Freelancer Review: Is Freelancer Legit Or Scam?

Hi guys, welcome to our new article on Freelancer review (or review). Today, we will discuss everything about, a leading freelance marketplace. In this freelancer review, you will know many things about this freelancing site. 

I will describe to you the benefits and disadvantages of getting work on Then we will evaluate some features of from a freelancer perspective. So, let’s start our discussion with a short introduction to 

freelancer review

What Is is a leading freelance marketplace in the freelancing industry where freelancers and clients can find each other to work on projects. It allows employers to post job opportunities for freelancers. 

Also, it is suitable for anyone from any field who wants to work independently. Here you have lots of opportunities to work independently as a freelancer.  

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How Does Work?

Next in this freelancer review is how you may start working on Below is a brief overview of how this freelance marketplace works: 


1. To work on, you need to sign up first. The steps are below you follow to sign up as a freelancer. 

2. You go to the sign-up page of by using Chrome or another supported browser.

3. Then, you will use either an email id or a Facebook account to sign up.

4. When you are done with the signing-up process, you move further.

5. After signing up, you must set up your account because it will help you to attract clients:

You set up your name and profile picture first.

6. After that, you write down your bio and add relevant media.

7. Once you finish the above work, you must fill in your skills, experience, schedule, and other terms.

8. Now, look at the opportunities where employers have shared the projects. So, you can apply for the ideal job posting and get freelance work. 

9. When you get your first order, you need to work according to your schedule at your fixed payment.

10. When you do your work on time, you get paid and get reviews from the client. 


When you do it accurately, you will see it more visually and understand everything. It is the same process as you do on any other freelance platform. And if you go to the customer support of, you will have some more tips to succeed in your freelancing career.  

Jobs And Income On

When you work on as an independent self-employed professional. You can do many works from multiple categories with a massive list of skills. It is essential in freelancer reviews because everyone wants to know what services they can provide and what services they can get from others. 

You may choose from the categories listed there; those categories are engineering & science, sales, marketing, telecommunication, and more. You can check out many more categories and select the best option. When you go with any of these, you will get multiple skills, and you choose from these. 

Advantages Of

Here I’m going to explain the benefits of working on 

1. Save The Extra Spendings 

Employers save money by finding freelancers on behalf of hiring someone. They will not need to spend money on extra employees for their vacations or trips. 

2. Low Fee Platform

Anyone is expected to notice, and yes, costs you less than other freelancing platforms. 

3. High Paying Jobs

As you know, as a freelancer, anybody earns more than a regular job. Also, if you become a preferred freelancer, you get paid more than other freelancers.

4. Flexible Timing For Freelancers

If you work as a freelancer, you can set your work timing. It is better than any official job because you have no limitations. So, you may work with flexibility when you like to work only then. 

5. Excellent Quality Of Completed Projects

When you hire a freelancer to work online with you, you are ensured that the task is done with good quality. Also, you are free to ask for sample work from the person you hire. 

6. One Place With Multiple Projects

It does not matter if you have too many tasks to do, as almost every field expert works as a freelancer. So, you will not need to visit too many places to find professionals to complete your projects from any industry.   

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Disadvantages Of!

Disadvantages are the most important things to know as you evaluate anything with it first. 

1. Security Challenges

As a digital platform, there are some security challenges. There can be scams, but still, you may have security by your attention. If you don’t share your personal information (like password etc.) with anybody and don’t do any work outside of the site, you may stay safe. 

2. Limitations Of Free Membership

Another negative thing about is limited opportunities with your free membership. You are allowed to apply for eight jobs per month. And, if you get a basic membership of $4.5, you also have limited opportunities around 50. 

3. Per-Hour Payment Is High For Clients 

When we talk about the payment of freelancers, it is higher than the employee. It is average daily, but it becomes a high-paying project for us about hourly payment. 

#4. It Takes Time To Get Started

When you work on, it takes time to get projects to continue. It takes time to be verified, getting match jobs and regular clients as you are new.  

It Is Time To Review!

As we have discussed the pros and cons of working on, we should now evaluate the different features available on Below I wrote some of the features provided by Let’s discuss them by highlighting every central element of it. 

Preferred Freelancer Program

If you are qualified in a particular job role listed in this freelance marketplace. In that case, you must know about the preferred freelancer program, and you may contact the support team to get approved. 

Once you are approved, you will have a badge over your profile. It gives you more opportunities than any average freelancer, and you may apply for how many jobs you like. Also, you will get more payment than average freelancers as you are approved. But it is available for freelancers who have paid membership programs. 

Quality Check & Verifications asks you for verification via any document. And it is not about showing your skills and proving your strengths. But yes, your clients can ask you for samples and other basic details. For employers, it is hard to identify whether the freelancer has excellent skills or not.  

Customer Support provides you with 24x7 customer support, and you can contact them very quickly. If you have any matter relevant to your payment with your client, customer care will also help you in it, but you will need to pay 5% for this service every time. Whoever will get the result in favor, that person will get money. 

Project/Freelancer’s Selection

When employees ponder hiring you, they ask you for your work sample. So that they may understand how you match their job description. They will evaluate your skills with your sample, like how good content you create and how much you can fulfill their needs. So, they always look for the perfect selection. 

You should have qualities like punctuality, productiveness, and high-quality work. Also, as a freelancer, you don’t have to share a password with anybody from the website. It will save you from scammed projects.  

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User Security 

Many fake people on every online platform are responsible for doing scams for their profit. So, as is also an online platform, it can be hacked. But you do only legal activities here as no one will scam you on the website. It is because they will be caught if they do it on 

So, the scammers will ask you to share their personal information or do something out of the site. You have to be careful and don’t have to share any information.  

Is It Worth Working On

Now, at last, we should discuss the question of “-is it worth working on” 

So, what do you think about as a freelancer? While they provide you legit projects, reasonable payment, freedom to work in any field, 24x7 customer support. 

And there are lots of job opportunities via its preferred freelancer program; these all things are available with a membership of $4.95/month. So, as per this freelancer review, it is worthwhile to work here as a freelancer. 


Is A Legit Or Scam? is a legit and leading freelance marketplace for freelancers willing to make money online. However, still, there might be some scams as clients can ask you to contact outside other than freelancer’s messaging system. 

If a person asks you for advance payment or a security deposit, you should say bye to that client. They are fake and willing to cheat you by getting money from your side. 

Process To Become A Preferred Freelancer On

If you have taken premium membership on, you can see the option and details to become a preferred freelancer. If you follow the steps and meet the guidelines, you can become a preferred freelancer on this platform. 

Freelancer Vs. Fiverr

Fiverr and freelancer are some of the best freelancing websites; however, if you want to know about Fiverr. You can check out my Fiverr review article telling every basic to crucial thing. 

Freelancer Review: Conclusion

In this freelancer review, you know about the different aspects of, and now you can decide whether it is a good platform for you or not. I hope you loved this freelancer review and understood everything as I clarified to you all the things about

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