Top 5 Web Design Tips for Web Designers

Wondering how to be a better web designer? Do you want to understand best practices for web design? If so, stay tuned with this article, as I will be discussing the top five web design tips for web designers. If you follow these tips in your web design project, you will see a lot of improvements and better feedback from your client or employer. So, let's start our article and discuss each point in detail. 

Top 5 Web Design Tips for Web Designers

5 Best Web Design Tips for Web Designers

#1. Plan Web Design Project from Scratch to End

As a web designer, you must plan your web design project from start to end. Planning is key to success if you have been tasked to improve the site's front end or work on a fresh project. It will save you from multiple revisions and showcase your best work to your client. You can start with the mapping customer journey. If the website is live, you can make multiple visits and figure out the primary challenges. 

When doing this, you must think of yourself as a website visitor. It will help you skim the site properly and review content from the reader's perspective. You can contact the marketing team if you need more information. Because when you create an elegant web design with proper white space and minimal color combination, it will help your client to nurture leads effectively. As a result, they will feel happy with your work and love to hire you again next time. 

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#2. Use Web Design Tactics with SEO

Nowadays, using SEO techniques looks compulsory while working on a web design project. It is because SEO helps you to make your website searchable and responsive. It also helps you understand the targeted audience and use the proper format. Thankfully, there are no technical terms to learn regarding SEO for a web designer. It is because you mainly understand the proper use of heading tags, slugs, meta, the home page, and other basic stuff. Moreover, you also learn to optimize images and the relevancy of using the right visuals. 

To learn all these, you can use digital resources available for free; YouTube is a great option to start with. There you can find a lot of free-to-watch tutorials on SEO for web designers. However, if you need to learn SEO in-depth, you can also consider a paid course. Ultimately, it will help you empower your credibility and get high-ticket clients (or better-paying full-time web designer jobs). 

#3. Prevent Using Hectic Colour Schemes

Many web designers often face this issue; they use many shades of color, making the web design hard to skim. Generally, bright and bold colors with lots of elements give visitors a noisy and unclear environment. And most visitors do not spend much time on such a website. 

Thus, to become a successful web designer, it's good to use a simple color palette and neutral background colors. You can even keep the white space in the proper percentage, as website visitors love white space. You can design a home, menu, and other web items based on a color theme. In addition, you can also do little research and navigate another website in a similar category. It will help you to choose the color combination and web design format. 

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#4. Keep Web Design Responsive

Nowadays, over 59% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Hence, it's compulsory to make the website design responsive and lightweight. Also, there are a variety of screen sizes along with a variety of devices. No matter which device or screen size is loading your website, it must look proper and responsive. Hence, instead of putting a lot of effort into adding complex elements and animations, you must keep the website simple and fast. 

In addition, you can also improve the UI and UX of the website to improve the user's experience with the website. Remember, using the term responsive web design means your website must be user-friendly and offer an elegant performance to the end user. 

#5. Make Web Design Easy to Skim

If you are a web designer or belong to this space, you may already know that different leads have different requirements from the website. Some navigate websites to find information, some to know brands, some to buy products or services, and some to check additional services. Hence, while creating your website design, you must make sure you meet the needs of each type of user. 

You can make a web design that is easy to skim and navigate other pages. It's essential that your other pages open quickly and properly. For this, doing a little research can help a lot. Moreover, to ensure a positive user experience, you can ensure your website elements have attention-grabbing elements, easy-to-read fonts, light colors, white space, and other things that a website design must have. 


Implementing these web design tips as a web designer can drastically improve your web design project and make your client happy with the final result. So, if you are also a web designer and want to improve your quality of work. You must follow these tips as a web designer, as these are easy to use and can help you in your upcoming web design project. 

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