9 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrencies [2024]

Cryptocurrencies are one of the lucrative ways to make money online. Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing digital assets that are backed by the blockchain and available for trading.

You are also a young enthusiast willing to make money with one of the best passive income ideas. Then you can be the ideal person to deal with cryptocurrency.

But how to make money on cryptocurrencies? If you are also assuming the same, then do not worry because, in this article, I will be discussing the same.

We will know the best way to make money in cryptocurrency and explore several easy-to-implement techniques. So, whether you are a college student, fresher, trader, or any person willing to earn passive income online, you all need to stay tuned with this post. 

How To Make Money On Cryptocurrencies? 5 Legit Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrencies

Best Way To Make Money In Cryptocurrency

1. Buying And HOLDing Is The Excellent Way To Making Money With Cryptocurrency.

HOLDing is one of the standard and effective ways to earn money from cryptocurrencies. In this process, you need to buy some excellent and powerful cryptocurrencies using great trend analysis and keep them for some time.

By holding these currencies, you wait for a significant time by hoping these prices will go up and you will be able to sell these at a higher margin. Generally, you need to make an initial investment for this method and keep your holdings with you for a long time.

As the prices of cryptocurrencies are increasing faster, you can earn a good amount of profit at an early age. However, here you go, not get the benefit of interest on the funds you invested, and you can make a profit or loss by your investment. 

2. Trading: Best For Those Willing To Make Money With Cryptocurrency Fast

If you know about stock trading, you will not find challenges in trading with cryptocurrencies because it also includes a similar way of trading. Nowadays, you can find so many places or exchanges where you can buy tokens or coins.

In this technique, you mainly need to buy the coins at low prices and sell them immediately or after some time when the prices go up. It is also a kind of day trading where you can have a maximum of one day to trade with the currency you are dealing with.

So, here the rule is as simple as buying the promising cryptocurrency at a low price and selling it on the same day at a higher price. 

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3. Staking For Making Money In Cryptocurrencies

Staking is one of the best methods to earn money in cryptocurrency. Using this method, you can double your income. You all need to invest or lock your fund in the crypto coins, which allow you to earn new cryptocurrencies as a dividend or interest amount.

It is one of the secure and flexible ways to generate a good income through well-structured investment. You can find trending proof of stake crypto coins or currencies such as WISE, NAV Coin, Tezos, and PIVX.

For example, if you buy WISE, you can earn a good income because it offers around 5% interest and regular bonuses. Also, you can withdraw your income when you think it fits because it has higher liquidity. 

4. Investing Is The Best Way To Earn a High Income From Cryptocurrency.

Investing is the beginner-friendly and easiest way to make money from cryptocurrencies. You can invest your money through exchanges, direct investments and initial coin offerings.

By investing in crypto coins, you do not get benefits of appreciation in prices but also get a share in the project. So, if you are a beginner willing to try the cryptocurrency market to earn some decent money. It would help if you used the investing option because you do not need to know about it here. 

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5. Participating In Bonus Coins To Earn Cryptocurrency

You can also participate in bonus and airdrop options or offers because it is an excellent way to profit. You do not require to invest anything in this method because you need to perform some basic and easy tasks here.

By completing these small tasks, you can earn some cryptocurrencies, which will help you to increase your fund. During the ICO and token sale phase, this technique can be a good choice because, during this time, you get many bonus tokens on investment. 

6. Referral Best For Beginners And Risk-Free Option To Trade With Cryptocurrency

It is a widespread and easy way to start earning in cryptocurrency. You can join their referral programs and start sharing your referral link to start earning.

You can use WISE and many other crypto coin's referral programs because they can offer up to a 10% bonus on every referral. 

What Is The Best Way To Make Money In Cryptocurrency

7. Sell For Cryptocurrencies To Collect Highly Profitable Crypto Coins

In many countries, cryptocurrencies are allowed to be used for trading purposes. So, if your country has also allowed dealing in cryptocurrencies, you can sell your products for these currencies.

If you sell your products for cryptocurrencies, you will not have to convert them into your currencies. Also, as these are digital assets and their prices are going higher.

Therefore, you can earn good money in the future by selling the collected crypto money. 

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8. Start Working For Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are growing at a fast pace, and many companies have started using these digital assets. Because these coins are more transparent, secure, and involve low cost, many employees are receiving their salary in the form of digital payments only.

Therefore, if you also work as a freelancer and deal with international clients, you should start charging cryptocurrencies as well from your clients. Many international companies will feel free to pay freelance writers, designers, developers, and other freelancers in cryptocurrencies. 

9. You Can Earn Dividends On Your Cryptocurrencies.

You can also get a dividend in cryptocurrencies and consider it as less or more likely to stocks dividend. You need to buy the relevant cryptocurrency and hold it for the given period to get the dividend amount.

Once the period comes nearer, you can have a fixed interest on your investment. You can consider cryptocurrencies like BNB, NEXO, and many other top digital money. However, you should invest in the best-performing digital asset to keep your investment secure. 


So, if you are willing to make a passive income in the current era and your country, cryptocurrency is available for trading. You should try trading in cryptocurrency and use the given method to make your deal profitable.

So, in this article, we looked at how to make money on cryptocurrencies, and I hope you have understood it correctly. If you have any questions regarding cryptocurrency, you can comment in the comment section to reply. 

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