How to Make a Career in Disaster Management?

Disaster management is itself a more significant challenge for all countries. Like a flood, fire, tycoon, cyclone, fire in forests, etc., are more considerable challenges to overcome. Because of this, many people get affected, and some of them die on the spot, and there is a substantial economic loss. These are the more considerable challenges for every country.

How to Make a Career in Disaster Management?

The whole world makes rules and forces to overcome these unavoidable disasters, known as disaster management. In simple words, disaster management is a process where the protection from natural disasters takes place. Disaster management refers to the authority and supervision of natural resources and duties for managing uncontrollable unfavorable things. And response and help to recover from what happened unfortunately with previous experience.  

Disaster Is Categorised into Two Types

1) Natural disaster 

2) Man-made


1) Natural disaster: Natural disaster is related to weather and natural resources.  For example, floods, cyclones, tsunamis, landslides, etc. 

2) Man-made: these are man-made disasters, it includes fire in the hospital, factories, an accident of bus or train, falling down buildings, etc.


Our state and the central government try their best to protect average people from these disasters and spread awareness. In this field, the person knows how to protect humans and their assets. This is a risky profession, but still, the young generation is preferring this field. In our country, there are a lot of opportunities in this field.


For the protection of natural disasters the central and state government provides the funding. The Home Ministry, Agriculture and Cooperative ministry, civil aviation, and railways are also active for disaster management. A natural disaster is unpredictable. That is why, disaster management act, 2005 took place. 

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Two wings are working in the country: National Disaster management authority and Director General Civil Defense. 

What is the Career Scope in Disaster Management? 

Most jobs are available in the Public sector on either a permanent or contract basis. As the government department of the Fire Department hires professionals who have diplomas for the post. Foreign students can make their career in Emergency services, UNO, NGO, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, etc.


The graduate candidates can open their own start-up or consultancy service. 

What is Eligibility Criteria to Make a Career in Disaster Management?

A student must be at least 12th pass out with at least 50% marks for certification and undergraduate courses. And graduation is compulsory for a Master's and MBA. You can do a PHD in this field. There are both regular and distance learning courses are available. 

What are some popular courses? 

Popular Disaster Management Courses:  

1. Certificate Course in Disaster Management 

2. Diploma in Disaster Management 

3. MBA in Disaster Management 

4. PG Diploma in Disaster Management, etc.  

Top Institutes to Study Disaster Management 


1. Delhi College of Civil Defense, Safety Engineering, New Delhi (

2. National Institute of Security and safety management, Pune, Maharashtra (  

3. Institute of Disaster Management and fire safety, Mohali, Punjab (

4. Indira Gandhi Open University, New Delhi (  

What is the Salary Package Offered in Disaster Management? 

As this is a risky and challenging profession, the professionals are paid well. In disaster management, besides the air force, ITBP, some agencies are also working. 


If you are looking for a challenging but exciting job with short and fewer fees courses, you can consider this. The young generation is showing their interest, and there is regular competition. This may be a good career choice for you.


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