How to Create a WhatsApp Channel? [Ultimate Guide] [2023]

Recently, WhatsApp introduced its “Channel Feature” in India and worldwide markets, allowing users to create their own WhatsApp channela similar feature available in Telegram. 

With WhatsApp Channel, eligible users, including businesses who leverage WhatsApp marketing, can send on-way messages to a large audience called subscribers. The new feature from this social media platform will immensely benefit businesses to expand their reach and strengthen their marketing, client support, and sales strategies. 

You can create a WhatsApp channel in a few simple steps. You also have other information on creating a channel on WhatsApp mobile app.

In this article on “how to create a WhatsApp Channel,” I’ll share some easy steps and necessary information to make the process easier for you. So, keep reading and understanding how to create one and make the most of Whatsapp marketing strategies to grow your online or retail business.

What is WhatsApp Channel?

It’s the newest feature introduced by WhatsApp for its business account users. All eligible users having access to a new version can create their channel and start sharing their content with the masses. They can share photos, stories, and other motion content and build a subscriber base. You can consider it similar to the channel feature available in Telegram that allows admins to share multimedia content and build a subscriber base. 

Update Your WhatsApp Mobile App

Since it’s a new feature introduced by this leading social media platform, users must first update their WhatsApp mobile app from PlayStore and App Store. You can go to PlayStore or App Store, search for WhatsApp, and tap on the Update button. If you already have the updated version, you will see the option to open it. As of August 2023, the new feature was available only in Singapore, Ukraine, Chile, Malaysia, Colombia, Egypt, Keyna, and Morocco, but now the Meta has launched the feature in many other worldwide markets, including India. 

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How to Create a WhatsApp Channel?

You can create a channel on both Android and iPhone iOS. We’ll discuss the steps for both kinds of devices. Let’s start first with Android:

How to Create a WhatsApp Channel? [Ultimate Guide] [2023]

How to Create a WhatsApp Channel on Android?

If you are an Android user and willing to create a personal channel on WhatsApp, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and Update it

Step 2: Press the Plus (+) button and select “New Channel.”

Step 3: Pop-up screen will appear, select and continue 

Step 4: Add a channel name, logo, and description, and cross-check the details

Step 5: Once the above steps are done, tap on Create Channel to complete this process

After creating your channel on WhatsApp, you’ll find the "Customization" option to add other social media links and even get a share link. 

How to Create a WhatsApp Channel on iPhone?

For iPhone users, there are also similar steps to be followed:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp mobile app and tap updates in the bottom left side

Step 2: Press on the Plus (+) icon and select “Create Channel” appearing in pop-up

Step 3: Click on continue as part of this step

Step 4: Now, add basic details like channel name, profile image, and description/

Step 5: Cross-check all the details and press “Create Channel” to finish the process

How to Create a WhatsApp Channel? [Ultimate Guide] [2023]

You can also create a WhatsApp channel through the Web or Desktop App. The steps are almost similar and require adding a few details like channel name, profile image or logo, and description. 

How to See WhatsApp Channel?

Instead of a Status section, the platform has offered a new tab called “Updates.” When you click on the Updates, you’ll see the status of your contacts and then the subscribed channels. In the channels, you’ve search options to find a variety of channels created on WhatsApp. 

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Who is Eligible to Create WhatsApp Channels?

The feature is only accessible to profiles with verified ticks. They should also have business profile likes of celebrities, sportspeople, politicians, and companies. Even if you have a decent number of followers or are already running a WhatsApp group, you might have the option to create a channel on WhatsApp. 

What Makes WhatsApp Channel Important?

This new channel update from WhatsApp is incredibly important for businesses and social media influencers, requiring them to update their audience about new sales offers and information they have to share online. You can also leverage the channels to gather customer feedback, increase customer engagement, share new updates quickly, and interact with the target audience in a somewhat new form of social media touchpoint. 

In the future, Meta can introduce an option to block people from taking screenshots and forwarding the channel messages to others. The feature will be directly available to Admins, giving them more control over their channel and the content they share. 


Many businesses and influential figures have already created their WhatsApp channels and gained significant subscribers. You can also create one and use it as a new medium to engage effectively with customers, promote brand deals, and build your audience. 

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