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It's very frustrating when you apply for a job but do not listen to it. I have personally faced the same issue; I applied for more than 100 jobs and heard only from two. But none of the companies selected me because there is too much competition in the market. People are ready to work with the company on their condition even on less pay. 

How will you get a good-paying job that suits your comforts the most? Also, what to do when you have no job and are getting hopeless? In this article, I will try to explain the same and give you useful information on how to tackle such a hard situation as an unemployed person. 

What To Do When You Are Jobless And Depressed Paisekiyukti

9 Inspiring Tips On What To Do When You Have No Job

#1. Make a Well-Balanced Schedule.

It is your first tip on what to do when jobless and depressed. Making a proper schedule or timetable helps you maintain productivity and mental health. Many people face mental health issues because they do not have jobs and get demotivated. 

By doing this, you can maintain your self-esteem. So, set the alarm on your mobile, make a checklist for your daily routine and try to stay productive and gain something new. 

#2. Make Social Connection

Here I'm not talking about staying active on digital social media platforms and liking others' posts. Here you have to go outside and meet with your friends and neighbors. It will help you give time to yourself and keep your mind healthy. And when you do not spend a little time outside, it will force you to check out new job openings and apply for the same.

It can be a time-consuming process, and if there is no result, you can go into depression. So, you prefer to go on a morning walk, take fresh air, meet neighbors, and have some positive discussions. 

#3. Consider Getting a Temporary Job.

It's one of the useful tips on what to do when unemployed because you can not find the best paying job that also offers other benefits you need. Hence, it's good to find some temp jobs or invest time in some best side hustles to earn money

You can consider pet sitting, dog walking, babysitting, freelancing, or working with NGOs voluntarily and part-time. It will give you exposure and help you generate some extra money. Also, when you meet up with new people, it helps you increase your chances of getting hired. 

#4. Read the Job Description when you Apply.

Most candidates see the keywords and hit the apply button; this can be the serious reason you are still unemployed. Hence, whenever you do a job search, check out the job posting. It is good for you to check out the job description and understand what the employer needs. 

Based on the JD, you can create your cover letter and resume to increase your chances of getting back a call. Also, measure the progress of the clicks on your profile, calls from recruiters, interviews, and the offer letter. 

#5. Follow up with the Employer.

When you apply for a job and do not hear back from the company. You have the absolute right to send a follow-up email on their official email and ask for progress. If you heard the company has not selected you, do not feel bad; look for other opportunities. 

It's good to wait for a week or two or even a month rather than getting hired by the wrong company where you do not have your personal life. So, stay calm and also consider sending a follow up with the employers. Also, it's one of the useful tips on what to do when you are jobless and depressed and work in many scenarios. 

#6. Freelancing 

We discussed a little about the side hustle, but you can also opt for freelancing. You can consider contacting marketing agencies or creating a profile on freelance marketplaces. We already have an article on the best freelancing sites that pay well

You can read that and understand which platform can be suitable for your profile. Freelancing can be short-term or long-term work, or it can be a part-time or full-time job; all things depend upon your interest and the time you want to put in. 

#7. Volunteering

Are you losing hope of getting a new job with good pay? Don't you have the motivation to apply for your next jobs? You should look to volunteer in any reputed NGO or similar organization

Whether you are a graphic designer, developer, or any other professional, you will have a chance to showcase your work to lots of people. And there are chances you can connect with your next employer that offer you ideal pay and job security. 

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#8. Learn a New Skill and Network with People

You might not have all the relevant skills your job needs; hence you can also consider gaining new skills from YouTube or any other short-term courses. If you have some skill, you can create your course and sell it on platforms like Udemy. While learning new skills, also consider networking with people in the same or relevant industries. 

You can connect with senior people in the industry and learn from them about their experience and how they get a job. It's another thing to do while unemployed and feeling demotivated. 

 #9. Create an Online Profile

You must also create an online profile on LinkedIn and Twitter; both platforms are best placed for building a professional network. However, most of you might already have a profile on these platforms. So, stay active there and engage with your connections. It can give you exposure in front of employers who are willing to hire.

You can even set up your online portfolio on WordPress because it's an easy-to-use CMS that has lots of templates and SEO plugins. Using the easy drag and drop feature, you can create your portfolio by implementing SEO. 

However, you can read another useful article on creating a WordPress website or portfolio. Because it contains simple steps to set up your portfolio and make it live. A portfolio works as your CV and generates inbound leads from top brands. 

Conclusion: What To Do When You Have No Job

You can do several things when you have no job and get into depression. However, implementing the tips mentioned above on what to do when jobless and depressed can help you stay productive and motivated. Using these tips, you can surely find some good-paying job opportunities with excellent career growth. 

So, use these tips on things to do while unemployed and stay productive. Also, you can avoid spending lots of time applying for several job positions because it can affect your mental health. And instead of doing this, you can learn new skills, meet friends and neighbors, play games, go on a walk and productively manage your time. 

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