9 Best Career Options for Average Students

Are you a student who does not score well in exams? Do you get average marks even if you study hard? Don't worry, as you can still succeed and get some best paying jobs in India. All you need to read this article on the best career option for average students or weak students. 

9 Best Career Options for Average Students

Also, I have done great research while finding these attractive career options for less-scoring students. Hence, these are the jobs that are very creative and also have great future scope. So, let's start discussing each career option step by step. 

9 Best Jobs for Average Students in India 

#1. Animation

The demand for animation content is ever-growing. From kid's cartoons to marketing animations, there are many career options you can opt for if you know animation. If you become an animation expert, you can create stunning visual effects in film, commercials, video games, mobile applications, and more. 

Also, there is a huge demand for these experts having experience in using animation software. Whether you wish to do a job in India or abroad, there are immense job openings in startups to leading brands. 

#2. Coding

The rapid growth in technology consumption has increased the demand for coding professionals. Nothing remains untouched by the footprint of coding and the latest technologies. Coding is a core skill that today's world needs to easily implement modern tools and technology. It doesn't matter whether you are good at your studies or not. 

You can surely reach a significant level if you put effort into learning programming languages. You can start your coding career with entry-level certifications that teach you HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Later you can also learn backend programming languages and other coding programs. 

#3. Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is among the best career options for average students in India and worldwide. Now, most data of the users and companies are online, hence organisations want to ensure the data stay safe and there is no loophole. Therefore, they hire ethical hackers to secure the platform and avoid any digital threat affecting the platform. 

Whether you are doing an undergraduate course or just have completed your high school studies, you can consider taking ideal ethical hacking certifications. 

#4. Sports

Do you need career options for weak students? You might have got a recommendation to make a career in sports. Nowadays, government organisations to schools motivate students to choose their favourite sport and build a career. You can choose any sport, including badminton, tennis, football, cricket, and boxing. All these sports are very promising and help you become financially independent and famous with your talent. 

If you get national or international level medals in the sports category, you also get appreciated by the government and other authorities. Also, you can get many privileges while getting jobs and higher education. 

#5. Graphic design

Graphic design is another best career option for average students. If you love creating creative logos, brochures, and marketing collateral, you should get a certification, diploma, or degree in design and fine art. It's a very promising career option with lots of growth opportunities. 

You can learn from Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator, Indesign, and other graphic design tools. These tools are industry-leading software that most graphic designers use these days. Also, you can opt for freelancing to make more money as a graphic designer. 

#6. Mass Communication

Do you have an interest in journalism or mass media communication? If so, you can also consider becoming a journalist or reporter. Many affordable mass media and journalism courses are available online and offline for students. Many courses also provide financial aid for students with less family income who need support to complete high studies.

If you want to bring a change in society and want to make a solid career, taking a step further into the media and news industry will be a significant move. 

#7. Fashion and lifestyle

It's one of the most trending career options across the world. It's all about creativity, style, and uniqueness. Suppose you wish to make a career in glamour, it's good to choose to make a career in the fashion business. It is because the fashion industry had a CAGR of 12% to reach Rs 3,94,000 crore by 2020. 

Also, it has an employment rate of around 60 million, which is huge for manufacturers, brands, and retailers. If you are a 12th-passed student and willing to have the best career option for the average student, it's a recommended profession you must choose. 

#8. Game Developer/Designer

Game developers and designers are other great career options for weak students. Nowadays, most people have smartphones, and they all love playing games in their free time. Also, the game industry has evolved a lot in recent times. Becoming a game developer or designer can surely be a high-paying career option for you. 

I have already shared how to become a game developer as an average student. You can also read that article to get better insights on the clear steps to take and get your first game development job. 

#9. Event management

People keep celebrating parties for birthdays, engagements, weddings, fairs, and other gatherings. As a professional, there you can see many people working on decorating the space and making it beautiful and unique. These people are event management professionals and charge the client for their decoration services.

If you also love decorating spaces and want to make an excellent career in it. You should consider an event management course and build your portfolio to get a job or start your event management business. 


In this article, we discussed some best career options for average students. Whether you are good at studies or bad or average in academics, you can consider these great career options. You do not need degrees to start your career, as many certifications and diploma courses are available that help you land your first job to gain experience and polish your skills.

I hope this article on the best career options for weak students was helpful for you, and you will surely take the next step to make a career in the respective field of your choice. 

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