6 Best Website To Get Paid For Reading Books [2024]

In today's era, many people around the globe write and read books. They are writers and readers, so if writers earn through writing, then why can't readers earn through reading? But how can you get paid to read books, and is there any way for it? You might be thinking this; thus, I have created this exciting blog to learn how to get paid for reading books.

You can earn through reading because there are many platforms where you can read books for money. Many writers and publishers take the reviews from the readers and pay for their work. By doing this, they can understand what they can improve in their books and their contents. 

So, I will tell you how to get paid for reading books with the practical approach.

Yes! You can earn money through reading books and even good money. And if you are one of many people who like to read books, you can benefit yourself. And even if you are one of the people who want to spend their free time reading books then stay here. 

Because if you are also a book reader who loves to read books, you can make money online now. If you want some money and are not getting any straightforward way, you can use this information for your pocket money. Here, I will tell you how to earn money by only reading books and getting paid for your book reading.

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Why Do You Get Paid For Reading?

Usually, many people wonder why we get paid for reading books. You provide the publishers or writer with a review as a suggestion to improve their written content. This work is not only about giving reviews but is also based on only book reading. You can work as a proofreader, copywriter, or get paid for reading books aloud. They don't want to take any chances with their book so let's see what works to get paid with your reading skills.

#1. Proofreading: 

You can get paid for proofreading written pieces like books, articles, and research content in this field. Whoever publishes their articles on websites or a professional writer publishing something. Like a self-employed writer or anyone who writes for the public. 

You can proofread their documents and correct grammatical mistakes, punctuation marks, spelling mistakes, etc. On Upwork and other freelance sites, you get around $30 to $40 for every proofreading project. 

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#2. Copy-Editing: 

You can do proofreading work for the writers, but copy editing is more than proofreading. You don't need only correct typos or grammatical mistakes; you can even edit books. You work on the decoration of the book, which makes it interesting. You can say that copy editing is a work where you make the document more readable from the reader's point of view.

In freelance editing, you can get businesses to charge $30 to $50 for every project. However, in starting, you can keep your charges around $5-$10.

#3. Translating: 

Many readers around the globe love to read different books in their languages. So if you know more than two languages, it is advantageous for you to translate a book from one to another language. Such as in India, if you know Hindi and English, both languages, you can translate English books to Hindi. 

That will be a good sign of providing books in readers language. For being a translator, you should know the language properly, especially about the slang, cultural differences, word spelling, grammar, and many more things. Your translated books should be readable for readers. In this work, you earn $20 for 1000 to 10,000 words depending upon your charges.

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#4. Audiobook: 

Here, you can get paid for reading aloud and paid for book reading invoices. The writers don't want to miss any chance of extra earning on their books. Many readers also are there around the globe who don't like to read stories. Because of that, they love to listen to the story in the human voice but in a pleasing tone. So the readers are comfortable with audiobooks, and writers also care about the customer and how they can feel more comfortable reading their books. 

Reading doesn't matter; the main thing is the book's story, which should be reached at the customer. It doesn't matter how many copies the writer sells. So if you have a pleasant voice and can speak any language clearly, you can work as a book reader. You have to record your voice while reading the book aloud. If you do this work well, you will get more customers who will ask to convert the book into an audiobook.

Here you have to work 6 to 10 hours to earn $100, even more than this, depending upon the project. So, if you want to get paid for reading books aloud and working in your comfort zone, then it is also a great idea.

#5. Review The Book: 

This is good work to do if you love to read and convert your reading passion into a source of income. This means you also can get paid for writing book reviews. Means many readers have the feeling that to provide feedback in the form of review to the book write ups. 

So in this work, you do the same: you review the book and suggest to them your opinion. What you have to do is provide a review in mostly text format. In the review, you have to share a summary of the story with suggestions to improve. After that, provide them your unique evaluated thing about the book. Thus, a book reviewer job is also an excellent method to get paid to read books that you can try to earn money online. 

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6 Best Websites For Making Money By Reading Books

Friends, it was all about how you can earn money by reading books and the jobs relevant to it. Now the question is where you can do this work or get a book reviewer job. So now I will tell you the most famous websites where you can use your reading skills to earn money. Please look to the below-mentioned websites so you can get paid for reading books online.


On this website, you can complete a straightforward process to start working as a book reviewer. First, you have to sign up for it with your email id and other details. And during this process, you have to create a user name and select the category of books you like to read. After completing your sign-up, you will be able to give the review; you don't get paid on the first review as they will assure the quality of your book review. 

After completing the first review, you can get paid for reading books where it will pay you for the book reviews by your side. You get paid $5 to $60 per review; that is a significant amount if you are starting and willing to make some money through your reading skills. Online book club looks for honest reviewers who provide a summary of the book than their opinion and rating for the book under 1 to 4. If you can do this work, then it is the site where you get paid to read. 


This is another website where you can earn money through reading books. If the quality of review should be professional to understand. You can look at the tag band, which is 'professional reviews for the people.' Here, you can get the time limit that can be 2 to 3 weeks. 

And they provide you with a list of the book with the title with a time limit; you have to prepare a 250 to 300 words review. On this web website, you get paid based on the monthly system and your performance. So, it can also be one of the best websites to get paid to read books.


This one is a the top website which is the magazine on the internet and where it shows the entire book ornate mental. To work on this website, you have first to provide your basic information in a short form and two book reviews of at least 300 words. 

This website is for book lovers. It finds the best book for its reader so they can read and provide valuable book reviews. Here you get 50 dollars for one review of about 600 words, and the reviewer's honesty should create that.


Kirkus media is also an excellent website to earn using your reading skills. It is a very respective platform for authors to get reviews. On this website, you get work to prepare your book review around 350 words.

Reviewers can provide the review on this website either in English or Spanish. So, if you still think about how I can get paid for reading books, you must consider this website. 

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This is a book review magazine by the American library association, and it is also a well-known platform. This platform aims to help librarians and book readers select the best book for them. Usually, a formal review can be about 175 words, but if the book is good and you want to read it, it can be about 225 words(with the editor's approval).

The volume of publishing read reviews of this website is around 1000 per year. You get 5 dollars for a rejected review at this platform and 15 dollars for your accepted and approved review. 


This website takes the reviews by women and only about women. So if you are a woman and find a woman book reviewer job, it can be a fantastic website for you. 

Most of the reviewers on these websites are professionals and experienced. They are compassionate about it, so they get $100 for each review.


This article discussed how you can get paid to read books and the leading sites to try your reading skills. Here I told you some platforms where you can apply and start earning by reading online. 

Thus, if you are a passionate reader and love to read hundreds of books in a year, then look for one of these websites and start getting paid for reading books. 

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