8 Body Language Tips to Crack Interview (2024)

Last week I went for the interview for the post of accountant, but I didn’t get selected over there. Do you know why? I was disappointed as I have all the skills, but I didn’t choose. You might also be faced with such a kind of situation. After some time I researched and get some key points about body language during the interview. To get any job, everybody needs to pass the selection procedure or face an interview, where a candidate is required to perform well by answering the interviewer’s questions. But there is one more thing to focus on is your body language. This is important because it shows your confidence level and experience.

Body Language Tips to Crack Interview

The candidate needs to be motivated and active; here, active means you should not act as an innocent boy or a shy person; you should be energetic and smiling. Don’t be nervous and sit properly. Sitting posture reflects how much you are professional and have professional work experience. The interviewer wants you to look confident and mature. People hesitate to hire amateurs because they are newbies, do not have any workload handling skills, etc.

Non-verbal communication in a prospective employee meet-up gives the questioner a lot of data that isn't passed on by the expressed word alone. It uncovers whether the competitor is certain, objective, arranged, and centered – or undoubtedly, regardless of whether the up-and-comer may really be exhausted, uncertain, or anxious.

Reliable non-verbal communication gives an occasion to persuade the questioner of your value as an applicant. Do you know oral communication is just 7% of total communication? You should not depend upon what you have spoken because it is just 7% of the whole communication. There is 38% for your tone, voice speed, how effective you speak, and there is 55% part of body language. Now you have understood the importance of body language during the interview.

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Direction about winning in forthcoming representative gatherings is presumably as moving as people are stretching out to appeal on work opportunity interviews. Every business is assorted by how they lead interviews and what they need to get away from them.

Body language is nonverbal communication that includes your Habit, nature, and state of mind. Sometimes, the clearing interview may depend on confidence and presence of mind; body language is an important factor. There is a bond between human expressions, thoughts, habits; these three factors affect each other. Body language also arises from these three.

Body Language Tips to Crack Interview

1. Make sure your legs should be straight and should not be crossed. The crossed leg symbolizes protection and indicates that you are afraid of something and want to hide it.

Maintaining eye contact indicates that you are giving value to the listener and shows you are confident.

2. Give rest to your shoulder and sit with a Slightly bent shoulder; this shows you have a clear heart and mind. Sitting on more shoulder blades is counted in the category of applause. 

3. Always answer yes or no to small questions and never use the neck to answer. This is not a good courtesy.

4. If there is more than one interviewer, do not answer the question by looking at one. Always try to cover all of them.

5. It is better to show a smiley face than to be rude and serious as it shows that you are aspiring for a particular position or profession. You should never touch your face or hair, indicating that you are nervous.

6. Whenever someone handshake you, keep in mind you also do the same with a smiley face, and you should handshake with the person without not holding hands too hard or loose.

7. You should never shake your face and legs without reason; this indicates that you are getting nervous.

8. You should neither speak too fast nor too slowly; if you do it, then the person sitting next to you will think you have less confidence.

So, these are the general rules which should be followed if you want to be selected for the interview.


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