Ministry of Home Affairs Shared Work From Home Security Tips

With the significant impact of COVID-19, we saw a massive shift in how we live our lives, including our work life. Millions of professionals have been forced to adopt the work-from-home culture, and some even started freelancing. 

Ministry of Home Affairs Shared Work From Home Security Tips

Now, working from home is as common as working from the office. However, being a professional, it's essential to know that work from infrastructure is more likely to get affected by cyber risk than an office. It's because offices have high-level data security systems and tools. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs shared a list of security tips that would help safely work from home. However, if you want to see the official video, you can check out the Twitter handle of PIB India, where a video tweet is posted, as you can see below. 

Ministry of Home Affairs Shared Work From Home Security Tips

This message shares six work-from-home security tips to ensure a safe work environment. It also mentions that working from home does not have the same safeguard as the office. Fraudsters can easily access your personal and professional data if you are not careful. 

Six Work From Home Security Tips by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

#1. One should avoid using public Wi-Fi; if it's essential, use your hotspot or home Wi-Fi connection.

#2. Prefer using VPN to get access to data using a secured network connection

#3. Update your operating system and antivirus for more protection of personal and professional data

#4. Take a backup of saved information regularly.

#5. If you use a router, change its default password and make it strong.

#6. Add multi-factor authentication and use a password manager.

So, these are six security tips shared by the Ministry. Although, when you fall into a cybercrime, you can lodge your complaint at

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