8 Ways To Get Financial Aid for Students

Getting higher education can feel challenging for not-so-wealthy families who can't afford costly higher degrees and education. But having financial aid for students from the government itself, educational bodies, and organisations can help you complete your ideal study without taking any debt. 

In this article, we will be talking about some useful tips for getting student grants and financial aid.

financial aid for students

How To Get Financial Aid for Students 

#1. Start Scholarship Application at an Early Stage.

Your first tip for getting financial aid for a student is you should start searching for scholarship programs at an early stage. It means when you start finding financial aid programs for students at an early or junior age; you are more likely to secure one. It also gives you a lot of time to fill out your scholarship application forms that other students have missed. 

In the early stages, students have high chances compared to others because Institutions think you are serious about your career and will do hard work to get a better score to get a better college or course to study. 

#2. Look for Scholarship-Finding Tools.

There are plenty of legitimate scholarship-finding tools that you can use to find one of the best-matched financial aid for students for you. You can check out these platforms using the search feature to enter a relevant keyword and find the best scholarship program. It can be based on education, age, background and other factors you decide.

These filters help narrow down the searches and find an ideal program with higher chances for your candidature. If you live in Europe or the US, you can use sites like the US Department of Labour's free scholarship finding tool. You can also use other tools like Scholly, Fastweb, and Scholarships.

#3. Look for College Scholarships

Many colleges provide scholarship programs for financially weaker students. If your profile falls within the given criteria, you can consider applying for the same. Colleges provide almost 90% of financial aid; you have the highest chances if you study well and have a good study profile. 

You can check out universities like the University of California and Santa Clara University. Here you can check whether these universities offer merit-based entrance-based grants or financial aid. 

#4. Spread it to your Parents and Network 

By informing your parents, your friends, teachers, and people in the network, you can increase your chances of availing of a financial aid program. Your parents and network will work for you and develop many programs. 

You can analyse your eligibility and apply for the same. Also, grants and financial aid are distributed locally, which are not advertised. If you want to find one, it's good to get the network's help. 

#5. Make your Digital Presence

You want to get the best financial aid program and complete higher education at the lowest cost. In that case, you should start optimising your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profile. You can upload a professional-looking photo, correct education details with the grade, your strength, and other details that boost your resume. 

You can also create your online portfolio on WordPress; it's industry-standard and has become a very cheap option for portfolio building. A good online presence will help you stand out from other candidates and secure your chances to avail yourself of the next financial aid. 

#6. Think above grades

Many grants and financial aid programs do not only look for your CGPA or marks. But these also consider other activities such as sports performances, cultural activities, and other things that help you stand out from the crowd. 

You can build up leadership skills, improve communication, pick one sport and start working on it. And you can also start working on your passion for developing a strong profile.   

#7. Get LOR

Getting financial aid or a scholarship becomes easy when a student has LOR. The LOR is also called the Letter of Recommendation certifications. Here you need to get recommendations from your teachers, employers, and other members. 

So, the organisation can validate your profile and allot your financial help. Your "Letter of Recommendation Certification" includes your name, organisation's name, name of the issuer, relationship, and the description. 

#8. Prepare a Writing Assignment and Interview.

If you ask how to get financial aid for students, here is your next trip to financial aid for students. Here you need to write some good articles or essays and also have to prepare for the interview.

It will help you become a strong candidate to avail such financial benefits. Many students use this tip and get an ideal scholarship program. 

Pro Tip: Try to apply for many financial aid programs to get better chances and better financial aid benefits. 

Best Financial Aid/Scholarship Programs in India

Students of India or willing to study in India can also get financial aid from many organisations. Below is the name of some trusted organisations and institutions you can consider applying to get financial aid for yourself. 

#1. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship

This scholarship program is designed for students with an annual family income below Rs 6 lakh. This financial aid for students is focused on poor background students willing to pursue higher studies. 

This scheme will help students fill the college or higher study course fees and meet daily expenses. Students meeting this basic criterion can consider applying for the Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship

#2. KC Mahindra Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is available for all Indian students who have just passed their 10th and 12th studies or have taken diploma courses by government-identified institutions. This financial aid program is focused on helping those students who have low family incomes.

If you are a student who can not pay the college fee, getting a KC Mahindra Scholarship for your higher studies is good. 

#3. Tata Steel Twin Scholarship

Low-income family students willing to complete higher education in engineering, polytechnic, MCA, medical, or another field can apply for the Tata Steel Twin Scholarship Program. 

By getting this scholarship, students can get up to Rs 15000 financial assistance to complete their degree courses. 

#4. National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Scheme

This financial aid for students is launched for the students who have passed their 8th class exams with at least 55% marks and are studying in 9th class now. They are eligible to apply for financial aid, but the student's annual family income should be not more than Rs 1.5 lakh. 

This program aims to help those students who face challenges in completing higher education due to financial problems. 

#5. AICTE Program

AICTE, or the All India Council of Technical Education, offers financial aid to students willing to complete higher education. Here students can also avail other needed financial support by getting this scholarship program. This organisation has also launched various other programs, such as the J&K Scholarship program. 

#6. Special Assistance Programme by UGC

Students of research-based institutes or colleges can avail SPA or Special Assistance Programme offered by UGC. It's another best financial aid program for the economically weaker students willing to carry careers in the research field. Here the scholarship amount provided is up to Rs 3 lakh. 

Financial Aid Program from the Government of India

The government of India has also launched a platform where you can check out the range of financial aid programs from various state and central organisations. Here you can find many portals to register yourself to avail financial support to complete higher education in your favourite domain without taking debt. 

So, if you want to check out the site, you can click here; it will take you to the portal and show you available scholarship programs. 


This article talked about tips for getting student grants or financial aid. We also talked about some Europe and US-based sites to get financial scholarship benefits. We also discussed the Indian scholarship programs for Indian students willing to pursue higher education. 

Thus, I hope you all have a clear idea of the same and are ready to avail financial aid for students to complete your dream study without compromising anything. 

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