What's the Future of Work From Home Jobs?

Work From Home Jobs was so uncommon before 2020. But after the COVID-19 pandemic, most employees and companies forcefully shifted to remote working environments. So, will all the workforce have to come to the office again for their 9-to+5 job? Is work from a home job not effective for employers? Is the end of remote jobs in India, the US and worldwide? 

What's the Future of Work From Home Jobs?

Earlier companies used to underrate the work-from-home jobs and professionals who were doing remote jobs or freelancing. The scenario has changed a little, and some startups and leading brands are opting for a flexible work model. Working from home or remote jobs keeps employees connected with family and helps them perform well at the workplace. Some companies also consider a hybrid model where people work in the office on alternate days. 

Research shows that 70% of the total workforce will work remotely by 2025, at least five days a month. So, if you are also curious about the future of work-from-home jobs or remote jobs, stay tuned to this article. Here I have tried to answer the same question and added relevant references to support the briefs.

Is Remote Work Permanent?

According to ETR or Enterprise Technology Research, it was expected to double the number of work-from-home professionals. Erik Bradley, chief of engagement strategies in ETR, said the productivity metric stays high in remote work. And it's a positive insight showing a high chance that working from home will not be so uncommon in the future. During COVID-19, almost 75% of employees shifted to work from their home culture. Even big tech companies have started leveraging employees to work from home. 

Work From Home Means Fewer Office Spaces.

The remote work culture will also benefit businesses as they will not have to build large offices where hundreds of employees will work together. It's a costly approach for the companies. However, large physical offices will now be part of the past, the ETO of TransparentBusiness said. Many companies are planning the ideal combination of the remote and office-based workforce. So, they can balance all the aspects and keep the high efficiency by putting low cost. 

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Remote Jobs is about more Productivity and Communication

In office settings, employees can easily recognize the achievement of their company. However, it's quite challenging to inform employees about the latest achievements. The employer needs to put more effort into informing employees about working remotely. Most employees who work from home communicate using email, and sometimes it can be harder to convey the message. However, nowadays, technology is becoming advanced, and many applications can allow online video conversation among a group of people. Using Zoom Meetings, employers can maintain enthusiasm among remote workers. 

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Remote job Vs Office Job: Which is Effective?

Most employers think working from home or remote jobs is not so effective for businesses. As they work from home, employees can easily get distracted. Is a remote job not efficient? How can one track remote job productivity? A company called Airtasker surveyed 1004 full-time office employees and 505 work-from-home workers across the US. Here it tried to know their habits and productivity; below are some essential points that the study found. 

#1. A remote worker works 1.4 more days in a month than office-based employees. It's about 17 days additional in a year that gives more productivity. 

#2. An average office employee stays unproductive for about 37 minutes a day; it does not include lunch and tea breaks. A remote employee stays unproductive for 27 minutes. 

#3. It was also seen that remote employees take about 22 minutes break whereas office employees get 18 minutes break. However, the remote worker also does 10 minutes of work extra than office employees. 

#4. Around 22% office based employees said their boss distracted them from work, whereas 15% of remote employees said the same. 

#5. However, if employees cannot manage remote working hours, they face more stress than office-based employees. Choosing an office job is highly recommended if you can not manage your work timings. 

Current Work From Home Jobs Trend

With the growth of the internet and communication technology, work from home or remote jobs will be on trend. It will allow employees to work while travelling and enjoy other activities. However, many companies have closed work-from-home facilities for employees. Recently, Elon Musk also discontinued the work-from-home culture in Tesla. However, many other companies and startups still allow hybrid or remote work. 

According to Buffer, 75% of employees working from home complained that their company does not cover internet costs. About 71% of employees said they are not paid for coworking spaces. However, this state is better than in the past year, and we can hope with the rapid growth, companies will also support their employees by bearing expenses for internet and other requirements. 

What's the Future of Remote Working?

Based on Fast Company's report, remote work tools like mobile work apps and virtual conferencing will be a preferred form of communication. AI also plays a crucial role in the same sector and will maintain its contribution. Managing a remote team can seem daunting, but with the right tech solutions, it will become an effective form of working with employees to improve productivity. 

According to Buffer, 99% of employees working from home are willing to continue with remote work; if it's not possible, they require at least some days in a month. Along with this, Global Workplace Analytics states that around 37% of employees are ready to get a 10% pay cut to continue working from home. 

In the future, remote work will be on trend, and to ensure productivity, companies will have to develop some standard key performance indicators for employees and management. It will give a flexible way for both parties and allow them to maintain productivity by working anywhere globally. 

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