10 Best Side Hustles For Teenagers To Make $1000 A Month [2023]

Working from home is one of the trending things of today. Most teenagers want to make money online and know the best side hustles for teenagers. 


So, if you also wish to know about the best side hustles to make money online. And it is also suitable for teenagers like us; read this entire post. After doing proper research and deep analysis, here are some best ways to try. I also used to make money just by sitting at home. Thus, let's start the article and cover the top 10 easy side hustles from home.  


10 Cool & Best Side Hustles For Teenagers To Make $1000 Every Month  

1. Handle Social Media Profiles For SMEs

Do you love scrolling social media profiles and responding online? If you love to stay active on social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. You can make money just by using others' social media profiles. However, you will require to create engaging and attractive posts. So, followers interact with your client's profile whenever a post gets online.


In simple terms, you need to use the social media profile of your ideal clients. For example, you can manage the Pinterest account of a blogger, bakery shop, or influencer. And you can post three to five posts daily by charging your fee. This is one of the best side hustles for teenagers willing to make money online. 

Because it takes a few hours to create and post pins or posts on sites like Pinterest. And when you do it, you can quickly charge $100-300 per month from one client. Some reputable companies pay up to $500 per month to manage their account.  

2. Plan Party For Money

You can become a birthday party planner or wedding planner. And to become a birthday or wedding party planner, you must have good decoration skills. You can find ideal training programs if you wish to get one. However, if you love decoration, you can start from neighboring places. 

You can find a contract for your street or local parties. And help ideal people to enjoy their good time with comfort. You can charge $100-$500 or more for one party by becoming a party planner. I know one of my friends; he is in college and earns $500-$700 per month in this field. 

Also, he spends a few hours and treats one of his side hustles to make money. Thus, if you are also a teenager willing to find the best side hustle for teenagers. Consider this idea to make money and find local clients to grow your business.  

3. Try Freelance Marketplace Such As Fiverr

Do you have a good command of English, Spanish, or Fresh? Can you do data entry, graphic designing, or other computerized work? Do you have any marketable skills, such as singing and dancing? 

If so, you can check out freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour. These sites are where you can find highly liquid prospects and start making money. However, you can require a laptop and a good internet connection. 

But teenagers like us can earn $200-$1000 per month working as a side hustle. Thus, it is also one of the best sides hustles for teenagers to make money online.  

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4. Look For Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is one of the most incredible businesses you can do online. But you will have to make some investments to start your dropshipping store. You can create your online store to sell the stuff directly to customers. 

Also, you will not have to make heavy investments in purchasing investors. You just contact the suppliers, and whenever you get an order, ask your supplier to deliver the same quality product to give the address. 

By doing this, you can make a different amount as your profit. Hence, dropshipping business is also one of the best side hustles for teenagers. And many people have already started making money by which they can make a good living.  

5. Make Money By Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are also one of in-demand professionals. As a startup or SME company VA, you handle official tasks. You schedule meetings with clients, and manage excel work and emails. You also do graphic design, data entry, and other simple tasks. So, the client can reduce the burden on their head and start focusing on other business terms. 

Most virtual assistants earn $200-$1000 per month. And to earn decent money, you need to find a startup company by searching on the freelance marketplace and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best places to get a virtual assistant job. However, you can check out how to become a virtual assistant article to get more knowledge.  

6. Sell T-Shirt Designs For MerchTeenager

Have you listened to Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, and Etsy? These are the print-on-demand platforms where you can upload your merch designs. And you earn commission from every sale of your merchandise. These platforms ask excellent designers to design trending merch designs in simple terms. 

And many teenagers like you create and upload such creative stuff on these sites. You must also add proper title, description, pricing, and tags. So, you can get more sales and more portions from your earnings. 

However, you can check out my article on starting an Etsy shop to get more insights about POD. Because by reading this article you will get in-depth knowledge about the same.  

7. Try Ola And Uber Driving

If you are studying in college, you might know about car driving. So why should you not become an Ola or Uber driver? Many car owners are ready to give their cars for rent. You can get such a deal and register as an Ola or Uber driver. By doing this, you can earn money by driving a car. 

And it is one of the best side hustles for teenagers and the most fantastic job. As you earn money by driving a car and doing it part-time, you can generate $300-$500 monthly. However, you can even contact the person already in the business. 

And ask them to hire you on a fixed salary for fixed working hours. Many college students do this and earn decent money by working part-time.  

8. Use Photography To Earn Money

Do you wish to learn how to earn money through photography? You can read my separate article because sites like Shutterstock and Getty images allow you to sell your photos. You can take your DSLR or good-quality camera to click unique and rare pictures.

It can be your images or nature, but in both cases, you can make excellent money. To sell, you must maintain quality and upload relevant images on these sites. Thus, read the article for more details and understand how to make money through photography.  

9. Work As An Affiliate Marketer

Do you know affiliate marketing and want to start making money as an affiliate? You can create your YouTube channel or blog and share helpful content about the affiliate program. Most affiliate marketers earn $100-$500 when they start. But by gaining experience and doing excellent work, they also earn over $1000 a month. 

Hence, you can join top affiliate marketing programs and promote the best and most relevant product among the audience. However, it will take time, but you can start seeing the affiliate sales and earnings results after one or two months of hard work.  

10. Fitness Training As A Side Hustle

Are you a bodybuilder or a fit person with good physic? You can become a personal fitness trainer or even start a YouTube channel. You can ask some local people to get your fitness training to benefit their health. You can even contact an ideal gym and ask them to hire you as a trainer. 

As a fitness trainer, you can earn $100-$300 in starting but with your expertise; you can surely increase your earning. Also, it will boost your confidence and improve your communication skills. So, if you know about proper fitness training and can train others. You can prefer this one of the best sides hustle for teenagers to make money.  

Best Side Hustle For Teenagers: Conclusion

So, if you are a teenager and want to learn about the best side hustle for teenagers. Now you get the ten best ideas for a side hustle to make money. So, try some of these ideas and comment on which one is helping you to make money. As a teenager, content writing and handling social profiles are the best side hustle for me. 

Also, creating a YouTube channel or other hustle for your Ola car driving can be ideal. Therefore, choose the best side hustle in which you have an interest. Because by doing this you can find the best field for yourself to earn money. 


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