What Are The Types Of Graphic Designers? (2023)

What is a graphic designer in the designing industry? What are the types of graphic designers or the forms of graphic designs? Graphic designing is one of the fastest-growing fields where several jobs and career opportunities are growing. 


Hence, even if you don't know about this field, you don't need to worry anymore. Because I will tell you everything about the graphic designer and the types of the graphic designer. 


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What Is A Graphic Designer? 

Graphic design is a skill in which the skilled designer combines text, color, motion, images and visualizes the information and instructions. 


It can be used even for specific things such as logos, and it can be tricky for tasks such as the page layout of a website or a book. 


Many types of graphic designers can be categorized by industry, such as logo, product design, advertising, marketing, etc.

What Are The Different Types Of Graphic Designers?

#1. UI Designer

Nowadays, almost all companies prefer to build their online presence. And for this, they need a website with an excellent UI design. Hence, the designer who designs the UI or user interface of the website and webpages are called UI designers. These are some of the crucial types of graphic designers who are also demanding and well-paid. If you aspire to be a UI designer, you need to learn about technical and designing skills.  

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#2. Brand Identity Designer

Most of you may believe that graphic designers design logos. But it's not the truth; it is the work of a brand identity designer or the logo designer. The logo is the essential part of any business that signifies the nature of the brand and its work. Hence, brand identity designers are the type of graphic designers who create logos and other brand designs. They can also work as the brand strategist to suggest, work around typography, icon system, and more.  

#3. Marketing And Ads Designer

Whatever piece of marketing and ads you watch is designed by marketing and advertising designers. These designers can design for offline and online marketing or advertising needs. Their primary work includes creating banners, posters, brochures, marketing email, social media graphic content, and more. Nowadays, marketing and advertising designers have become the crucial types of graphic designers. 

#4. Publishing Designer

Graphic designers who work in the publishing and print industry are called publishing designers. These designers mainly design book covers, layouts for the magazine, stationery design, and jewelry design. Publishing designers are also in demand because magazines, books, and other products bring a vast audience. Hence, it requires expert publishing designers.  

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#5. Motion Graphic Designer

Have you seen any animated graphics in a video clip? Motion designers are the type of graphic designers who work closely with the motion content. They add some elements and graphics in the motion content, such as animated logos, tutorials, and more. They use audio, video, text, elements, and other graphic elements to complete the project they get.  

#6. Packaging Designer

Almost every product needs to have attractive packaging so the customer can attract. Hence, the graphic designer who designs the labels, boxes, bags, container and other for the brands are the packaging designer. Nowadays, many large companies hire a dedicated team of packaging designers. Moreover, these designers also work as freelance or in an agency. Hence, these designers are also significant types of graphic designers.   

What Does A Graphic Designer Do? Graphic Designer Roles And Responsibilities 

Here you will understand precisely what graphic designers do in their official life. I have listed some critical job roles about the same, and it will clear to you what you need to improve before working as a graphic designer. 

#1. Create Design

If you are a graphic designer, creating the designs for a company or a customer is your primary work. You need to understand the type of industry for what you are designing and the layout for what purpose you are designing.

#2. Create Visual Elements

Plan the design outline and the purpose visually to the viewer. You create visual elements to make your design more attractive and innovative. Your effective design uses pictures, animation, text, and color combinations. 

#3. Select Layouts Images And Interfaces

Creating visual elements is also one of your works and part of graphic design. If you are a graphic designer, you have to create and select the image, text face, and layout. It can be a simple logo, or it can be a problematic website interface too. 

#4. Meetings With Art Director And Clients

As a graphic designer, you attend and host meetings with clients and art directors. So you can know the expectations and the type of design you have to design. Also, discuss what elements you can create the design for customers. 

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#5. Evaluate The Final Design

A graphic designer also evaluates the final design to make it top class. You need to understand its errors and the interaction between the viewer and your design. 

#6. Presentations Of Design

If you are done with your design and its final evaluation. You will need to hold a presentation about the final design. You have to serve it in front of clients and take their feedback and approval. So that they can suggest to you what changes and updates they want in your designed graphics. 

#7. Applying Design Updates

If the client wants some changes in your design, then it is your work to do it and evaluate it. Accept this if you find any error or update in design; you have to apply it to your design. 

What Is The Salary Of a Graphic Designer? 

How much can you earn if you are a graphic designer? Here we will try to understand the salary you will get if you are an internship or a professional then how much you can earn with your experiences. 

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If you are doing an internship at the organization, you can easily earn around $200 to $300 per month. If you have Experienced, then your salaries can vary as per the organization's pay level. However, below you can understand the standard pay as per the experience of the graphic designer.  

0 To 2 Years: 

If you have 0 to 2 years of experience and just started your career as a graphic designer, you can earn around 40k to 49k USD per year. However, if you are working in India, then you can earn Rs25,000 to Rs40,000 per month.  

2 To 5 Years:

If you have spent some time in this career as a graphic designer and have to experience 2 25 years, you can easily earn around 45k to 57k USD per year. 

5 To 10 Years:

If you are a very experienced person, you can get a salary of 51k to 70k+ USD per year. However, experienced graphic designers earn up to Rs1,50,000 per month. Even they earn more if they run a design agency or do freelance graphic design work.  


We have discussed what the graphic designer is and what its role is. I have explained the salaries based on internships and your experience in this field as a professional. With this, you get to know the different types of graphic designers and how you can work in a particular way in this industry. Thus, if you like this article, stay tuned with Paisekiyukti because I will keep coming with such outstanding posts. 


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