Work From Home Ended For Tesla Employees-Elon Musk

Elon Musk gave all Tesla employees an ultimatum to come to the Tesla office or leave the job. Elon Musk is done with Tesla employees' work from home culture, and now he wants them to work from the main office rather than any remote brand office. Musk also mentioned that if employees cannot join the office, he will personally look at the matter and give an exception. In the official email, there was written: "remote work is no longer acceptable". 


And anyone who wishes to do work from home must spend a minimum of 40 hours a week in the main Tesla office. He also mentioned these 40 hours are just minimum work hours that a normal Tesla employee has to make sure of. Even a single hour less office engagement can cause the job loss of these employees. What do you think? Is it the right decision by Elon Musk?

Based on Elon Musk's reaction, it might be considered he does not like working from home culture or think his employees are not working for him because one of Tesla's employees received the same email from Musk and shared it on Twitter. There Musk replied and said, They should pretend to work somewhere else

It clearly shows that Tesla's CEO thinks Tesla employees do not work when they do work from home. For now, work from home is over for all Tesla employees doing remote jobs. Now they have only two options: either come to the main office or leave the job. 


It can be a serious note for Twitter employees, who have to keep getting appreciated to work from home and grow this digital platform. As Musk has shown his intention to acquire Twitter and make some changes. In that case, Twitter employees can also think about their job security and mode of working. If all deals with Musk and Twitter get finalized, there can be many resignations on Twitter. 

Also, Elon Musk may fire some employees who want to do work from home. However, these are the best things that we will see in the upcoming days; till then, you can check out our articles on work from home jobs, career advice, and other personal finance-related topics. 

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