Toluna Review 2023: How To Make Money On Toluna Surveys?

Were you looking to earn extra money using best-paid survey sites? Toluna is famous for this, as it provides various ways to make money online on its platform. If you want to learn about these ways to earn money, this article will help you.  


What Is Toluna?

Toluna is a famous online community-based survey site company that provides an opportunity to get paid by completing a few surveys to research market insights through the users. There is not only one way of earning on Toluna surveys. You can get rewarded by doing more different tasks such as participating in seasonal contests and refers. 

How To Sign Up In Toluna? How To Create An Account In Toluna? 

If you want to work on the Toluna site, you should know how to create an account in Toluna. 

#1. Visit The Site:

First of all, visit the sign-up page of the Toluna sign-up page. You can start from here the process to create your accounts. 

#2. Basic Info:

There would be a total of nine short questions and all about your basic information, such as email address and your name. 

#3. Confirmation:

Once you have answered questions and submitted them. You will receive a confirmation email message from the Toluna team. 

#4. The Account Is Ready:

Just verify your Toluna account email through the massage you receive from the team. 

#5. Keep Taking Surveys

You have your account now, and you have signed up on Toluna. Click on the "Profile Surveys" option to find paid surveys for taking surveys. You need to find ideal paid surveys to collect points and make money. 

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How Does Toluna Work? 

Toluna works in a way that most paid survey websites use to run their platform. Its users who attend surveys are called "Toluna influencers." Toluna provides its users a survey of their categories on their profiles. After that, users attend the surveys and submit those. It helps Toluna in research about market insights. 

After submission, the completed survey's results are used by Toluna to help brands worldwide. So, they can understand wrong and right things about their product and how they can improve themselves in the market.  

Once users do surveys, they get some points they can redeem later as rewards. You can also redeem rewards in many ways, such as gift cards, competition entries, or cash out. Users can earn more by playing games and watching videos, and some more.  


How Much Money Can You Earn On Toluna?

At Toluna surveys, 3000 rewards points are equal to $1, which is relatively less. However, if you work on this paid survey site for about two to three hours a day. You can easily make $1-$3 and continue working in the same way for a month.

Like other paid survey websites, you can make about $30-$90 a month. You will have to put in a lot of effort, and sometimes it's only a good fit for making extra money. If you want to earn passive money, check out our other make money online-related articles.  

Is Toluna A Legitimate Survey Site Or Fake? 

Toluna is a legitimate survey site that organizes surveys for a brand they work with. They collect feed, bake, and help brands worldwide. So, it is one of the legit paid survey websites that pay users.  

Who Should Work On The Toluna Survey Website? 

If you are a person whose age is more than 16 years and wants some extra money online or for their own pocket money. This one of the best paid survey websites will be suitable for you. If you are already an employee, you can also work here to make extra cash.

The students can work here to get some cash for their pocket money or pay the fee of the institute. Homemakers can also work here who want to help their home financially. You do not need much time to work here and earn rewards. So, anyone can work here during their regular work and jobs. 

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How Can You Make Money Online With Toluna? 

#1. Fill Paid Survey

You can make money by filling paid surveys. If you don't know-how, then go to your Toluna account and click on the tab named "survey." After that, click on "profile surveys;" here, you will get your daily survey tasks. Also, you get 100 points for attending each survey that you can convert into cash. 

#2. Participate In The Contest

Toluna often organizes competitions based on the seasons, such as valentine's day and many more. Every participant fixed reward points as rewards. If you win the contest, then you can get free rewards in any form like dinner. 

#3. Refer And Earn

If you invite people to the Toluna, you get a reward for every successfully joined person. You get 500 points for each, and there is a limit to adding people. You can invite ten people maximum in a month.  

#4. Product Testing

You can also register for a product you want to test for Toluna. If you get selected, you can test the product, and you do not need to buy what the company will provide you. Also, sometimes it is allowed to keep tested products with you. 

Advantages Of Toluna Surveys 

#1. Free To Register Survey Website

The Toluna is 100% free to register even if you get paid for completing small tasks. 

#2. Trusted Paid Survey Website

Toluna is a legitimate and scam-free paid survey website to earn extra money online. It means this is appropriately secure to use and attending surveys on it. 

#3. Many Ways Of Earning:

There is not only one way of earning even you can get paid for testing the products, referring and participating in the contest and some more ways are there. 

Disadvantages Of Toluna Surveys 

#1. Disqualification:

If you are lying while answering surveys, then you can get Disqualified. 

#2. Minimum Cash-Out:

If you are working on Toluna, you should know that you can't cash out your reward until less than $30. 

Final Words For Toluna Review

I hope it was good to know about Toluna surveys and helpful for earning online. We discussed the pros and cons of working with Toluna. Also, you learned about how you can sign up on Toluna. So, sign up, take surveys and make money online from your home. 

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