Holi Essay In English 2023: Holi The Festival Of Color & Love

Today's post is not an ordinary article on any random topic, but it's a well-researched Holi Essay in English. If you find Holi's essay in English, it's the article cum essay you need to read. It's suitable for any level student willing to learn about this festival of Joy.  

Holi Essay In English

Holi Essay In English 2023: Holi The Festival Of Color & Love

Holi is the festival of joy, colors, and lots of love; it's a significant festival that we celebrate in India. It celebrates Falgun or March month of every year with full enthusiasm. People dance and visit the home of their loved ones to celebrate with them using colors. Whether you are a kid or adult, all love enjoying this festival in India and outside India, where Hindus live. 


Every day, every person loves to feel positive vibes and take blessings from their mother, father, grandparents, and old people they respect. Even Muslims, Sikhs, and other religious people come together and enjoy this festival of color. And every one of them puts colors on each other's faces, dances, and shares positive blessings with friends and other people. This day everyone loves to eat delicious sweets and drink "Tandai."


Holi is mainly celebrated by applying Haldi, Chandan, and Gulal. Nowadays, there are a variety of colors available in the market that people buy and use while playing Holi. Holi is a favorite festival of kids because they love making others wet using their "Pichkari" and water guns. In India, Holi is celebrated in various forms based on Indian culture and places. 

In Vrindavan, Mathura, and Kashi, there are other ways people follow to celebrate this festival. In this Holi essay in English, we will discuss how people celebrated Holi in different parts of India.  

When Holi Is Celebrated In 2022

This year, Holi will be celebrated on 19 March 2022, and it's also called Aka and Dol. On 18 March 2022, we will celebrate Holika Dahan, also known as Chhoti Holi.  

History Of Holi: Why Is Holi Celebrated?

There is a historical value of celebrating Holi in India, and it's related to Hiranyakashyap and Bhakt Prahalad (son of Hiranyakashyap). Hiranyakashyap was the king of evils, and he did Tapasya of God Bhramha and got a powerful Vardan. Because of that Vardan, he became very powerful, and according to the vardan, he could not die by man, women, and animals, neither in home, outside the home, and anywhere in the world. 

Because of it, none of the kings could fight with him any longer, and he started doing sin. He hated Bhagwan Vishnu, and he could not digest anyone worshiping God. Later he announces he is God and every person is required to worship only him. 


But when his kid (Prahalad) took birth, he started feeling many challenges. Because his kid was Bhakt of God Vishnu and used to worship only for him. This was not the cup of tea to digest for Hiranyakashyap. Hence, he started warning and giving threats to his kid. But Prahlad kept worshiping God, and his evil father started their efforts to kill his son. 

He asked his sister to take his kid and sit in the fire one day. As she had Vardan, she could not burn in fire, but the Vardan did not work this time. And she died, and Prahalad stayed safe, and therefore we celebrate Holika or Choti Holi to keep the evil things away. 


And one day, Hiranyakashyap challenged God Vishnu to come from A-pillar and save his kid. Suddenly Piller got broken; lord Vishnu came as Narsingh avatar (Half Lion & Half Human) and saved his Bhakt Prahalad by killing the evil king on the door of his mahal. 

Importance Of Celebrating Holi

Holi is one of the important festivals in Indian culture, and in every corner of our country, people celebrate this festival all day. So, everyone feels positive, removes negative thoughts, and stays together forever. This day workers take a holiday for two days, one for Chhoti Holi and the second for Holi. At Chhoti Holi school, students celebrate Holi in their school and celebrate Holika Dahan at night. 

The next day, everyone plays Holi using Gulal, Haldi & Chandan. People also share sweets to spread positivity and make the relationship more trustworthy and happy. Nowadays, Holi is celebrated in countries like Canada, the US, Bangladesh, and even Pakistan.  

How Holi Is Celebrated In Different Parts Of India


Let's discuss how Holi is celebrated across India in different forms.  

1. Bengal

In West Bengal, the Holi is called Dol Purnima; on this day, people worship the statue of Lord Krishna & Radha. And they keep the small statue of both lords in Doli, walk-in all cities, and play with colors. If you haven't celebrated Holi in this state, you should visit there as you will love playing hold there and getting lots of positive vibes. 

2. Odisha

In Odisha Holi, also known as Dol Purnima, and this day, people play Holi by keeping a statue of Lord Jagannath. People organize large Jhanki and play Holi together to spread love and happiness.  

3. Karnataka

In Karnataka, Holi is celebrated as Kamna Habba, and people here remember it as the day when Lord Shiva gave punishment to Kam Dev. This day, people collect old clothes and garbage from a place and burn them.  

How Holi Celebrated In Vrindavan?

In Vrindavan, people celebrate phoolo wali Holi (Holi of Flowers). Here, people gather various flowers and smear them on each other's faces. It's a very interesting and enjoyable way to play Holi; you should also visit Vrindavan to get this excellent experience.  

Can Holi Colours Cause Allergy?

Yes, the Holi colors can cause allergies if the color is made using chemicals or are Chinese colors. These colors can be harmful to your soft skin; hence you should not use these. However, you can use Haldi, Chandan, and traditional and natural colors such as Gulal because it does not harm your skills. Also, Haldi & Chandan has antioxidants and other healthy elements that benefit health. 

Are Holi And Diwali The Same Thing?

No, Holi & Diwali are both different festivals of India because Holi is the festival of color, whereas Diwali is light.  

Where Is Holi Mainly Celebrated?

Holi is mainly celebrated in India; however, this festival of color is celebrated in many countries nowadays. You should also celebrate if you want to feel joy, stay positive, remove negative and evil thoughts, and make trustworthiness with your loved ones stronger.  

What Sweets Do You Eat On Holi?

Holi is also a festival to eat tasty sweets as our Indian moms and grandma cook Ghewar, Gujia, and a variety of other sweet dishes. I personally love Holi because we can try a variety of tasty dishes at a time. Also, joy increases when we eat these tasty dishes with our family and friends.  

Things To Consider Before Playing Holi

Below are some crucial things you should consider before playing Holi with your friends.


1. You should prevent buying those colors made using chemicals because they can harm your face. Instead of using chemical colors, you can use chemical-free colors like organic Gulal, Haldi, and Chandan. 


2. You should use clean water to play Holi and should not overuse water. 


3. Also, when someone is driving and traveling, it's not good to put color on their face. As it can make them feel bad and you are willing to spread joy and love, it's not a good thing to do.


4. You should take the blessings of older people and should not throw color balloons that are not playing Holi.


5. Holi is a festival with no space for personal conflict, so you should forget all these conflicts and enjoy this beautiful color. 


6. When you play Holi, you should make sure you do not hurt other people and stay in your zone, so all people feel comfortable.  

Holi Essay In English: Conclusion

Holi is a beautiful festival of colors that spreads love and positivity. Some people drink and play betting games; it's not a good thing to do. Because festivals come only once a year, we should enjoy these days with family and friends in doing a good deed. 


So, I hope you liked this Holi Essay in English and find it very helpful. Happy Holi from the team of Paisekiyukti, and we wish you enjoy your day and get lots of memories. However, if you are a teenager and willing to learn how to make money online or get freelancing tips, you can stay tuned to our blog.

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