5 Best YouTube Channel For CAT Preparation (2023)

How to prepare for the CAT examination in 2023? Many people have the same question as they want to get enrolled in top MBA institutions.


So, to help you with this, I conducted comprehensive research and checked the content of several YouTube channels. And I finally came up with the list of best YouTube channels for CAT preparation. 


Today, I will introduce you to some top YouTube channels for CAT preparation. Because there you will get a straightforward concept with clear explanations, and it will be easy to learn. 

5 Best YouTube Channel For CAT Preparation: Find These CAT Preparation YouTube Channels Now!

In these channels, you will get many videos of interviews with toppers and live streaming recording videos. Not only this, these channels provide the content that helps you get a higher rank in the CAT examination. Also, these CAT preparation YouTube channels will help you with your interview preparations, and you get every topic regarding the syllabus. 


So don't be worried about what you will learn and what you will leave. Just keep learning here, and let's discuss these best YouTube channels for CAT preparation 2021.

5 Best YouTube Channel For CAT Preparation 

#1) 2IIM 

This channel mainly focuses on CAT and only CAT examination. You will get a varied range of videos, including preparation tips. You can quickly get videos of around 10 minutes about previous years' question papers. It doesn't use many graphics designs to make the videos enjoyable. 

However, after it also, the videos are fantastic to mesmerize you. You will get many things on this channel, such as syllabus updates, tests, and interview videos. Whatever you can imagine about your CAT exam, everything you can get here. 

This platform is fantastic for preparation for CAT exams if you are preparing. The significant aspect of this channel is its subscribers. This channel contains 123K subscribers, and it can be the best YouTube channel for CAT preparation. 


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#2). Unacademy CAT 

Unacademy shares the recorded videos of online live streams, which you can access what they teach in live sessions. Lecturers divide the topics into parts, and each part takes around 30 to 90 minutes longer. Lecturers always use electronic boards to make the students more understanding through the real estate frames. 

Here, you get taught by lecturers where they provide tips and tricks on how to study and prepare yourself for the CAT examination and the videos with interviews of toppers. 


So that you can understand more deeply those things that you need to improve before going to apply. Indeed, the videos are very long because they post live streaming recordings without any editing. 

However, you cover every topic regarding your CAT exam. You will get an obvious concept that will be easy to understand. The most helpful thing is that its subscribers are more than 154K. If you are doing self-study, then it can be one of the top CAT YouTube channels. 

#3). IMS Learning Resources

IMS learning resources is one of the oldest YouTube channels on our list of Best YouTube channels for CAT preparation. It is an institution that began around 36 years ago, and its YouTube channel got started in 2011. This top CAT preparation YouTube channel has over 24K subscribers. 

As an old channel on YouTube, it is a very dedicated channel for MBA exam preparation. Yes, many old videos got updated after some time because of some dated information changes. However, after that, if you look at the newly posted videos, they are amazing to watch. 

The videos are presented well with the help of Illustrator effects and with the different lecturers and speakers who read the scripts. The video range on this channel is 3 minutes to 10 minutes. 

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#4). Handa Ka Funda (CAT Funda)

This is the oldest one on our list, and I can say that it is also a hilarious YouTube channel for the CAT exam. Suppose you are getting started as a CAT examination candidate and just introduced from the CAT exam. In that case, it is constructive for you. 

You will get lots of videos with entertainment which will tell you about the CAT examination, how it works and goes and how you have to prepare for the examination. Here you get the information in a very straightforward way and regarding particular topics in the syllabus. This channel is stupendous, and you can understand it by its more than 2 million views. 

I can say that it is the most assembled and accessible channel on YouTube from our list. Because of these reasons, we kept this channel in our list of best youtube channels for CAT preparation.

#5). BYJU'S Exam Prep: CAT & MBA

This is the best platform to learn because this channel provides you with videos having excellent quality sound and eye-catching editing. It has fewer videos than other platforms, but its videos are best of all. The tutor is fantastic on this channel; also, the graphics used by them are attractive. 

So if you use this channel to learn and prepare for the CAT examination. You will get interested in the videos, and you will need to give very little time to other channels. Here you will get an obvious concept and well-assembled content with a good explanation. They manage the particular topics in their videos that make them the best YouTube channel for CAT preparation.

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Short videos of Byju's can be around 4 or 5 minutes, and the long videos can be around 45 minutes. Most of the time, Byju's suggests its viewers and users use its official application to get good videos there. It has few sections of available videos, But you can also get enough information on its YouTube channel to prepare yourself well for the CAT examination. 

After holding only a few sections of topics, it has more than 1.7M subscribers. So, you can follow this Best CAT preparation YouTube channel to get help in your studies.  


This article discussed how we could use YouTube to prepare for our CAT examinations and provide the content. These channels also post their live streaming recordings and interview videos with toppers to provide you with a deep understanding of topics. 

Not only do you have to learn here but also you learn how you have to make your mindset for your interviews. I hope this was helpful for your preparation for the CAT examination and that you liked this article.

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