What Is Fashion Forecasting: Predict Future Of Fashion And Earn Money

Fashion is a career of glamor, hotness, and adventure. There are a lot of options for this field: fashion designer, boutique, or fashion forecasting. Fashion forecasting is like fashion designing. If you are creative and have a common understanding, then you can be a fashion forecaster. 

What is Fashion Forecasting

Fashion forecasting is the next level of fashion design. In this, you accumulate trends and possibilities of fashion. The major work of this profession is to make some predictions based on trends in fashion. 

Fashion Forecasting is an Adventure 

There are lots of adventures in this field. You will always be energetic. Everything is dynamic, and they can change overnight trends. Everything changes as per weather and human demand; it may be color, cut, material, and style. First, you need to know the difference between fashion designing and fashion forecasting. While forecasting fashion, you will examine the trends, interests, weather, color, style, volume, etc., and then forecast anything.

This is a challenging and adventurous profession, and surely you will enjoy it. There is a lot of research happening by professionals and experts considering these factors. Fashion forecasting is where the professional forecast on ready-to-wear, streetwear, hot clothes, and other aspects of this industry. And in trend forecasting, the professional forecasts the trend in automobiles, food and beverages, literature and home furnishing, and other sectors. 

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Qualifications Details

 The candidate needs to be at least 12th passed from any stream to take admission in an undergraduate course, and for the post, the graduate student needs to be a graduate.

Considering future and career aspects in India, they require these professionals in many sectors, such as apparel, makeup, and home furnishing. These companies provide online courses to skilled candidates. If you are interested, then you can do this course. 

Require Technical Skills

 Making a career in fashion forecasting by doing the course is not only the way, but you should also have some technical command. For example, v. v. techniques for fashion designing and fabric mixing. Dying techniques, stitching techniques, etc. Similarly, jewelry designing, accessories designing, etc., are also essential. 

Fashion Forecasting is Now Independent 

Fashion forecasting is now an independent fashion sector; it is not dependent on other factors. Many experts build the fashion forecasting profession into an independent one. Many Indian fashion forecasting experts are making their worldwide presence. National, multinational companies, especially, keep their eyes on these experts to take benefits from special business opportunities. 

In the beginning, a fashion forecaster can earn Rs 20000 to Rs 25000 per month by joining any company. The fashion forecasting experts who have many years of experience in fashion forecasting, trends, creativity, and market research are earning above Rs 1 lakh. 

What are the Future Scopes for Fashion Forecasting Professionals?

As per the research, the present retail market is equivalent to Rs 2.97 crore rupees, which would be increased to Rs 7.48 crore rupees. The Indian market of fashion designing and forecasting is showing its impact on the global market. For the last three years, companies have been focusing on the profitability and quality of the final product. 

Many sectors related to fashion are hiring young designers. These companies are also organizing fashion shows and promoting their brand to attract the young generation to pursue this profession. So there are a lot of possibilities and opportunities for youth. 

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