8 YouTube Channels For UPSC Preparation (2023)

UPSC is one of the well known and reputed names in India among IAS aspirants. It conducts one of the toughest exams in the world to fill the Group A and B Indian government posts. If you also want to become an IAS officer in future and are willing to start learning. But do not have any guidance then do not worry because today we will discuss some best youtube channels for civil services exams. These channels are extremely important for you especially if you want to become an IAS officer.


So, if you want to know the best  YouTube channels that can help you prepare for UPSC exams. Then it is going to be an extremely important post because it does not cost anything to learn from these channels and they also provide valuable study material. Here you can also get content about live sessions and interview videos. So this will be great for analyzing the tricks and strategies for memorizing information and discussions on subjects. So, learn about these best YouTube channels for UPSC preparations so you can also crack the IAS exam.

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8 Best YouTube Channel For UPSC Preparation 

#1. Rajya Sabha TV 

The Rajya Sabha TV is the most crucial source for IAS candidates to get more information about the parliament discussion on the channel. Every UPSC student must watch this channel even if they can subscribe to its YouTube channel.


Here you will get updated information about the latest government policies. Besides these things, you can also watch the live streaming of debates because it is the official channel of the Rajya Sabha, which is the upper part of our parliament. Hence it should be your top most YouTube channel for the IAS exam

#2. Lok Sabha TV 

This is the channel of the lower part of our parliament, the same as Rajya Sabha. We have the Lok Sabha TV, which is very important to get information about IAS exams and interviews. This channel contains live podcasting related to particular topics about democracy and governance.


Here you also get the discussion videos on social economics and constitutional problems. Here you get the content of the discussion, debate, and the cultural and award-winning films in different languages of India, which make it great. 

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#3. egyankoshIGNOU 

It is an official channel of IGNOU, Indira Gandhi National Open University. On this channel, you get many videos of experts and panel discussions. If you want to understand a topic, then you must watch its videos on this channel. The main things you get on this best YouTube channel for UPSC exam are public administration, history, and sociology relevant topics. The explanations are great for UPSC candidates and you will also feel easy to digest. The connection and the method are suitable for the UPSC exam and other state PCS exams. 

#4. PIB India 

The PIB India Information Bureau channel is an official channel of it and is excellent for UPSC preparation. It is the official agency for or spreading the information which the government of India forwards. You can quickly get videos on government schemes, press briefings of officials and ministers, and live events of launching the government program on this channel. This channel is also helpful to get information about the government's steps towards economics and social problems and issues. 

#5. Jagran Josh 

If you want to prepare yourself for the UPSC exam, then there is a YouTube channel of Jagran Prakashan Limited. Here you can easily prepare yourself for these exams. The provided videos are high quality and made for IAS candidates. You also get detailed interviews of top-ranking candidates. Don't prepare only for exams; you also get the information on which materials are used by UPSC toppers and the attitudes applied to them. The most important thing is the strategies applied by those candidates while learning and preparing for exams. So here, you get the self-explanatory content to prepare yourself. 

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#6. Unacademy 

Unacademy channel is top-rated for its content, with 1.8 million subscribers. MR R. Saini and his friends started this youtube channel to help students.


They provided you with a high-quality video and the topics for competitive examinations. You can visit this channel for current affairs awareness and the summary of NCERT books. The other things which you will love here are they provide contents on the Hindu summaries, India's map, and preparing strategies of toppers.


The group conducts videos and live streams to clear the queries of aspirants of UPSC. These live shows happen by Roman Saini to answer students' questions about what preparation they are doing and what they should do. 

#7. Mrunal Patel 

Mrunal Patel is also famous among civil service candidates who are preparing for UPSC exams. You will feel a deep understanding of topics, the clear explanation, and the uses of graphics and slides well. The channel contains videos with a detailed explanation of budget and economic surveys, interviews of top-ranking candidates, and video lectures on additional (optional) subjects. Hence you should also add this channel in the list of best UPSC preparation YouTube channels. 

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#8. Vision IAS 

Vision IAS is India's leading coaching for candidates who are preparing for UPSC exams. It has its official YouTube channel, which helps candidates to prepare intensely. On this channel, you will get essential discussions and sessions for civil exam preparation. The candidates can quickly get free access to videos of online classes conducted by famous experts and faculty. The other important thing is that the channel contains video content about interview preparation, answer writing strategies, and sessions by top-rank candidates. If you don't live in Delhi and want to learn effectively, this channel can help you immensely. 


In this article, we talked about a total of 8 best YouTube channels for your UPSC examination preparation. If you make the best use of these channels, you will be a great candidate for this examination.


I hope this article is suitable for those who are looking for the best YouTube channel for UPSC preparation. These channels provide free content with great explanations and deep understanding. That’s why we highly recommend you to visit these channels to prepare yourself well.

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