10 Interesting Facts About Money [2023]

With an understanding of facts about money, you become not only more interested in finance but also gain some surprising facts to share with friends. In this article, we will talk about ten interesting facts about money that you might be encountering for the first time. So, keep reading this article and explore some fun facts about money.

10 Interesting Facts About Money [2023]

10 Interesting Facts About Money [2023]

1. Pound Sterling Ranks As the World's Oldest Currency

The official currency of the United Kingdom is the Pound Sterling, and it first appeared in 1489 under Henry VIII's rule. While most European countries opted for the Euro as the single currency for all European countries, the Pound Sterling managed to maintain its nationwide acceptance.

2. India Had the Highest Currency Denomination, Rs 10,000 Note

After demonetization, the Rs 2,000 note became the country's highest denomination currency. However, India also had its Rs 10,000 note in 1938, making it Indian history's highest currency denomination. 

3. A Coin Can Normally Last For Around 30 Years

Among the most vivid facts about money is that a normal coin lasts up to 30 years. Additionally, when these coins become too worn down or tarnished to remain in circulation, the issuing institution melts and repurposes them.

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4. Queen Elizabeth II Named As a Most Featured Person on Coins and Banknotes

Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of the UK and 15 other commonwealth realms, is the individual with the most featured person on coins and notes. Interestingly, she has also featured in the currency of over 30 countries. 

5. There is an Interesting Story: Why US Dollars Are Green

The US Dollars were not green from its origin. For instance, it was black and red in color until the Civil War when the government decided to use green ink for the printed paper currencies. Because of the green color, the US dollars are recognized as Greenbacks. The government selected green as ink for its official notes because it easily decomposes and does not fade. 

6. The highest Denomination in the US was $100,000

In 1934, a $100,000 bill featuring President Woodrow Wilson was issued as gold certificate currency. The currency was not issued for public use but was intended to ensure official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks. 

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7. Romans Were the First to Stamp The Image of Individuals on Their Coins

In 44 BC, Roman emperor Julius Caesar stamped his image on coins for circulation. The act was unacceptable and regarded as political arrogance. 

8. Only 8% of the World's Money is in Physical Mode.

With the enhancement of mobile payments and net banking facilities, most people have decreased dependence on physical cash and coins. Instead, they keep their money in banks and other digital modes to keep it safe and usable from various checkpoints. According to economists, only 8% of the world's cash is in physical mode, while the rest of the money exists on computer hard drives in electronic banking systems.

9. The Euro is Regarded As the Second Most Important Currency.

The US Dollar is regarded as the world's most important currency for lending, borrowing, and central bank reserves. But what's the second most important currency in the world? The answer is Euro, which was introduced in 1999. The currency has also been protected from exchange rate volatility and is used by over 340 million Europeans.

10. The Future of Money is Digital Currency

With emerging trends like the faster adoption of cryptocurrencies and mobile payments, the future of money is digital. Cash may slowly become less in public use to promote digital cash.


There are so many fun facts about money that are worth more than its actual face value. In this article, we talked about some interesting money facts that may help you get more interested in finance. These facts about money enrich your understanding of money and its history to help you understand how it keeps evolving over time and in global market conditions. 

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