Nike Affiliate Marketing Review 2024: Earn Up to 11% Commission!

Today, we will discuss the Nike affiliate program and how much commission you will get through it. We will tell you some tricks and tips on how you can make money through this program. Here you will also get a clear explanation of its cookies and how you can join this program.  

nike affiliate marketing program

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This article is not about the company Nike or the product. However, today we all are going to discuss the Nike affiliate program. It is one of the affiliate programs of the Nike company in which you share the link to customers. 

So, they can reach out to Nike on the official website of Nike, and if they buy something by visiting your link at a given time, you will get a commission. In short, the Nike affiliate marketing program is a marketing or referral program where you can get commissions on sales. 

What Is The Nike Affiliate Program?

In the Nike affiliate program, you promote the product of the Nike company. It is the most branded company in the world of its niche. So it doesn't need promotion as it is already popular, but it is not an easy task to get a customer for Nike products. If you think it is easy, then you don't know about affiliate marketing. That is why firstly, know how affiliate marketing works in this field. 

You provide the links on your YouTube, social platforms, or your website. If any online customer comes on its official website through your link, you will get a commission from the price after the sale. The same thing with the Nike affiliate program for Nike products only. So let's see how much you can get from Nike's affiliate program. 

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How Much Commission Do You Get In The Nike Affiliate Program? 

If Nike exclusively pays you, you get an 11% commission from its Nike affiliate program. It is good to know because its products are already expensive. The commission structure is better than Amazon, where you get only 1% commission. And, if you promote Nike products at commission junction, then you will get only 1%. I meant to say that you should directly sign up on the official website of Nike.  

How To Earn Money By Nike Affiliate Program?

There are too many ways to promote Nike products through its Nike affiliate program. You can use any social media to promote the product and share your link or run paid ads. So let's see what those ways to earn money through the Nike affiliate program are, and these are very easy. You have to keep patience and use the best strategy in the right direction. 

#1. Become A Social Media Influencer

If you have a good number of followers on any social media account. You can quickly become a social media influencer and promote the product of Nike. You can use those products and click the good pictures or videos about them. After that, please post it on your account with affiliate links. That would be an excellent way to get customers for the product you are promoting. 

#2. Become YouTuber

If you are a camera-friendly person, then you can promote your affiliate products on your YouTube channel. I am sure that you all have seen the description on YouTube channels with the links. Same you can do with your affiliate products promoting earning a commission. You can tell the audience and provide a view about the features of a product, prices, and how they can buy. Then you can put your links in the description of videos. It is true that in starting, you will not get that many views. 

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You will have to upload many videos at the start. However, once you get started getting views, many people will visit the website through your affiliate link, and maybe some people will buy them. If they start purchasing, you will start getting commissions. So here, you need to keep patience, but once you get views and your channel becomes popular, you will not need to do too much hard work. 

#3. Become Social Media Marketer

If you become a social media marketer, you will promote Nike products through social media marketing. Hence, it can include paid and organic methods if you want to use the less costly medium to generate sales for affiliate earnings. Then you can consider social media promotions and marketing. Most marketers utilize this approach and get attractive commission earnings. 

#4. Run PPC On YouTube And Google Ads

If you want a great promotion of your product to get used to your affiliate link. Then you can start your affiliate business through YouTube and Google ads. It is an excellent tool if you want to be an affiliate marketer. Even the YouTube and Google ads are cheaper than Facebook and Instagram ads and a straightforward way to get traffic. 

It increases the chance to use your link for purchasing affiliate products of Nike. You can say it is the easiest way and profitable too. If you don't know how to promote your online business with paid ads. I want to suggest you learn SAS because it provides complete information about promoting your online business with paid ads. 

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#5. Use Facebook And Instagram Ads.

If you want to promote affiliate program products, then you can use Facebook and Instagram ads. I will suggest this platform because this platform has more power than others to find the correct person for the content view. If you use paid ads on Facebook and Instagram, your products will get promoted very fast. 

Facebook has a strategy in which they can observe who is the correct person for specific content and then provide this content to that person to send them to your given address. You can get traffic on the ad, and you can earn a good income. If you want to learn more about this, then you should invest in a hero commission. 

Is It Worth It To Promote Nike Products?

When we discuss the Nike affiliate program, it is a common question: ' is it worth it to promote Nike products?' I will say that commission in affiliate programs matters a lot. If You are not getting a good commission for your hard work, it can affect your mindset, but the only commission doesn't matter. The other thing that matters to commission is the quality of products. 

Think of your product quality will not be good then how it will survive for a long time in the market and who wants to buy it. If I talk about the quality of the product, then it is Nike. Its products are already very exclusive, and no need to prove that. Nike is a top-rated company and sells products at a high cost. It means you will not need to do too much hard work, and you will get a commission in a reasonable amount. 

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What Are The Top Alternatives Of The Nike Affiliate Program?

Now let's see the alternative for the Nike affiliate program. If you don't want to sell affiliate products of Nike, then you can have at least three other brands to replace them. You can work with these companies, which are also well known around the globe for the same niche. And you can quickly get good commissions for selling their products and promoting them. These are given below: 

#1. Reebok

If you are finding the best first option or alternative of the Nike affiliate program. Reebok is the best to replace it, and it is also a famous brand. Please don't worry, you will get a good commission from it, and you don't have to put in too much effort as it is also a popular platform. 

#2. Adidas

Suppose you are thinking of replacing your affiliate brand. In that case, you can do affiliate marketing with Adidas, and it would be smaller than the Nike affiliate program. It doesn't mean that Adidas is a small company. Nike is a colossal brand in front of any company. Adidas is also a good choice if you take it seriously as an alternative to the Nike affiliate program. 

#3. Puma

It is better if you want to replace Nike, but it is also a very famous company for its niche. And you can get an excellent commission to work for it. 

Advantage Of Nike Affiliate Program

We can't say that there are only disadvantages to joining the Nike affiliate program for promoting its product. Here we have advantages of the Nike affiliate program with its products, and these are explained below: 

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#1. 30-Day Cookie Period:

In the Nike affiliate program, you don't get only an 11 % commission on each sale. However, you also get a 30 day cookie period to sell the product. Let me explain in an easy way that you can understand properly. If your customer reaches the official website of Nike by using your shared link, you have 30 days. 

nike affiliate commission review

In which if your customer purchases anything from that website, you can get a commission. Suppose the customer buys on the 29th or 30th day. In that case, you will get your commission, which can be good because another website only gives you a seven-day cookie period. 

#2. High Ticket Items:

We all know that Nike is a company whose products are very exclusive and costly. So if you get an 11% commission, then you can quickly get a good income. You need to make only five deals every day. The minimum price of a Nike product is nearly US$135. If you sell only five products, you can quickly get an income of around 100 dollars. 

The Disadvantage Of The Nike Affiliate Program

There are some disadvantages as well of being Nike affiliates. Below is the detailed description for the same.  

#1. Products Can Overprice Buyers.

Nike products are costly because of the brand value and produce their products provide. Hence, if you compare its shoes with another brand, then it may seem overpriced. And that's why most of the leads generated by you may prevent buying its product. However, Nike has an immense fan following, and still, you can make good sales. 

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#2. Competitiveness In This Field

Nowadays, most marketers are using Nike's affiliate marketing program. So they can earn decent money, but they also use other affiliate marketing platforms. Hence, when you enter this niche of affiliate marketing, then you will have to face tough competition. That's why as a beginner affiliate marketer, you can take several months to get one sale through your affiliate link. 

How To Join The Nike Affiliate Program

Joining the Nike affiliate program is straightforward. What you have to do is visit the official website of Nike. You have to visit there and sign up. After that, you will be able to create your affiliate link and share it anywhere. Now you're joining; the Nike affiliate program is done. If anyone purchased anything of Nike product through your link, you would get an 11% commission. 

What Is The Cookie Period In The Nike Affiliate Program

If you use any other affiliate network, then you get cookies for seven days. However, if you use the Nike affiliate program, then you get a cookie of 30 days. If a person buys anything after visiting through a link for under 30 days, you will get a commission from the price.


Today in the whole article, you get a review about the Nike affiliate marketing program. And I introduced you to what it is, the advantages and disadvantages of it and how you can join it. After that, I also told you about how you can promote the product on different platforms. If you don't want to sell Nike products, what are the other alternatives? So thank you for reading this complete article, and I hope you liked this.


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