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How To Earn Money By Reading Emails?


Attention, dear readers! Do you want to get paid by reading emails? Do you want to read the paid email to earn money online? Today, I have excellent news for you because we will discover some best and legit ways to earn money by reading an email. 


Yes! Many companies send you emails and pay you for reading emails. However, you won't be rich by reading emails on your smart devices. But still, it's a good deal to make some extra money online by reading short emails.  

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Get Paid By Reading Emails: Is It A Legit Way To Make Money Online?


Most of you may have the same query about whether reading paid emails and getting paid is a legit way to make money online or not. Some legit companies pay you for reading emails sent by them. 

Yes! It is not the way to work for a living, but you can make some extra money online by doing this. However, many fake websites claim you can get paid by reading emails. But after doing deep research, I have found it best to read paid emails to make some cash.  

How Do You Get Paid By Reading Emails?


You get paid for reading emails because it is marketing for these companies. The companies always work for advertisers who want to advertise their products or services and contract with these companies. 

So, the companies send emails to their users to advertise those contracted products and services. And for the exchange, these companies pay some money to users for reading these emails. If you are a user of these websites, you can also earn money by reading emails. 

Best Ways To Get Paid By Reading Emails: Read Paid Emails For Cash 

If you are thinking of working with those websites that pay you for reading emails. Then below are some information regarding websites and apps: 

#1. QuickRewards 

QuickRewards is the site where you make money online by surveys and playing games. Here you wouldn't be getting too many emails to get paid for. But still, you can get paid for reading emails here. 

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Also, you can get a paid option through a gift card; else, you can use PayPal. Hence, you should try this platform, read paid emails, and do many other activities to earn some cash.  

#2. Quick Paid Surveys

Quick Paid Surveys is not a site that is based on making money by reading email; else, it is a survey site. The platform provides you $0.05 for each confirmed paid email. 

The minimum payout on the platform is $15, which is significantly less than other sites. Hence, again it is the site where you get paid by reading email and filling in paid surveys. 

#3. Uniqpaid

It is an amazing one because there is no minimum payout limit so that you can cash out your rewards anytime from anywhere. But if you want to get paid through cheque, you must earn $5 or more. 

You don't get a sign-up bonus on the platform, but you get 10% extra of your earnings within two days after registration, which is impressive. Also, you get $2 for every referral, and there are some different ways of earning, like visiting new sites and taking surveys. 

#4. RupeeInbox

If you are from India, you must have heard about Rupee Inbox. You get 50 rupees for completing your sign-up process on the rupee inbox. After that, you keep receiving your paid emails from the advertisers every day. 

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One more positive aspect of the platform is that it defends the emails on your platform profile, not on your actual email address. You can also consider this platform to get paid for reading emails on your mobile.  

#5. Cash4offers

This is another attractive platform that provides you with many ways to make money online. But they provide two paid emails a day for the registered users. So, to get paid for reading emails, the process is to open a received message in the email inbox and click on the provided confirmation link. 

You will get paid instantly and accept this; you also get $5 as a sign-up bonus for free money. Thus, if you wish to earn money reading emails, you can consider Cash4offers.  

#6. Paid To Read Email

Want to get paid to read emails and cash out via PayPal? It is also an excellent website where you get paid by reading emails in minutes. This is the website you need to sign up for and start receiving paid emails. Here is one more option to earn extra money online through receiving and reading emails. You get paid to read emails on this excellent website, as its name says. 

But also, there are many ways to work on it, such as participating in paid surveys. One plus point is that you can cash out your earnings at a minimum of $15, which is much lower than other platforms. However, if you want to make money by paid surveys, you should look for other sites we discussed above. 

#7. Inbox Dollars

InboxDollers is the platform where you are provided with many ways to work online and get paid. This website also pays you for reading the emails of its clients. You need to sign up on inboxDollars and then apply for getting emails. When you read the email, get paid for the same in dollars. 

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Also, you will receive $5 as a welcome bonus when you sign up for it. Its version for Canada is a daily reward and for the UK is inbox pounds. You can choose an ideal platform based on your interest to get paid by reading an email. 

#8. MyPoints 

It is an app and will pay you for reading emails online through email. You can have more ways to earn extra money online on the app. 

Keep in mind that after signing up on the app, if you make any purchase in under 30 days, you get a $10 amazon gift card. It will be extra profit for you; hence consider this site to get paid to read emails.  

#9. Inbox Pays

Yeh, one more fantastic site to get paid for reading emails is here. This one is a fantastic site that sends you emails regularly. So, there is always a chance to have extra cash. They pay you around $0.3 for each email you read. 

get paid reading emails, get paid to read email

Even the minimum payout is $25, which is less than any other company. Because of these reasons, I added this site to get paid by reading emails.  

#10. Unique Rewards

This site is also a good option on my list, and it is okay to work with it. Here you get your payment instantly. After completing your task, you get paid on your PayPal account, or the second way you get paid is a gift card. 

Not only this, but also you get $5 for completing the sign-up and, after that, $5 for each referral. Hence, if you have friends who might be interested in getting paid by reading emails. You can refer to this site by your referral code so, when they sign up, you get $5 each.  


I have discussed legit paid email sites and the best ways to get paid by reading emails. Hence, if you want to get paid for reading emails, you can consider these platforms. There, you can earn some side money online. 

However, make sure you show consistent effort and use multiple sites to make decent money online. So, if you like this post, please share it with your friend circle to learn how they can get paid for reading emails. Moreover, do comment below to feel motivated and keep sharing such excellent posts. 

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