How to Become a Uber Driver? Ultimate Guide

Becoming an Uber driver can be one of the easy ways to make money from driving a car. All you need is your own rental car and Uber driver account. But it's not as superficial as it seems. There are certain requirements that a driver needs to fulfill before getting hired by Uber and earning up to $20 an hour. 

How to Become a Uber Driver? Ultimate Guide

Read this article to learn how to become an Uber driver and earn money by driving a car. I have shared some crucial findings that will help you find a great gig to make money in your free time. 

What Are the Requirements to Become a Uber Driver?

Before you apply to become a driver for Uber, you need to meet some criteria, such as those mentioned below.

1. You must meet the minimum age requirement to drive in the selected city. 

2. If you are in the USA, you must have an authentic driving license and a minimum of one year's driving experience. However, it may be three years if you are under 25. 

3. You must pass the verification process by the Uber team which checks your driving record and background check.

4. You must have proof of vehicle insurance that you will drive and get paid for.

5. Additionally, you must have residential proof in the city or state you are living in. 

There may also be some other requirements, so you should check out the latest guidelines by visiting its official website. 

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Are There Any Requirements for the Car/Vehicle You Drive for Uber?

Ideally, you need a car or vehicle you drive in good condition. It must meet the latest pollution and other guidelines mentioned by state authorities. Below is a checklist that you must go through before going for a vehicle inspection for Uber. 

1. It must not have any commercial branding. 

2. It must not be titled as salvage or rebuilt. 

3. It must pass the state's inspection requirements.

4. It must also meet the vehicle age requirements. 

There can also be some additional requirements levied by Uber. So, check out all the details carefully while applying to become an Uber driver. 

What Are Vehicle Insurance Requirements for Uber Drivers?

Uber drivers must have vehicle insurance to cover any legal and financial losses. Your insurance should cover the minimum limit set by the respective state where you drive your vehicle. Some states put additional insurance requirements for ridesharing drivers. Uber also has the facility to maintain insurance coverage on behalf of its drivers, which starts when you accept the trip request. If the passenger or client has asked, it may also cover the waiting period. 

However, when registering to become a Uber driver, you should discuss it with your insurance provider. Because your vehicle insurance provider may cancel your insurance policy if you don't update them about your new employment status. So, it's best to connect with them and update them about your new gig. 

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How Much Can You Earn as an Uber Driver?

If you become an Uber driver, you can earn $5 to $20 per hour depending on the trip location and its location. Although, the earnings may fluctuate based on your trip frequency, bonuses, and the tips you get from the passenger. 

How Much Does Uber Pay in Qatar?

If you are an Uber driver in Qatar, you can earn around QAR 1500 for your first 75 trips. However, if you fail to earn this amount, Uber will pay the difference value. For example, you completed your 75 trips and earned QAR 1050; in this case, Uber will pay you QAR 450.

How Many Trips Can You Make in a Day With Uber?

You can set two driving destinations in the Uber driver app each day. However, if you don't get any trip, you can alter it as convenient. 

How to Make More Money as an Uber Driver?

To make more money as an Uber driver, you can familiarize yourself with the various earning options available in the app. It can be bonuses, promotions, and other ways that may help you earn money. 

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In addition, you can benefit from peak hours, when most people are going to their offices or coming back from offices, because Uber has increased its prices. As a result, you earn more money and even get tips. If you can drive in the morning and late evening, it can increase your chances of maximizing your income as a Uber driver. 


Uber is a great platform to make money online by driving a car. If you are also looking for a reliable app where you can earn a decent income easily, becoming a Uber driver can be ideal. I hope you have some idea of how to be an Uber driver and start making money. However, if you don't find it more suitable, consider checking out other articles we have published here. 

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