3 Things to Do to Avoid Delay in Paying EMI & Credit Card Bills

There are some manageable things you can do to avoid late payments for your EMI and credit card bills, which often cause you significant penalties. Save your money by following these simple tips.

Many people forget to pay their monthly EMI and credit card dues. Do you also? A single delay in your EMI and credit card bill payment can be costly for you, as it can negatively impact your credit card score and put additional financial burden. 

3 Things to Do to Avoid Delay in Paying EMI & Credit Card Bills

Thankfully, some easy ways can help you avoid penalties due to late payment of credit card monthly bills. 

Let's know about them in the below-mentioned points.

Things to Use to Avoid EMI and Credit Card Due

#1. Consider Using Auto Pay Feature

You often forget to pay your monthly EMIs and credit card bills because you need to pay for other things. Sometimes it can be because it skipped from your mind to pay the required bills. However, if you also face the same issue, it's good to use the auto-pay feature that most credit card and loan providers offer. 

Remember, a delay in your EMI or credit card is not suggested; it can add additional amounts to pay as well as decrease the credit score. Therefore, putting your selected account on autopay will be helpful.

#2. Rethink About the Repayment Date

After taking a loan or using your credit card, your account can notice a fund shortage on the payment date. It's common if your fund inflow or salary starts coming on another date, and you spend most of your income before paying your EMIs. 

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In such cases, you can contact them directly to the lender and ask them to change the repayment date of the EMI or credit card bill. This way, you will stand competent to settle all your dues on time and when you have proper funds available in your account. 

#3. Highlight the Payment Day in Calendar

To make your EMI payment on time, it's good to set the alarm in your phone and calendar for the payment date. It will remind you to pay the required due on time. Moreover, before the payment, you will also remember to arrange funds from your side. 

This tip to avoid delay in loan can be extremely beneficial if you need to pay your monthly EMIs from a specific account on a given date. You can set the alarm on your smartwatch or smartphone. 


As a credit card or loan user, it's always good to avoid delays in EMI and credit card bill payment; it can negatively impact your credit score as well as cause additional penalties to pay with the next payment. You can use the points mentioned above to avoid any payment delay in the future. 

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