How To Make Money On Pinterest? Step-By-Step (2023)

Today's article is exceptional because there is guidance about how to make money on Pinterest with no investment. Just the condition is that you need time, willingness to succeed, and courage. 

I have explained the nine best ways to make money online using Pinterest. Let us talk about some more information to understand how to make money on Pinterest step by step.

How To Make Money On Pinterest Step By Step

Is It Possible To Make Money On Pinterest?

Before discussing the nine best money-making ways on Pinterest, I want to clarify one thing that

"Can you make money on Pinterest or not?" The answer is yes; you can make money online on Pinterest if you have a Pinterest account, a smartphone, an active internet connection, and consistency as an investment. Now, let me show you how to make money on Pinterest.

How To Make Money On Pinterest Step By Step?

Here is how to make money on Pinterest in multiple ways with zero investment. These are very easy, and anyone can use these options to make money online. Look at the points given below carefully and find the best option for you: 

1. Driving Audience On Other Accounts And Monetise

Do you know how to make money on Pinterest by driving your audience to others' accounts or websites? Those users aware of the strategies to gain followers on Pinterest can sell their audience. If you are one of them, you can gain an audience. 

Later, you can sell it to business organizations who need it to promote their services or products. It takes time, but it is possible to make money online through Pinterest if you work on multiple accounts. 

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2. Earning On Pinterest Via Sponsorship

Sponsorship is another way of making money online by branding the business companies on your account for a particular time. You need to gain your audience first, then contact companies (which you and your audience like). 

It should be from your niche for more better results. When you reach brands, it would be better to share your statical data and engagement rate with the company. It helps your partnered brand to understand your strategy and motivate you to invest in it. Next, let's see how to make money on Pinterest by adding affiliate links on pins. 

3. Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to promote your affiliate products and get customers for those products. Pinterest also can be used in the same way as any other social media platform. You add your products links, add pictures and post them. 

When your followers see it, click on the link and reach your affiliate products. In this way, you can expect a big audience to buy your products and make money without lots of effort. 

4. Sell Pinterest Templates

Everyone is not an artistic or creative person on Pinterest to create their post-picture templates. So, you can create your gallery to add your own created templates and let users use them. 

You can ask users of your templates to pay for it as you are free to set the price. Your template users will change pictures and fonts on the template, but the format would be the same. 

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5. Teaching Or Consulting

Do you like teaching and have proper knowledge of strategy and use of Pinterest? Then you can make your online courses on it and make it available on multiple platforms or your site. You need to take some basic modules and keep them in a sequence. 

After that, whoever wants to learn will enroll in it. Else you can get contracted by professionals and consult them properly. For your consultancy service, they will pay you a fee the same as in the case of your online courses. 

6. Traffic Generating

If you are a blogger and have a YouTube channel and own site, you can use Pinterest to generate traffic. The visitors will click the link you provide them on your posts and reach your YouTube channel or blog.

It is a very effective way to get traffic on your platforms. It is also an excellent idea to make money from Pinterest. It is one of the best answers for "how to make money on Pinterest. 

7. Brand Ambassador 

You can contract with brands and get paid for it. You need a Pinterest account with a vast audience in a specific niche. And then, you can promote that brand's products or services you are contracted with. 

For example, if you are contracted with a clothing company, you may wear it, click pictures, add details in the description or add links on pins and then post it. Whenever visitors see it, they will understand the brand and buy it. 

8. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is responsible for handling the task of the owner. On Pinterest, working as a virtual assistant includes managing accounts, creating pins, gaining an audience, engaging with followers, and scheduling posts on account. Brands hire you or get contracted with you for your services. 

If you want to become a virtual assistant on Pinterest. In that case, you must show your abilities, strengths, and skills to companies using your Pinterest account. In some cases, companies contact you for the same. 

9. Own Business

If you are a business owner, you can sell your services or products on Pinterest pins. You have to share your product details, pricing, and the offers you are serving them. And the visitors will contact you as you will provide contact details on your posts. 

But keep in mind only two things: use hashtags as much as you can and select your niche as your business theme. 

How To Make Money On Pinterest: Conclusion 

Congratulations; you have learned the ways and strategies to make money online on Pinterest. You can choose one of these or multiple options as much as you want.

I hope that it is helpful to get the information that you were looking for and I made you understand it correctly. Now you know how to make money on Pinterest in your free time. So, keep putting efforts into monetizing your Pinterest account to earn money online. 



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