10 Best Blog Topic Ideas for Beginners [2024]

Nowadays, many people are becoming bloggers, and they prefer niche blogs. But before starting their career as a blogger, they have lots of questions, such as what niche or topic for blogging they should choose. If you are also a beginner and willing to set up your blog, this post is for you. Here you will learn about the best blog topic for beginners. 


After doing in-depth research and reading much content, and have found the blog topic list. And here, I will be discussing the best blog topic or best blog niche that you can choose for your blogging journey. Hence without wasting your precious time, let's start finding these blog topic ideas. 


Here I will share ten blog topic ideas that will give you a clear path to start your blogging career.  

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What Is Blogging? 

Before we discuss the blog topic list, we need to understand what blogging is first. If you don't know about blogs, you do not need to worry because I will clear it. 


Whenever you search on Google something, you get a lot of blue text. Those are the links to web pages or websites containing blog content. When you click on it, you directly reach the blog or website where you find helpful information. And the written content is called the blog content, blog, post, or article. 

And the website contains such a type of call as the blog website, where the blogger writes the content. So their readers can read and get much valuable information as you get on Youtube. At youtube, you watch the videos to get information, and at the blog, you get written text with graphics and even videos to get the required information.  

How To Start My Career As a Blogger? 

You have many options on the internet which provide you free services for blogging. Such as, Wix, Wordpress, and many other platforms to write content and monetize that. Here you don't need to code in a programming language, and it's easy to work on it.

But before starting the blog, you need to think about the domain name and the platform you choose. Most bloggers either choose Wordpress or Blogger; however, some also look for Shopify and BigCommerce for their eCommerce websites. But as a blogger, you will mostly be looking forward to Blogger or WordPress. Along with this, you also need to find your blogging niche or the blog topic idea. So you can start your niche blog that is the subject, area, or topics to blog about. Below are some crucial blog topic ideas that you can consider to choose for your blogging journey.   

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What Are The Top 10 Popular  Blog Topic Ideas ?  

#1. Health & Nutrition: 

If you are interested in health and nutrition, you can start writing about it as well. However, this field is suitable for gym trainers, the person with fitness or health-related information, diet expert, and a person with similar backgrounds. 

Once you have chosen your niche, then you must choose the sub-niche too. In India, we can find too many internet blogs that have also chosen the same blog topic idea to write about. But there are only a few of them which are relevant to health and fitness. So if you start writing and publishing a blog on it, that would be mesmerizing for the audience. 

If you are thinking about writing a health-related article, you must choose a topic that people can catch. Those should be solutions to problems faced by the public, Such as weight gain, weight loss, skincare, and Ayurveda, etc. 

#2. Financial Framework:

In this subject, the blog contains information and guidance about business and finance-related topics. That is the thing about people who search a lot on the internet, and here also, the bloggers are few in numbers in India. 

Thus, if you choose this blog topic idea, then there you will face comparatively less competition. Trust me; if you have a potential and significant interest, you can rock in this field. You can earn good views and ratings if you have much knowledge about business ideas. You can share the tips to stand up for a successful business. 

You can provide knowledge on how people can start their businesses on different platforms. Even the product idea and how to manage costs on manufacturing the things are also great things to inform your audience. It will motivate them and influence the entrepreneur in our society. 

The other ways to tell them about it is such as how to start a business without investment. Just share your valuable knowledge, which no one has shared yet. If the audience will get something new to trust you, it is good to provide them with appropriate knowledge. 

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#3. Tips And Tricks:

Tips and tricks are also among the best blog topic ideas because people keep looking for such amazing blogs. You can also share some tips About blogging, money-making, self-finance, personal grooming, and so on. Yes! Many people are moving to become bloggers in today's era. 

You can tell people what to do to be successful in the blogging world and another field of your choice. You can tell them about the different platforms, the skills needed to be a good blogger, and what they must do to earn from it. If they see that you are sharing good things to succeed, your blog will rank and get a huge audience to get ratings and reviews. 

You can tell them the best tips to create a superb blog and how to add features to make it eye-catching. If you tell them (people) how to increase the audience for your blog, then 100% they will come to you. How the ads work on blogs and what makes your blog unique. So in simple words, reflect great thoughts about content that helps bloggers. 

#4. Educational Information/Guidance: 

In the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have seen that offline coaching centers have been closed. If you are interested in educational industries, then online platforms will grow fast. The reason behind this growing speed is the demand for learning platforms. 

You can easily teach through blogging on various topics to help others. You can create videos and add some forms to evaluate the performance of students. Even many people search for free courses and tutorials. You also can create a bundle of courses and start informing people who want to learn from your courses. 

#5. Clarify The Common Confusion By Comparison

If you want to work on a blog that gives information about computer networking. Then this blogging idea can also be a great niche and help you set a niche blog with a high CPC. Many people are confused about similar things: YouTube vs. Instagram, blogging vs. business, RAM vs. ROM, etc. 

Many people search for these kinds of queries, and you can solve those problems. But fewer bloggers share this kind of information. So, with this idea, you have too many possibilities to rank your blog. 

#6. Evaluation And Ratings

Nowadays the shopping is usually done by online platforms. So we can have a little bit of doubt that the product is of good quality or not. So, people search the internet and look for blogs that provide feedback and reviews on a product. So it is a fantastic idea to work on, and with this blog topic idea to start working on the blog. 

Usually, these sites get so much traffic because most people look for review blogs. It means you can easily be successful in blogging but have to work very hard in starting as you know it's essential. 

#7. Personality Development Tips: 

In today's world, people work on personality, especially their public speaking, motivation, and other similar things. It's essential to have a good personality to be successful. For these things, you can start posting motivational content on your blog. 

You can even suggest to people how to behave in an interview. Such as how to think about the depth of sense and many things that make you attractive, so you can choose this blog topic idea. 

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#8. Jobs And Internships

In India, many people don't have jobs, and they are searching for jobs. There is a rush in the government sector, and hence you can also choose this blog topic idea. So if you provide them information regarding job openings, you will quickly get traffic on your blog.

Nowadays, students also try to earn while learning. So you can post internship details on your blog and help students in finding internships. If people get your helpful website, then, of course, they will share it with their networks. 

#9. The Event Blogging: 

The event blog is based on a specific event which can be called a micro-niche. It is a short-term blog, but still, there are many chances to get success, and it can be your ideal blog topic idea if you have an interest in it. 

It does not take a long time, but in that small duration, you get massive traffic on your blog that is helpful for you.  

#10. Ways To Online Earning:

How to make money online without spending a single rupee? It is a keyword that is searched a lot in India and outside India too. After increasing the use of the internet, many people use it most of the time. So, if you are interested in the niche, you can start blogging on it, so choose this blog topic idea if you can. 

Some huge bloggers write about it; hence it is a competitive field, and you have to be genuine about it. You can tell people how to be paid for watching videos, taking surveys, affiliate marketing, etc. And many apps are there on the play store that help people to earn money online. 


If you are ready to blog writing but are puzzled about a topic, you must look at these few ideas for writing about any field or niche. I wish you good luck and assume you have to find the best blog topic idea in this blog. If you love this exciting information about blog topic ideas, then comment with your favorite niche. 

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