Computer Architect: How To Become Computer Architect

Do you want to become a computer architect and earn passive money? Computer architecture can be a good career as there is a huge scope in the future with a good salary package. In this article, we will describe the meaning of architecture, who can become a computer architect, and how to become a computer architect. Here we will also discuss some other useful information to get proper insights. 

How To Become Computer Architect

What is Computer Architecture?

Computer architecture means allocating the components that prepare a computer system and the operation that guides the function of the computer system. Computer architecture sets up the machine interface using a programming language and its compiler. 

Who can Become a Computer Architect?

There is no required eligibility to become a computer architect. But the best time to become a computer architect is when you are a student. It would be too hard to do if you are thinking of changing your profession to computer architecture. We focus on two aspects when you think about joining any profession; one is age, and the second is education. 

#1. Age

When we talk about the age limitation to become a computer architect, I would like to tell you that there is no age limit. But I think you will never change your career if you are around 35 years old. It's very hard to think and accomplish the same. After that, pursuing this profession as a career would be too difficult. So, the best time to think about building a career is when your age is 17 years to 25 years. 

#2. Education

Educational qualification is not declared, but if you have done your bachelor's of architecture, it would be best as you will get preference as a relevant degree holder. Also, if somebody is already in a technical field and wants to become a computer architect, the candidate may pursue any diploma or certificate course. 

However, nowadays, you can also become a computer architect by doing an internship or training under an expert computer architect or taking an online training course

How To Become Computer Architect: A Simplified Guide

There is an easy way to become a computer architect if you are serious about this career. So, here I am going to tell you a pathway to becoming a computer architect. It can be useful for school students and even freshers. 

#1. Complete Secondary School Studies

The first step to becoming a computer architect is when you qualify for your 10th standard or secondary level education in Mathematics, Science and English. After the examination, you will get the opportunity to choose your stream.

#2. Select PCM in Science Stream

In your senior secondary education, you must choose a non-medical science stream with PCM subjects. Gradually, it stands for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. If you have English, it will help you learn computer science easily (as it will help you prepare yourself for your profession). 

#3. Get Degree Course

Once you have completed your high school education, it is time to pursue your professional course to get the degree and skill set you must have. For that, if your preferred college asks you to give entrance, then qualify it, and after that, you will be eligible to get admission in your degree course. 

#4. Pursue Bachelor of Computer Architect

After your entrance, you will be waiting for the cut-offs, and then you will need to go to the centre to complete your admission process. Here you will need to choose a bachelor's program specialising in computer architecture. But the best course to pursue is a bachelor of architecture specialising in computer architecture. 

#5. Create a Portfolio and Apply for an Internship

During your 3- or 4-year course, work on your online portfolios like linked In. Make your portfolio effective by adding your latest educational qualification and skills you gained in high school. Also, keep updating it as you learn new skills in your bachelor's program. Based on your portfolio, apply for internships. 

Internships will help you to earn money for your college fees and new additional skills. Also, you will be able to practise your learning here only. Here is a pro-tip: when you are in college, you should try to get an ideal internship during that time. It will save you time and get a good salary package when you graduate. 

#6. Get a Master's Degree

Once you have graduated, you will be able to pursue a master's degree to become specialised in your profession. Here it is an opportunity to get more opportunities by becoming an in-demand professional computer architect. You will get less competition after it, so pursue masters if you wish. Else, you may leave this step and start working based on your UG qualification. This step can be done while doing your UG-level computer architect job. 

#7. Apply for Jobs and Go for Interviews

Here you are a completed qualified computer architect and are free to apply for jobs. If you have done any internship, it will be a star of your resume as it can be mentioned as work experience. In an interview, stay on your abilities, skills, qualification and work experience and share only needed and right information with HR. 

Computer Architect How To Become Computer Architect

Skills Needed to Become a Computer Architect

Here are a few required skills you must have to master if you want to become a good computer architect. 

#1. Communication Skills

Computer architecture is a high-profile profession where you always need to discuss technical things in normal communications. It means it is compulsory to have great communication skills. It helps you discuss critical problems in a very fast and easy way. 

#2. Programming Skills

Computer architects should also have good programming skills. Most famous programming languages are Java, Python, PHP, Roby, C, C++, C# etc. After learning these programming languages, you can work effectively and develop new software too. 

#3. Hardware

There is hardware to get input from you, process it and provide output as you instruct. So, you also must have great skills in software and hardware. It will help you solve most of the troubles in less time. 

#4. Network Security

When working as a computer architect, you must keep the whole data safe while the project is in construction or progress. So, you also need basic knowledge of network security with some modern requirements. It will help you work on your projects safely and without harming data. 

#5. Database Management 

As a computer architect, you must be able to manage online data that where it has to be stored and when. If I say it in fewer words, it is a system for data-keeping activities. If you can manage it, this will become your strength to work effectively. 

#6. System Administration 

System management or administration manages the activities of one or more hardware and software systems. So, you must be able to handle these projects as computer architecture. 

Why Become Computer Architect

There are many benefits of becoming a computer architect which motivate anybody to join the profession of computer architecture. 

#1. Number of Job and Career Opportunities

In the field or profession of computer architecture, you have lots of opportunities to work. Also, there is very less competition you may find. It means you can't stay jobless if you are good at your technical skills. 

#2. Good Income

There is a huge demand for computer architecture; you will have a decent income in the profession. You may earn $10k to $15k per month in entry-level jobs in the USA. And after having one year of experience, you may get an income of more than $25k. There are many high-paying jobs for computer architects in India in leading companies.

#3. Priority to Profession

When you are in the profession of computer architect, you can't be ignored as this has a good value in any organisation as technical projects and designs are always constructed under a computer architecture. 

#4. Several Benefits

When hired by any good company, they will be ready to provide you with additional services like mobile and transport services. In this way, you will have fewer spending areas, and your income would be more effective than any other job profile. 

#5. Extra Time for a Side Hustle 

A computer architect has more knowledge about technical fields and works around 6 to 8 hours a day. So, they always have a great opportunity to work in the side hustle and make more money. 

Also, they are free to work as freelancers for 3 to 4 hours a day if they are hard-working. Some IT companies also follow a 45 hours a week job, which means you only need to work five days a week. Hence, at weekends you can do side hustles or work on your projects.

Salary of a Computer Architect in India

Computer Architects are one of the well-paid professionals in India. The starting salary of a computer architect is around Rs 25,000/month. It is for the entry-level job of a computer architect, which can reach more than Rs 60,000 per month. 

Salary of a Computer Architect in the United States

The USA is one of the best places for computer architects and IT professionals. Their computer architects make around $15,000 each month; with experience, it can be more than $50k every month. 

How to Become a Computer Architect: Conclusion

So, here we discussed computer architecture's meaning, eligibility to become a computer architect, reasons to become a computer architect, and finally, how to become a computer architect. Thus, I hope now you have a clear idea of the same and can decide whether you should become a computer architect.

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