How to Become an SEO Manager? [Learn & Earn Money]

Hi guys, do you want to become an SEO manager? Do you want to know about the SEO manager job? Are you ready to make your career in SEO and Content Marketing? 


If yes, I want to inform you that there are a lot of branches of content marketing and SEO, such as blogging, web content writing and eBook writing; one of them is SEO management which we are here to talk about. 


In this post, you will be able to understand the career of an SEO manager, how to become an SEO manager and the skills you need to gain before applying for an entry-level job. 


Here I have covered all the essential information you need about this topic, so keep scrolling down and learning about each term. 

How to Become an SEO Manager [Learn & Earn Money]

Who is an SEO Manager? 

SEO manager is a professional who works in the IT field and is responsible for optimising web-based content to improve its ranking on multiple search engines. The SEO manager evaluates the rank of websites, improves their content and makes their ranking higher so the targeted audience can reach the service website is made for. 

Generally, an SEO manager handles an SEO team of content writers, off-page SEO and on-page SEO professionals. So, they all can work together and achieve the SEO goals within the defined time limit.  

How to Become an SEO Manager?

Here is a complete guide on becoming an SEO manager from zero. Your educational qualification does not matter here, and only senior secondary level education is enough. So, let's discuss what you need to do to become an SEO manager

#1. Learn an SEO and Marketing Skill 

When you think about starting your career in SEO management as an SEO manager, you will need to understand the basic concepts of search engine optimization. So, MOOCs are the best way to learn the basics of SEO management. 

There are lots of online resources where you can learn the same. After that, you may enrol in any professional course as discussed in the below section.  

#2. Certified in SEO Management

When you enter the profession of SEO manager, you need to be certified and adept in SEO writing and management. You can learn about the multiple techniques and tools you may use as an SEO manager at your workplace. 

If you get certified, you will get preference in the selection process and better know search engine optimization skills.  

#3. Join Internships While Learning

While enrolled in the course, you cannot do a regular job as a professional SEO manager. So, you can look for any paid internship as it will provide you with a platform to practise, perform and learn the advanced skills of an SEO manager from two places. 

One from your certificate SEO management course and the organisation you have joined the internship. Generally, SEO internships can be two to four hours a day that you can easily manage with your current SEO course. 

#4. Make a Strong Portfolio and Resume.

Once you have completed your SEO management course, you will be eligible to apply for an SEO manager's job. Before going for an interview, you will need to send your resume to the company's HR. In the resume, you must add all the qualifications you have done and the skills you have learned from various platforms. 

As well as, you can add experience if you have joined an internship program. These things will make your resume effective for an entry-level job of an SEO manager. Here you need to focus on learning to help you get a boost in your SEO management career.  

#5. Apply for Entry-Level Jobs

Now it is time to apply for entry-level jobs as SEO manager. As we discussed, we need to mention our qualifications, skills, and experience in our resumes. It also should be accurate and briefly written. 

Also, in an interview, you must remember these things, which will help you tackle the critical questions. Now, most recruiters want candidates to look trustworthy, responsible, ethical and have a learning attitude. 

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#6. Work Effectively without Leaving Learning Habits.

Once you have qualified for your interview, you will get your joining letter in your email. You are an SEO manager and can start earning money with your SEO management skill. But after becoming an SEO manager, keep learning new things about your field. 

It will help you become successful at your workplace and increase value in the market. Let's discuss a few skills you need in your daily life as an SEO manager.  

What are the Must Learn Skills for SEO Managers? 

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as an SEO manager, I have given you a few skills any SEO manager must have to work effectively. These are only a few things you can learn through online platforms, and a few of them would be learnt in professional courses. 

Below are some must-know SEO skills from SEO managers and professionals. If you are serious about your career, you must have at least entry-level knowledge.  

#1. Content Marketing

There are a lot of skills an SEO manager must-have. But the first skill an SEO manager should have is content marketing. In content marketing, you will understand many marketing collaterals and their purposes. 

It includes how any online website or channel can make a decent profit by selling its content. When we talk about SEO, it includes all the types of content written in multimedia forms.  

#2. Web-Page Creation

If you are known about web creation, you can work with any organisation based on this skill. It will help you use basic web page coding with your content and help underworking employees improve their content presentation. HTML and CSS are enough for web page content management. 

Also, it provides you with preferences while working with the organisation. If you do not want to learn about coding, you can learn about WordPress; it's the most used CMS of today. It's easy to set up and create any professional quality website using preloaded themes. 

#3. Link Building and Customization

Link building is another SEO management skill for the SEO Manager. It helps you to build a short and creative URL as well as to improve URL customization. It is an important part of any SEO management organisation, which helps the company find the content data easily, and the user keeps it remembered for a long time. 

In short, here, you not only get quality backlinks from different sites but also improve the URL of your site's content.  

#4. Finding Relevant Keywords

Keyword research helps any content creator find the best keywords for their content. Getting a long-tail keyword with less competition and highly paid is the objective of keyword research. Also, how to use it in your content is the most important skill any content creator and SEO manager must-have. 

So, to become an SEO manager, you can also learn about Keyword Research Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and other SEO tools.  

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#5. Customer Relations

Customer relation is the positive network management with any organisation's clients and customers. The SEO manager is also responsible for customer relations as they are hired to get contracted with clients who are willing to get SEO service for their organisation. 

An SEO manager has to handle projects for the company's clients and provide them good service and help them reach the goal the client wants to reach. 

#6. On-Page Content Optimization

On-page content is what is part of your website and can be controlled by you. It includes the elements of your web elements, web pages and their code. So, if you have the skills to optimise the on-page content, you would be able to work as an SEO manager as you will be able to improve your website's ranking through your on-page SEO. 

#7. Data Analysis 

Data analytical skill helps any SEO manager nurture data of employees and evaluate their productivity. Also, it helps to analyse the progress of projects by the team and the company. After gaining the skill of data analysis, an SEO manager becomes able to evaluate the marketing strategies and maintain the company's reputation. 

#8. Backlink Management

In backlink management, you post relevant articles and short posts on other social platforms with liking your own original and related content to drive traffic. If an SEO manager has backlink management skills, it will become easy to work effectively and help the team gain performance quality.  


#1. How Long Does it Take to Be an SEO Expert?

Generally, it takes at least six months to one year to get decent knowledge about SEO. However, if you want to become an SEO expert, it can take six months.  

#2. What is the SEO Expert's Salary in India?

Based on Payscale, SEO expert salary in India can range from Rs 2,71,600 a year to Rs 9,50,000 a year.

#3. Is it Essential to Get SEO Specialist Certification?

You can become an SEO specialist and manager without getting an SEO specialist certification. However, the process can be challenging and time-consuming, as recruiters prefer certificate holders. But still, with your quality knowledge, you can find lots of good opportunities without getting a certification course.  

How to Become an SEO Manager: Conclusion

So, guys, here we are discussing what an SEO manager's job is and how to become an SEO manager. We discussed a step-by-step guide on becoming an SEO manager. Not only this, we have completed a discussion on the SEO manager skills you must have before applying for an entry-level job.

I hope now you have a clear idea of how you can become an in-demand SEO manager and get a well-paid career option. 

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