5 Points to Take Care of Before Buying Car Insurance

Buying car insurance is compulsory for all car owners. However, having motor insurance from a trusted insurance company not only adheres to the law but also works as a financial cushion when your vehicle burns out on the street or gets stolen. To help you find the best car insurance for your favourite car, we have provided five points to take care of while choosing car insurance. 

5 Points to Take Care of Before Buying Car Insurance

#1. Stay Updated with your State's Car Insurance Guidelines

Every State in India has some different car insurance guidelines you need to follow. You should know about these general guidelines to find the ideal insurance cover for your car.

#2. Understand your Car Insurance Policy First

In most cases, you get third-party insurance cover that covers third-party liability. However, choosing comprehensive insurance coverage is good if you own a heavy vehicle. While buying car insurance, you must check whether theft and accidental damage are covered. Many car parts do not get full coverage, that you must know before applying for insurance cover.

#3. Know what your Motor Insurance Policy Cover and what not

While applying for insurance cover for a car, all options look similar. But you must carefully read all terms of this contract, as it will help you claim your car insurance easily in an unfortunate situation.

#4. Consider a Zero Depreciation add-on in your Car Insurance Policy

It's recommended to consider zero depreciation add-on cover. Insurance companies bear the depreciation amount against your insured car in your standard car insurance policy. These covers also offer a key-replacement facility, where you can claim the cost of replacing a lost car key. If you own a highly expensive car such as a Lamborghini Gallardo, you must prefer zero depreciation cover. 

#5. Do Little Research to Find the Best Insurance Cover for your Car

There are lots of car insurance companies, and they all offer similar cover, but the premium amount can have a huge difference. Hence, take your time to do research for the ideal car insurance cover to find a trusted company. So, you can easily get a claim in a hassle-free manner. 

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