10 Best YouTube Channel To Learn Dance (2023)

Do you love to dance at parties and celebrations? Are you planning to make your career in dance? Do you wish to know about YouTube channels for dancing tutorials? 

I will provide you with a list of top YouTube channels for learning to dance. There you can get lots of dance tutorials, cover posts, and stunts as well. I

If you are a beginner, then these dancing tutorials on YouTube channels will teach you much. Even if you are an advanced-level dancer, you can also learn some new dance steps and moves and combine them in your choreography to become a great dancer.

Dancing Tutorial: Let's Find The Best Dance Tutorials On YouTube

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Best YouTube Channel To Learn Dance For Beginners

#1. G M Dance Centre 

It has 4.3 million subscribers, where you will find hundreds of dancing tutorials. You can learn too many dance forms to learn here, and it is an excellent platform because it is the YouTube channel of DM dance center. It was started in 2015, and if you want to learn dance and don't know even the D of the dance, you can also learn from the start. And if you want your kids to learn dance, this is very helpful for kids and attractive.

#2. Dance Tutorials

The dance tutorials is another YouTube channel with 3.08 million subscribers. On this channel, you get the dance tutorials as its name with several exciting pieces of information. You will see that around 267 videos are uploaded, but the views of the videos are 200 million. Because of it, you can understand its quality and why it counts as the best breakdancers on YouTube. So you must select this channel to learn breakdance.

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#3. Deepak Tulsyan

Deepak tulsyan has a name brand and has a YouTube channel. He is one of the best dancers and is a lover of traveling. As well as he is a dancer and choreographer too and he likes to create tutorial videos for the public who wants to learn dance. You can see the growth as he started this channel in 2011, but now it has over 2.64 million subscriber base. The total number of uploaded videos is about 230, even though the views of the videos are 370 million.

#4. MihranTV 

Wow, it is an excellent channel with 2.42 million subscribers, and you get mesmerized. Mihrantv was created by its passionate owner Mihran Kirakosyan. He is a choreographer and director. According to his schedule, he uploads dance tutorials every Tuesday, and on Monday, he uploads the dance video. The number of videos on the channel is 588, with 300 million + views. You can learn dance steps through the dance tutorials, which the owner of this channel choreographs, and you can quickly learn to dance to different songs. 

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#5. Pigmie

Pigmie is another excellent dance tutorial channel with 2.24 million subscribers. The owner is Locus B of this channel and uploads dance-related videos every week. He doesn't provide you with dance tutorials, but you will enjoy learning here a lot. However, he provides you with the steps of "how you can do the beginner level moves to become an advanced level dancer." And the other thing you learn on this channel is "stunt moves." The views on its 1k videos are 200 million or more than that; hence you can assume your dance skill after a month.

#6. Dancercise Studio

It has 970k subscribers, and this channel is for absolute beginners. This channel is run successfully by Zumba fitness academy. The dancers on the channel are Aditi and Sarika, who upload dance cover videos and dance tutorial videos. The channel has 180 million views on 283 videos, so you can also consider it to watch dance tutorials.

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#7. Xtreme Hip Hop With Phil 

'Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil' is another one of the best dance channels with 454k subscribers. Phil Weeden is the owner of the channel and was created for dance lovers. On the channel, you get dance tutorials by its creators with high-quality video resolutions. This channel contains a total of 185 videos with 50 million views. If you want to learn hip-hop dance, then this is a great channel to learn it. Even if you follow the moves on this channel, you can reduce your belly fat and become fit and fine.

#8. Get Dance

Get dance YouTube channel has 240k subscribers with many profound dance videos. It Is suggested that beginners subscribe to this channel if they want to learn dance. The uploaded videos on this channel are for beginners. You can easily understand how you can dance on different themes such as parties or any function. Channel has 14 million views on its 249 videos.

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#9. DNCR

It is also a good place for beginners and advanced students to learn dance and start their learning. The DNCR is an online dance academy for people who want to learn dance. It has subscribers of 139k and videos with millions of view counts. Matt Steffanina provides you with various dance step tutorials and complete dance videos as well. You will see only 21 videos on the channel. The channel has 4 million views.

#10. VERB Studio

The Work Studio is another excellent dancing YouTube channel with 55k subscribers. If you want to become the master of the basics of your dance style, you can use this channel. In the verb studio, you can learn various dance styles with step-by-step tutorials. The total videos are numbered at 269, but the views of this channel are in millions. If you are, this channel will be the helping hand to get new moves to learn.


I hope this is good information for you and use it if you want to learn to dance. You can choose anyone from the list. If you concentrate and follow the steps given by these channels, you will be a marvelous dancer very soon.

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