Write Naked Review 2022: Is Write Naked Legit Or Fake?

If you are searching for websites that pay for writing, you must hear about Write Naked (unfortunately, now it's closed). Write Naked is a website that allows writers and freelance writers to write guest posts for them and get paid for their approved posts. So, if you want to earn money by writing on this site, read my Wfrite Naked review because here I will explain several terms about this site that you do not know.  

Write Naked Review

How Much Longer Should The Article Be?


If you want to write guest posts on this site, the post must have a 450 to 650-word count. Along with this, the content should also meet their strict guidelines, as you see on other writing platforms. The content should be relevant, unique, and of high quality. Only then will they accept the article? 

How Does The Write Naked Work? 

Generally, Write Naked asks for guest posts that require a 450 to 650-word count, and the content should also match their requirements, as they have mentioned. 


They accept guest posts from different writers during their reading period. And their reading time generally runs in June. And if you want your article to get submitted. Then you must submit your article during this time because they accept guest posts to publish on their site only once a year. 


Before you send them the article, you must send a pitch during the open reading time. Because if you send the pitch during close reading time or other months, they ignore the application. Therefore you should submit the pitch on time. Otherwise, you will have to stand by for the next 12 months.  

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How To Send a Pitch To Write Naked? 

Now you know you need to send the pitch during reading time only, so let's understand how you will be writing the pitch. 


You can send only one pitch during the open reading period. Therefore, you should prepare the pitch carefully and include other relevant information, including the published post links.


If you have sent the pitch and do not hear back from them, you can send them an inquiry during this time. You can get a response to your pitch, but the site wouldn't be able to respond for submission. 


You can expect the reply to queries during the 30 days of the open reading period. 


You should not submit content related to mental illness, spots, pet care, stay-home parenting, or other topics they have prohibited on their site. They immediately reject it if you send them one piece of related content. It would be best to care about it while sending them your pitch. 


You can look to the site to help send the right post pitch. By doing this, you can write a better pitch and increase your chances of getting accepted. 


Whenever you pitch them, you must include essential links so they do not need to search about you. You can provide your social media links and portfolio links so that it can help them as well to identify your credential. You can check out the mentioned email id on their site to contact them over email.  

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What Does The WriteNaked Look For From The Writers? 

1. They Look For Content Related To The Interview

If you can share interview-related content with a freelancer or others, you can send a good pitch by explaining this.  

2. You Can Send Them a Pitch For a Hot Topic

Write Naked also looks for new and hot topics, so if you get some hot and trending ideas in the fiction genre, you can be an ideal match for the site.  

3. It Looks For information about the daily Lifestyle Of a Writer

This site also wants to know about the daily life routine of the writer. As a writer, if you can explain the same in the given word count that engages their audience, then you should surely go for this. 

4. You Write About The Writing Credentials

If you possess some crucial information about writing credentials, such as copywriting essentials. Then it would help if you shared this with Write naked and got money in the result. You can share information on how you wrote your first book, its journey, and other information that can help them.  

5. Share Some Essential Advice 

Many things happened behind the pen. Also, this site has over 5000 self-published books. Therefore, if you have something that can help other writers earn more or tips that help you bill more, you can also share such information. 

6. Do Not Copy-Paste Other Content

You must be original and come up with fresh thoughts. If the content is posted elsewhere, this site will reject and pay you for the articles you submitted. 

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How Much Write Naked Pay For The Articles?

Write Naked pays $75 flat per accepted article that generally contains 450 to 650 words. They release the payment when they publish an article there.  


If you are a freelance writer willing to write for a website that pays for writing posts. Then you can consider Write Naked, as they pay $75 for the accepted article or guest post. But before sending them a pitch, read their guidelines carefully and check their website to increase the chances of getting accepted for the pitch.

Moreover, your content must be 450 to 650 long. Only then will they consider your content. You should also share all the necessary social media accounts and links to the published content. But if you want to look forward to this website, check their website carefully and pitch them during the open reading time. 


I hope you liked this post; if you want to keep learning about websites that pay you for writing and many other ways to make money online, stay tuned with me and check out other posts.

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