Get Paid To Review Products: 15 Best Product Testing Sites

Hey, how can you get paid to review products at home for free? Do brands pay to review their products not launched yet in the market? Top brands like Adidas look for people like you to review their newly manufactured products. So, they can use your feedback to improve their product and market it effectively. 


In return, you get a free product to review and a cash or gift card as well. Thus, it is worth reading this article if you are looking for work from home money-making ideas. Product testing is one of the legit ways to make money online or offline. Also, you can get paid by cash, gift cards, and merchandise.  

best product testing sites

Why Do Brands Use Paid Product Testing? 

Paid product testing is one of the essential terms businesses use to get feedback from their customers on newly manufactured products. By doing this, these brands can understand whether customers like the products or not. If they need any upgrade or improvement in such a product. Brands can do it with this method; if the product does not perform well, brands can save money. 


They can control the number of shipments and other expenses, so the brand will not face more losses if the product does not do well. Therefore, the brands look for product testing sites and list their newly launched products. And ask people like you to review and provide accurate insights on the same. In return, you get paid to test products at home without making much effort from your side.  

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How Can You Earn Money By Testing Products At Home?

First, you need to check out the best product testing sites that pay you in cash, merchandise, and gift cards discussed here. And after finding the ideal and best product testing sites in the UK, Canada, USA or India. You can sign up and start reviewing such products available on such sites. Signing up is an easy process, and I know most of you know how you can sign up on such sites. It is as simple as creating your Facebook account; hence, let's start discussing the best product testing websites without wasting time on this matter.  

Best Product Testing Sites: Let's Get Paid To Test Products Free At Home! 

#1. UserTesting

UserTesting is a great paid testing website that lets you test a wide range of websites. However, here you do not require to test the physical products other than the brand's website. You need to share your personal opinion about the website's UI, load time, and other essential guidelines. If you want to make extra money online in your spare time, you can join UserTesting.

best product testing sites

Because it pays you up to $4 for a 5 minutes test and $10 for a 20-minute test. When you participate in live interviews, you can easily earn $30-120. Hence, it is also an excellent user testing website that pays well to its users.  

#2. Toluna Influencer Panel

Whether you look for the best product testing sites in the USA or elsewhere, Toluna Influencer Panel is great. Because it has high-paying focus groups that can pay you up to $100 for every product review. It has leading brands like Sony Music, Coca-Cola, and Amazon. It is also one of the trusted survey websites; you can do the survey here.

best product testing sites

However, when you sign up here, you will be required to keep an eye on email invites for the product review. And you can claim your earned reward in Cash or gift cards without any issue.  

#3. Clicks Research

Click Research is another fantastic product testing website that has big brands. Here you can test the products of leading brands like The Body Shop and Sanctuary. You can even participate in paid surveys and earn 2500 Click Research rewards.

best product testing sites

You can claim it as £25 cash; also, you can earn 25-100 reward points for every survey. Although, if you talk about product testing, you can test slimming shakes, chocolates, and even cosmetic items.  

#4. Product Report Card

Product Report Card is superb and the best site for product testing. The site lets you get paid to test products with a decent amount. If you get an invite for product testing, you can earn $300-$500. However, some every day but decent-paying product testing tasks are also available here. You can easily claim your earned reward with its fast payment feature.

best product testing sites

Moreover, you have both cash and gift cards options to claim your rewards. Thus, if you were looking for high-paying and best product testing sites in Australia, the USA, or else. It can be the most appropriate paid product testing website to check out.  

#5. Daily Goodie Box

Another best product testing site sends you a full-size box to a single sample product for review. And in return, you provide a legit and honest review on the same product. The best thing about working on this platform is that you get free products to review at home from leading brands.

best product testing sites

Also, you can earn various coupons for completing such exciting tasks. Therefore, I would suggest you check this excellent and best-paid product review website as well.  

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#6. Alba Science

If you want to get paid to test cosmetic products at home Alba Science is the platform. They send you high-quality and expensive products for testing. If you like to try expensive products, you should try this paid testing website as well.

best product testing sites

They also organize paid clinical trials for the products. You can participate in such campaigns and earn decent money online. However, you can follow them on their social media handles like Twitter for new updates about such opportunities.  

#7. Crowdville

The site focuses more on kids and lets you get paid to test mobile apps. It is a well-established platform in Spain, but it will be worth it if you wish to test in the UK.

best product testing sites

By signing up on the product testing website, you will be testing various mobile apps. And with your honest reviews, you would be making gift cards and cash.  

#8. Microsoft Playtest Gamers

If you love to play regularly or once a month, you should register yourself on Microsoft Playtest Gamers. You do not need a dedicated console or strong grips in mobile gaming. This site wants you to collect valuable feedback from people of all ages.

best product testing sites

You tell a brief about the game you love to play. With this feedback, you get some exciting gifts and offers. And provided data this site uses for future research and studies to improve user experience.  

#9. Univox Community

If you are looking for the best product testing sites in Canada, the UK, USA, Australia, India, or worldwide. Univox Community is a well-established and trusted website you should check. Because it works worldwide and offers your household products to test.

best product testing sites

Here you can be using your taste testing, clinical trials, or other physical testing skills to make money with this site. You can earn gift cards and cash by working on this paid testing website.  

#10. Clear Voice Surveys

Here you do not test physical products to test and get paid to test products. But you also give your feedback for new movie trailers, focus groups, surveys, and much more. Also, this site has been working since 2006 and has built a decent reputation in the market. It also runs various types of surveys to get feedback from its users. Hence, if you work with this site, you can earn decent cash and gift cards.  

best product testing sites

#11. TryProducts

It is the latest site of Daily Goodie Box created to review new and fresh products in the market. Here you get different types of products to review and earn money. You need to sign up and apply for available paid product testing opportunities.

best product testing sites

And when you get accepted, you test products or small or new launching businesses. Also, here you get paid by getting free merchandise products for review.  

#12. National Consumer Panel

If you like to shop in a grocery shop or mall for yourself, you can get paid for this habit. The National Consumer Panel always looks for open-minded shoppers to share their purchase details. You need to register with it, and you will be provided with a handheld scanner. So, you can scan all the purchases you made by yourself, and with every scan, you will earn reward points. And you can convert those reward points into Visa Gift Cards. If you live in the USA and are willing to find the best product testing sites USA. You can check out this fantastic product testing website.  

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#13. Adidas

Do you love Adidas shoes and their apparel and want to try them for free? You can join Adidas's product testing program and add your measurements. So, whenever such product testing opportunities go live, you mail with the product. You mainly review apparel and shoe of Adidas for up to 4 weeks.

best product testing sites

And provide your review and feedback along with the merchandise you received. You get exciting rewards from Adidas; however, you can not keep the merchandise. The company will use the tested product for additional research by their side.  

#14. Product Testing USA

If you want the best product testing website in the USA, Product Testing USA is the platform. You test a wide range of tech, fashion, and accessories-related items when you register yourself here. Also, you can become a mystery shopper at restaurants across the USA. Because all these tasks ask you to write a simple and authentic review.

best product testing sites

However, if you are looking for the best product testing sites in India, you should check out the site. So, you can understand whether you can become a product tester here or not. Although, you can also check out the rest of the product testing websites we have discussed here, as they're also you can get paid to test products at home.  

#15. The Pink Panel

The Pink Panel is another excellent product testing website to test cosmetic products. You get the products to review before they get launched in the market. And for incentive, you get paid for every product review anywhere from $25- $500. Hence, you can try this product testing website to make money at your comfort.  

best product testing sites

Best Product Testing Sites For Work From Home

So, here we discussed the best product testing sites that pay you cash, gift cards, and merchandise. You can consider any of the sites based on your requirements. As most of them pay you decent rewards for every product testing. Also, there you can participate in paid surveys and other tasks to earn some extra money online


So, now you have the best product testing sites to review mobile apps for cosmetic products. You can even review amazon products for money and earn some extra cash. I hope you love this article and support our blog by sharing it and expressing your precious views. 


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