Divi Vs. Elementor: Which Is Best For Making WordPress Websites?

Today, we will have a great discussion over Divi vs. Elementor as we will talk about its different aspects. So, after reading this article, you will understand which platform you should join as an affiliate and use for your website. So, let's start it and evaluate which is best from Divi vs. Elementor.


Introduction To Divi & Elementor


Divi is one of the best WordPress sites cum theme building platforms. It has 700k buyers for its theme products, and it works well on most WordPress sites. It lets you create an attractive website for individuals and agencies. It comes with unlimited use cases and excellent customer service.


It is a primary web page builder, but also it lets you have theme-creating tools even it is not a theme-building platform like Divi. Many users (in millions) worldwide use this tool to make their website look attractive. Also, the good thing is that it has two versions of the application, such as paid and the second is a free one.

Who Should Use Divi For WordPress

Divi is an excellent platform for those users who:

Work with the team/organization and have to handle multiple sites.

Want excellent business support.

#1. If you are experienced with designing themes, it is also suitable for freshers.

#2. If you are looking for a premium theme and also a page building platform. Here you get both in one combination with this platform.

Who Should Use Elementor For WordPress:

Elementor is best for you if you:

#1. Don't want to be puzzled with coding and want to have an easy page-building platform.

#2. You are not working in an organization and have your only-one website.

#3. You are a new developer and need to nurture your budget.

#4. You have your page theme already as it is not a theme-developing platform.

#5. Want a fast-working platform as Elementor has an incredible speed of loading pages.

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Cost: Divi Vs Elementor

You need to pay some charges to keep using the excellent features of these tools. Here is a brief introduction to the prices these products charge from you.

Divi Charges:

Divi's pricing begins from $89, and it charges $249 for a lifetime plan to all of your websites. Also, it gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Elementor Fees:

Elementor has its free version for you, as well as it contains a paid version with $49 as starting pricing for premium.

Divi Vs. Elementor: Which Is Best For You?

Here are a few critical points to evaluate these platforms. So, let's see which is best over these aspects:

#1. Web-Themes

Divi and Elementor support both the developers/ designers, frontend and backend. So, they let you use templates and layouts without any challenges. Divi provides you with more than 150 themes to build professional-looking templates. But on the other hand, Elementor has more than 300 templates to be used by users. 

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#2. Developer-Tools

Divi targets designers basically who are looking to create great themes and has around 45 elements to be used for its users. Else, Elementor is suitable for both the designers as well as developers. Elementor supports over 90 elements on its platform, and it's great for users. One more plus point of Elementor has WordPress widgets for you to be used, but it is not with Divi as there are difficult-to-use widgets. But yes! Both the platforms let you use inline elements as well as third-party elements. 

#3. User-Interface

Both are easy to be used by even beginners and have an excellent interface with multiple views, tools, and setting options. But some points are there on Divi where developers may struggle to delete the written code. Divi does not have the option to clean the code, which means you will be using only backspace again and again. About Elementor, I would say you need a theme before joining Elementor as it is not a theme developer like Divi.

#4. User-Security

As with any digital platform, users may have security-related queries, and both platforms have also experienced it. Elementor had successfully solved this challenging issue. But Divi has an issue in 2020; they need some more security from injection vulnerability.

#5. Page-Views

The page view is a little different on both platforms. If we talk about visuality, then Divi is an excellent platform for it and gives you a dynamic look at your site. But Elementor is best for making your content great. And it is easy for developers if they don't want the whole code they have written. So, for visual views, use Divi, but for the content view, you should use Elementor.

Divi Vs Elementor: Conclusion

So, this is time to answer the question: which is best from Divi vs. Elementor for you?

Elementor can be best for you as it is suitable for page views, making content responsive, user security, developer tools, user interface, and multiple layout options. But still, Elementor can't do what Divi template building features can do. Elementor is not able to have a theme like Divi provides you. 

So, if you are a single user and do not need many specifications, you can prefer Elementor. However, for large needs and experts, Divi is a powerful tool to use and increase website professional look. 

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