9 Best Personal Finance Apps That Are Free: Paisekiyukti

Today we will discuss some best apps for personal finance, and most of these are free of cost and don't need premium. Here I will tell you about the applications that can help you manage your personal finance and help you to track your financial progress. Also, how you may use those apps for personal finance will be explained. So, let us talk about the best apps for personal finance that you should try right now:  

9 Best Personal Finance Apps That Are Free Paisekiyukti

9 Best Personal Finance Apps That Are Free & Premium 

1. Mint

Mint is one of the best personal finance apps which is free to use. It helps you to analyze personal finance with its free tools. You may monitor your budget and reset it easily. In this app, you get alerts in advance for fees and bills of the current time, and the application is user-friendly to be used on desktop too. But on the platform, you may get irritated by ads and some issues in connectivity with economic profiles. 

It is not challenging to use it to track credit scores for free. It is the best personal finance app to record your daily activities. It can be installed from the apple store or google play store. Also, it has an excellent rating of 4.8 on the apple app store and 4.5 on the google play store.  

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2. PocketGuard

This platform provides the two best personal finance apps for teenagers to adults. The first is pocket guard, which is free to use for everyone, and the second app for personal finance in pocket guard plus, which is a paid version. On this personal finance app, two subscriptions are available in which you pay $7.99 per month and $79.99 for an annual subscription. You need to pay $99.99 only once if you want a lifetime subscription. 

It shows you the spending available for a particular thing if available. Here users make their custom budget and set targets by custom features. These best personal finance apps are available in android and iOS versions. However, the free version is more than sufficient to track your daily expenses.  

3. Personal Capital

The next app on our list of best personal finance apps is Personal Capital. This application is made to help people manage their wealth correctly and invest. You don't pay to use this personal finance app as it is free, and you can install it from either iOS or Android. The application has some basic and advanced tools to monitor investment performance and check your account's capital cash without any additional fee. 

But if you want to use a portfolio management tool, you must have at least a $100000 balance on your profile. Then also, this personal finance application is good enough as its features help you manage any financial goal, long-term and short-term.  

4. Honeydue

The following personal finance app is honeydew and is free to use, and it has over 4-star ratings by google play store and apple app store. This app works to budget and manages personal finance automatically, and you may handle it by customizing it. This app helps you to make a budget with your partner. 

You both can help each other and manage together with your personal finance by getting access to the history and goals of each other's economic activities. Also, in the case of any query, you may contact your partner and chat with them. But, you cannot use this personal finance app on your desktop, and also you are not able to track the progress on the app.  

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5. GoodBudget

This app also has an over 4-star rating on both platforms, google play and apple store. This is the best personal finance application because its tools are excellent in paid and free versions. A reasonable budget is a free version, a good budget, and some additional tools, and it needs a subscription. 

Also, the paid version is too cheap as its annual subscription is around $60. If you don't want to pay, then no still, you can use this personal finance app. Its free version has the same user experience as other paid personal finance apps. It is best for users searching for an envelope budgeting system to manage their finances.  

6. EveryDollar

The next app for personal finance is every dollar which helps you make a budget and handle the spending. Here you use it for free until its 14-day free trial, and then you get a subscription in exchange for $129.99 annually, $59.99/3 months, and $99.99/six months. 

This application is good as it has a 4-star rating on the google play store and a 4.8-star rating on the app store. If you do not wish to use this application, you can consider other best personal finance apps discussed. 

7. Fudget

On this platform, you have two personal finance apps. First is Fudget, which is free to be used by anyone. The second application is Fudget pro which costs one-time around $3.99. Apple store and google play give a rating to this app gradually 4.8 and 4.6(less or more). This app may become very helpful to budget your spending and investments without syncing financial accounts.  

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8. You Need a Budget(YNAB)

The great app for personal finance is YNAB, where you get a free trial of 34 days starting, and after that, you need to get a subscription of $14.99/month and $98.99/year. Its overall rating is around 4.2 stars on the app and play store. 

This application has no tool to track investment behavior and its significant con. But the platform is available on different devices and can be shared with a second person by the user. Also, users get seminars and good support from its team.   

9. Prism     

This personal finance application is available for Android as well as iOS users. The good thing is you don't need to pay here at all as it is entirely free of cost to be used by anyone. 

So, if you want to analyze the bills and track their activity, the app will always send alerts before time and save you from the late fee. It also belongs to platforms usually called the best apps for personal finance.  

Best Personal Finance Apps: Conclusion 

Finally, we have discussed multiple apps for personal finance. These apps may help you personally by tracking your progress and spending. Also, you get updates and alerts from these best personal finance apps to don't be late and complete the activities on time. 

I hope you find this article on the best personal finance apps helpful and love to share your views. However, if you wish to learn more about personal finance, career advice, and ways to make money online. We will recommend you to read our other articles published here. 



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1. What is a personal finance app?

Personal finance apps are apps that help users track their finances, including monthly bills, savings, and incomes at a place. They also show money savings deals and discount offers. 

2. What is the free and easiest personal finance app?

Mint is one of the free and easiest-to-use personal finance apps for users.

3. Is there any better personal finance app than Mint?

If you are searching for an alternative to Mint, considering Personal Capital can be a great option.


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