The channels give you proper knowledge and handy tips and tricks to succeed as a project manager. I hope you liked this article and found your best project management YouTube channel. Thus, stay tuned with us because we keep coming with superb information. 

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