11 Best Freelance Website For Work From Home Jobs (2023)

There is no shortage of top freelancing sites you can try and start earning money online. But finding the best freelance website can work as a tool to grow your freelancing career. Therefore, whether you are just figuring out to start your freelancing career or already an expert willing to get more leads. Reading this well-researched article can help you discover the legitimate best freelancing sites. 


In the US, over 36% of the workforce work as freelancers and are still growing. In India, most youths have also started finding work from home and freelance jobs to earn money with their comfort. I also work as a freelancer and better than any ordinary job. I tried many top freelancing sites to earn money online when I started. 

best freelance website

And based on my research and personal experience, I have created this list of best freelance websites. So, let's discuss all of them and find which suits you most to grow your freelance and work-from-home career.  

11 Best Freelance Website For Work From Home Jobs (2023)

1. Upwork 

Upwork: best freelance website

Upwork is one of the leading and best freelance websites to work online. You can find lots of freelance work in marketing, designing, and development. You can even find data entry jobs on Upwork that pay you well. I have also seen virtual assistant and presentation-making jobs on this top freelancing site. 

Also, many freelancers earn money on Upwork with their content and copywriting skills. Thus, on this platform, you can find almost all types of freelance jobs that you can do using your laptop and desktop.


#1. Leading brands hire freelancers on this top freelancing platform.

#2. Free invoicing and payment system is available. 


#1. It is the best freelance website, but there is also high competition

#2. Freelancers have to use a bidding system for projects 

2. Top freelancing site

You may have already known this is one of the famous and top freelancing sites. On this platform, you can find the work for data entry, graphic design, development, content writing, and more. Also, based on good reviews, you get a lot of freelance work to multiply your income. There is an easy process to create and set up a profile on Freelancer. 

Also, you can find beginner-friendly to expert-level freelance jobs at a place. I have personally tried this platform and got one of the long-lasting freelance clients. However, still, you should beware of fake listings and avoid spam people. 


#1. You can do a live chat with the clients you are contacting on Freelancer.

#2. This best freelance website provides a 24/7 customer (Freelancer) support facility. 


#1. You can encounter fake clients, and it can cause you loss.

#2. It can be challenging to understand its interface if you are a beginner. 

3. LinkedIn

I have found LinkedIn as one of the top freelancing sites. Because there are startups to big giants who keep hiring beginners to experts. I have even found high-paying clients on this platform. Also, you do not need to pay any service charges to LinkedIn. But yes, you manage your clients by yourself and handle all the payment-related tasks. 

It is a great site to optimize your profile and keep posting high-quality posts to get inbound leads. However, you can even apply to the job section and hiring posts. Here you can find copywriting, data entry, accounting, development, and many other jobs.  


#1. It's cost-effective and one of the best freelance websites to work.

#2. You do not need to pay any service charges as you pay on Upwork and Fiverr. 


#1. Sometimes you even have to see spam content and job posts.

#2. Some people can get your service but avoid paying later, hence get your payment advance. 

4. 99designs

best freelance website: 99design

Are you a graphic designer looking for the best freelance sites to work from home? You must try 99designs; it is one of the top freelancing sites you can select to earn money online. Here you can see the logo, graphic design, and branding-related tasks. Also, these freelancing jobs are high-paying. However, this site is not for those looking for jobs for other skills. 

You can directly work with the client on a one-to-one basis or participate in contests. Also, it is a freelancing website where you need to pay a $100 introduction fee. And the platform fee ranges from 5%-15%, whereas you receive your payment using PayPal. 


#1. It is a dedicated and best freelancing site for graphic designers.

#2. Also, you do not need to worry about payment, and it's secure with 99designs. 


#1. This top freelancing site has higher service fees than other best freelancing sites.

#2. It is a platform suitable for graphic designers, not copywriters or freelancers. 

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is another best freelance website that you can try as a beginner to expert. I have even written a dedicated article for Fiverr and explained how to earn money on Fiverr. I have also shared pro tips that can help you get clients on Fiverr. But for now, you should know that it's a top freelancing site where nearly 3.50 million active clients are looking for freelancers. 

If you optimize your freelance profile well, create good quality gigs by maintaining SEO standards. You can indeed become one of the top freelancers on Fiverr. However, sometimes you can meet with worse clients that can destroy your career on these top freelancing sites. 


#1. One of the best freelance websites for beginners willing to do work from home.

#2. You can choose your own service charges from $5 to your choice. 


#1. It charges around 20% service charges, which can be a significant amount.

#2. There is a long payment process as well to withdraw earned money. 

6. Behance

best freelance website

If you are looking for one of the different but top freelancing sites. You can try Behance; it's a fantastic freelance platform designed by Adobe. Basically, it's a social network for creating people interested in photography, web design, and other skills. 

You can see lots of creative jobs on this best freelance website. It also gives you job recommendations that match your profile. Therefore, if you are a designer, developer, and animator, Behance can be the best freelance website.


#1. It's a top freelancing website with a free sign-in feature.

#2. It allows you to build a network and portfolio on the internet. 


#1. It's a competitive freelance website that can create challenges for beginners. 

#2. You can face issues in uploading images because of limited image size. 

7. PeoplePerHour

best freelancing sites

PeoplePerHour is another one of the best freelance websites. It is a UK-based freelancing platform with over 1 million active clients and freelancers, including me. As per my personal experience, there are many jobs in various categories. But the competition is vast; most of the time, experienced freelancers are selected. 

You can even see fake listings on these freelance sites. However, if you are good in graphic design, data entry, copywriting, and other skills. You also write killer and accurate proposals for the PeoplePerHour bid. You can get the attention of the freelance client, and they can hire you. 


#1. It provides free invoices and a secure payment facility to Freelancer.

#2. It is one of the best freelancing sites for working from home if you have good skills. 


#1. You have free bids on freelance jobs, which is 15 bids every month.

#2. Many fake and inactive job listings can eat the limit of your bid. 

8. DesignHill

top freelancing sites

DesignHill is one of the top freelancing sites to get work from home for creative people. If you can design quality graphics, logos, and branding-related things. It is the best freelance website that can be suitable for you. Thousands of jobs are available related to design, brochure creation, websites, and more. 

Thus, if you are good at using Photoshop and another similar tool. You can move forward to sign up for this best freelance website for creative people. The best thing about this platform is it charges a service fee from clients. 


#1. It charges a service fee from the clients, not the freelancers.

#2. It's an excellent platform to get designing-related work from home jobs.  


#1. If you do not belong to the designer category, there is no benefit to checking out this best #2. freelance website. 

9. Guru

top freelance websites

Guru is another freelance platform that has secured its spot in our list of best freelance websites. It has nearly 1 million clients with 99% customer satisfaction. However, there are chances you can meet with fake clients that wish to get your service for free. 

Hence, whenever you consider working on this platform, work only after checking the client's background. Guru has a free and paid membership option. For free, you can send only 10 bids to everyone. And whenever you earn money using its platform, it charges you a 9% service fee.


#1. Guru has one of the low service charges with 24/7 customer support.

#2. Also, this best freelance website has an easy to understand dashboard.  


#1. If you are a beginner, you can feel complex about identifying fake clients.

#2. This top freelancing platform has high competition on the listed jobs.  

10. Dribbble

top freelance websites

It is another best freelance website, just like Behance. It is also one of the top freelancing websites for creative people looking for work from home. By creating your freelancer profile on this platform, you can increase your chances of hiring top companies. Also, there is a job board where you can navigate jobs in the related domain. Here you can find good-paying website development and designing work. 

You can even find content creation tasks on these leading and top freelancing sites. If you wish to increase your chances of getting placed by companies. You can use its premium version that costs you $5-$15 every month. However, with the free version also, you can secure good-paying jobs.  


#1. Dribbble is one of the large networks, and it has a global community. 

#2. You can build your portfolio and increase your chances of getting work from creative home jobs.  


#1. If you wish to discover listed freelance jobs, getting a premium or pro version of this top freelancing website is necessary.  

11. Toptal

top freelancing sites

Toptal is one of the top freelance websites that hire top talents. And it has leading brands who get services from this expert Freelancer. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you can try this site if you are good at any skill. To get accepted on this one of the best freelancing sites. 

You need to clear the five-step screening process, including English evaluation and project test. This platform claims that it only selects the top 3% of freelancers to ensure quality work. When you get selected and start earning money, you can withdraw it by PayPal, Payoneer, or direct bank transfer. 


#1. The primary benefit of this best freelance website is it has top-tier companies that hire freelancers.

#2. You can get good-paying development, consulting, and similar jobs.  


#1. Toptal has a lengthy screening process that can take much time.

#2. The top freelancing website has big projects to work on only. Hence, it can be challenging to get work from home or freelance jobs for beginners.  

Best Freelance Website: Conclusion

Top Freelancing Sites You Must Try In 2022

So, here you learned about the top 11 best freelance websites that help you get work from home jobs. You can try Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer if you are a beginner. However, Behance and Dribbble can be some of the best freelancing sites for designers. And for experienced and expert freelancers Toptal and all the listed top freelancing sites can be best.

Because all sites have legit clients, they can pay well for your top-level services. I hope you feel motivated to try one of these best freelance websites to start making money online. So, go and try; also, you can share this article to help your friends and motivate us. 

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