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VFX artists are becoming one of the most in-demand professionals in the film industry. Besides this, many production houses and media companies are looking for talented VFX artists.

This series of career guide tips will discuss VFX artists and how you can become a VFX artist this year. We will also understand some basic information that will help you know more about this profession, salary, and career growth. 

How to Become a VFX Artist

Top 5 Ways to Become a VFX Artist

Below are some simple steps that will help you become a VFX artist. 

#1. Consider Getting Bachelor's

This job doesn't clearly require a bachelor's degree to enter this industry; if you have completed your higher secondary schooling, you can still become a VFX artist. However, getting a degree in animation or other related fields can fuel your career and make you capable of operating modern software and technology. Alternatively, you can also take certification or diploma courses in VFX, animation, and media, along with other skills and tools needed to pursue a career in visual effects. 

#2. Learn and Enhance Skills

When pursuing your bachelor's degree in visual effects or animation, ensure you develop your creative skill and build expertise using modern tools. You can experiment with various VFX tools available in the market and build your own portfolio to stand out from the crowd. Plenty of online visual effects courses can help you brush up and develop this in-demand skill. 

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#3. Get Internship 

After completing your degree, diploma, or certificate course, get an internship as a visual effects artist. It will help you understand the role of a visual effect artist and work professionally in various job requirements. You will also find a mentor to help you develop the soft and technical skills required to perform this creative job well. If you do well, you can also get a job offer from the same company, increasing your chances of getting hired after your internship. 

#4. Look for Freelance

Freelancing fuels your confidence and helps you get expertise in this field. Moreover, it's also a great strategy to make money with your skill even when you don't have any job offers. Many VFX artists make enough money from freelancing. Moreover, it helps you increase your interest in this creative field and helps you become comfortable with using its software. It can also improve your CV, as there will be many different projects to showcase to your employer. 

#5. Entry Level Openings

On the other hand, you can get into a full-time job by searching for entry-level VFX artist jobs on the job portal. Short-term VFX certification can also increase your chances of attracting the recruiter's eyeballs and encourage them to hire you. So, keep looking for the right opportunity and get the benefit to boost your visual effects artist career. 

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Who is a VFX Artist?

VFX artist, also known as visual effects artists, is the creative professional who mostly works in teams to create visual images for film and television shows. These professionals have a strong command of using computer software to create stunning animation and visual effects, which help them add realism to video clips and film shows. Sometimes they are also called multimedia artists or animators, who may have slightly different job roles based on their company. 

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a VFX Artist?

A bachelor's in animation, fine arts, or computer graphics can help you start your VFX artist career. However, you can even consider a certificate or diploma in VFX, animation, or computer graphics to get hired as a visual effects artist. 

Is VFX Artist Career Good?

If you are willing to work on the big screen or with reputed media or film houses, it can be a great career option. Visual effects or VFX artist careers can be good for creative people who love working on creative elements to add realism to video films. 

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Is a VFX Artist High-Paying Career?

A VFX artist can earn from Rs 3,60,000 to Rs 7,00,000 per annum (30,000 to Rs 58,000 per month). The salary of VFX artists varies based on their experience, skills, and the organization they work with. 

What are the Career Opportunities in VFX?

If you complete VFX certification or a bachelor's, you can pursue your career in graphic design, animation, matte painting, production coordinator, and computer animation. 


So, these are some steps that you must know when wondering how to become a VFX artist in India, the UK, or worldwide. Remember, the visual effect is a creative field where you will have to consistently adopt modern technology, tools, and creative approach to stay effective in this field. 

We hope you have a clear idea of how to start your career to become a visual effects artist. If you liked this article, please support our efforts by sharing it and leaving a comment below; also, check out other published articles to help you.

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