About Us

Hi Guys!

This is Suraj, a content marketing certified from HubSpot Academy. I am a freelance content writer, or you can say SEO content writer. I have dealt with many international and national clients on Fiverr, Freelancer, Facebook, and LinkedIn dealing with them. 

I joined Web Services, a reputed digital marketing and web development company, to boost my SEO writing skills and niche. I offered them high-quality content on Education, Home décor, Travel, and Marketing. But I also have writing skills for other niches like B2B, SaaS, and Affiliate. 

This blog I created to show my passion for writing and help students who do not get a job and stay unemployed. As per my experience, I have seen many things. Right now, I get tons of career opportunities because I choose what I can, and I need to survive in this corporate world. 

Here I post blogs about making money online, affiliate marketing tips, affiliate program reviews, the latest skills, YouTube, and wealth information that can change your life. In some blogs, I may also promote some genuine products or courses that are beneficial. And going to help you to make passive income with proper strategy. 

So, if you want to start making money, want to be self-dependent, need some side hassle, or want to get into the right career. Then stay in touch with my blog if I can avail such opportunities. You can also be successful because we all are talented and need the right path.

We will learn and grow together to achieve the goals that we saw in childhood! And that's my dream to help you guys by writing quality blogs on making online money topics. My brother also contributes to this blog with in-depth and researched articles. 

So, now we both produce some great pieces to help you give some idea to make money online. Hence, let's stay connected and keep learning and earning together using the right legal strategies.