Netflix Plans to Detect Password Sharing in India, Know-How

In the process of increasing revenue growth, Netflix - one of the leading video-sharing platforms - has introduced its new subscription tier and talked about how it will prevent password sharing in India. Recently, Netflix asked its Indian customers not to share their user passwords with individuals other than their family members, which has become common among users. 

Netflix, one of the leading video-sharing platforms, recently revealed its strategy to detect and stop password sharing in India and introduce a subscription tier.

According to an official statement by this leading video streaming platform, the single account is meant to be used within the household, allowing household members access to an account even if they are on the go or vacation. The company has offered "Transfer Profile" and "Manage Access Devices" features to enable an enhanced user experience and more control. 

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To ensure proper enforcement of these new measures, Netflix will now only allow users using the same internet connection to access a particular account. Users not having the same internet connection wouldn't be considered part of a Netflix Household and will not be allowed to access the account. Instead, they will be redirected to create a new account rather than being logged in. 

It has confirmed to utilize information like device ID, IP address, and account activity. However, the company also said it would not use GPS tracking. 

Netflix has also asked active members to make the necessary changes in the devices signed into their account and deactivate accounts not of their family members. Furthermore, users who shared their password and user ID with others will now be required to transfer to new accounts by purchasing a new subscription plan. 

Netflix offers four monthly plans currently in India, including a mobile-only plan at Rs 149, a basic plan at Rs 199, a standard plan at Rs 499, and a premium tier at Rs 699. Its premium tier plan supports up to four different devices. 

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