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Are you looking to learn a new skill to make money online or offline? Do you need a side hustle or a full-time job with many growth opportunities? SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be one of the skills that can allow you to make passive money with your experience.


Most companies build their websites and host them on the server; they all use SEO to drive organic traffic and generate inbound leads. If you take a good course (whether free or paid) and an internship in a good company (preferably in a marketing agency), you can surely make decent money to make a decent living. And if you keep learning advanced strategies and implementing them in your portfolio, you will surely obtain a level that will make you financially independent.


Nowadays, there are many ways to make money with SEO; you can work for marketing agencies, startups, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to grow their platforms and help them monetize their traffic. You can also start your blog or website or YouTube channel and offer your services or can launch a product to market and generate income. 

How to Make Money with SEO in  2022

5 Best Ways To Make Money With SEO in 2022

Below are five major ways to make money with SEO as a beginner or an expert. 

#1. Work with SEO or Marketing Agency

Working with an SEO agency or marketing firm is an excellent way to get exposure to working with various SEO projects. Also, marketing agencies hire beginner to expert level professionals. If you consider working with SEO agencies, you will make money and learn tons of technical concepts. 

It will help you build a network among business owners and SEO professionals. Many SEO agencies have specialized services, and they have all the required resources to train professionals. It's the best way to make money from SEO if you are ready to do 9 to 5 jobs without much flexibility. 

#2. Start an eCommerce Platform and Sell Products.

You might also learn about SEO for eCommerce websites if you learn SEO. If you have deep knowledge about growing eCommerce platforms and generating revenue. In that case, you can launch your eCommerce platform and sell physical products like dry fruits, technical products, and fashion items. 

However, before starting your eCommerce store, you will have to decide your niche, get good hosting, write product descriptions that sell, and market on the right platforms using SEO techniques. It might require little investment from your side but can also help you make a decent income as the eCommerce industry grows daily. 

#3. Grow Dropshipping Business with SEO

If you have an eCommerce store growing fast, your customers are also finding new products in-store. But you do not have the proper resources to provide the same from your side. In that case, you can take the help of dropshipping; it's one of the best business models that work well in digital media. You can sell any product your customer wants from your eCommerce site. 

You do not have to think about delivering and fulfilment and manufacturing related issues. In dropshipping, your customer places an order for the product, you share order details with your drop shipper, and your drop shipper delivers the product. And you earn money as the difference amount that you save in both the transactions. In short, you need to work on SEO to grow the website's traffic and get orders so you can share with a drop shipper and earn a profit margin. 

#4. Provide SEO Consultation Service

Many leading websites need your SEO services to get inbound traffic. If you know ethical and proper ways to grow your client's site traffic. You can consider becoming an SEO consultant and help them grow their online platform. As an SEO consultant, you can tell your clients about their targeted audience, targeted keywords, and ways you will drive traffic and build a brand. 

You will also have to provide other SEO services like competitor and site analysis, site audit, content performance monitoring, etc. Here you work independently to help startups and big brands to use the right SEO strategy to get proper growth. 

#5. Create a Blog and Make Money Online

It's one of the flexible and powerful ways to make money with SEO. You need to create a blog website, write SEO friendly articles, drive traffic, and monetize the site using affiliate marketing, selling services, ad monetization, guest posting, etc. 

Many bloggers use their SEO and blogging skills to generate more than $1000 every month. If you have a passion for writing and building your brand, it's good to consider creating a blog website. I have a dedicated article on creating a website or blog on WordPress; you can read that and get help. 


#1. How to Make Money with SEO for Beginners?

If you want to make money with SEO as a beginner, consider working with an SEO agency. Because here, you will get proper resources to learn and grow your career. However, you can even make money with SEO as a beginner using dropshipping, SEO consulting, affiliate marketing, and selling products or courses online. 

#2. How much can you Earn by SEO?

Your earnings from SEO work can vary based on your experience and location. However, a beginner level SEO professional earns Rs 10,000- Rs 20,000 ($100-$300) per month. But with experience and speciality, you can increase your earnings to Rs 70,000 or $1000 per month or even more. 

#3. Is SEO a Good Way to Make Money?

Every startup company to well grown leading businesses use SEO techniques. There is no shortage of SEO projects for beginners to expert SEO professionals. Hence, if you have the proper skill, you can surely make money with SEO. And it's a good way to make money online or offline as it provides you with many growth opportunities. 

#4. What are the Best Freelance Sites to Make Money from SEO?

The best freelance sites to make money from SEO are LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing sites. You can read our dedicated article on the best freelancing sites for freelancers and SEO professionals. 


So, if you were asking how to make money with SEO with little or no experience, you have the answer. We discussed many ways to make money using SEO skills from home and office. We hope now you have a clear and well-defined idea of this wonderful way to make money online. 

However, if you still have any doubts or need a few more ways to make money check out our other articles and share your doubts in a comment. We will surely take a look and help you solve your queries with proper suggestions. 

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