8 Legit & Best Money Earning Apps For Mobile Users (2023)

Are you looking for the best app to make money online without any investment and hard work? If you are, I am here with the 8 best money-earning apps that you can start using today. You will have your best app for making money online on your mobile. So, let's discuss how you can make money online with these options. 

8 Legit & Best Money Earning Apps For Mobile Users

8 Best Money-Earning Apps That Are Legit (2023)

1. Dream11

Nowadays, betting apps have become a great way to earn extra money. Many teenagers generate a good amount just by making predictions. Hence, if you also have a deep interest in football, cricket, or other game. You can use one of the leading betting apps Dream 11. 

Dream 11 is available for both users, either iOS or Android users. It is based on cricket fantasy and the best app for making money online for any cricket lover. It can be the best money-earning app by either sharing it with your friends or trying your luck with your different strategies. 

2. Google Opinion Rewards

The next app for making money online is Google Opinion Awards, where you fill the surveys and get paid the same as on the panel station. You can use this app to make money online by sharing your experience but never lie. Otherwise, your survey will be unpaid as they reject fake survey answers. 

Also, you need only a Gmail id to log in to this best money-earning app. But it is the perfect app for making money online as it pays well. You can not withdraw the earned money, but purchase paid applications and games available on Google Play Store. Also, you can use the money to donate to your favorite YouTube creators.  

3. The Panel Stations 

Here is our first of best money-earning apps; basically, it's one of the legit survey sites. You fill out the survey of its official app on the platform to make money online. The duration of paid surveys is ranged from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, and the payment will be based on the duration of the survey you attend. 

Also, anyone can download this app to make money online from the app store or play store. Hence, finding the best apps to make money online from home. This application can be a great option for earning a side income. 

4. Zareklamy

The different app for making money online is Zareklamy. You can make money online in multiple ways, including filling out surveys. You may make money online by providing your feedback and reviews, browsing sites and videos, watching newsletters, and engaging with social media. 

This app pays you in the $ Dollar, and you may withdraw your earnings via various methods such as PayPal & Payoneer. So, it is also a great & best money-earning app from those we have discussed till now.  

5. Loco

Loco is the perfect app for making money online by doing nothing. Here you watch gaming videos of other gamers, and loco pays you for that only. It is the best money-earning app for those watching other gaming videos on YouTube. They can do the same on this app and make money online without extra effort. So, you can choose this application to earn money using your mobile device. 

It's free to download and use to earn some extra cash with little effort. However, these applications are just good for earning some side money. If you want to make passive money, you can become a YouTuber or blogger. Because these two can bring you immense earning opportunities and growth.  

6. Google Pay

As most of you know already about this best money-earning app, it is a basic payment application for transaction activities and is owned by google. But you can get rewards and bonuses that are beneficial for you. 

This is an app for making money online by getting cashback, bonuses for guaranteed tasks, and referrals. Here you should know that using this application, you will mainly earn cashback and other bonuses when you shop online using coupons.  

7. HealthyWage App

If you are thinking about the best money-earning app to generate some revenue. You can try and check out the application to get some extra cash. The HealthyWage app is a motivational and fitness app. On the app, you pay a monthly fee and see the challenges based on the health goals. 

But if you pass the challenge, they pay you a good reward in cash, which is more than you pay. So, it is the best app for making money online and is best for achieving fitness goals.  

8. Cashkaro

This is the best app for making money online through referrals and cash bonuses. CashKaro is basically an e-commerce site affiliated with top brands like Tata, Flipkart, Amazon, and other eCommerce websites. For you, it can be the best money-earning app if you can reach many people.

On the site, you just buy something and get cashback as well as you just share your own link with your friends and get more. Your earnings can be transferred by either back account, Paytm account, or gift voucher. 


Here, we have completed our list of the 8 best money-earning apps where you can make enough money in your spare time by doing simple tasks. If you also want to use some of the best money-earning apps on your mobile. You can consider using these top and trusted applications for Android and iOS users. 

However, you should know that these applications are not here to generate good money. You can use these to build some extra cash in the form of cashback, discount coupons, and small cash rewards. So, I hope you love our content about the best money-earning apps and have the perfect option to make money online using your free time. 


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